December 24th, 2017 | 6 Entries

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6 Entries for “reliable”

  1. Reliable. I do not know what that means. No one’s ever been reliable in my life—I have been the one to do thing after thing. If I want something, I’m the one to do it. If I need something, I’m the one who furnishes it. There was nothing for me to do when my finger broke but do bind it myself. When the storms came and the hole in the roof started , Iwas the one to fix it. I’ve learned a lot over time, but now…

    now I have to be reliable for someone else. And I don’t know how.

    By Maria URL on 12.24.2017

  2. I wanted someone special for Christmas. I wanted someone reliable. I wanted someone I could count on – yes, that was undeniable. I wanted someone who could say the words I needed to hear every day. I wanted a person who could be consistent in their own superior way. I wanted someone who liked to have fun but who could also have serious chats. In the end, there wasn’t someone for me, so for Christmas, I adopted cats.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.24.2017

  3. Her smile had been pounded into place in the furnaces below the crust, in the heat of churning mountains yet to be born and in the shelter of a scowling god with hair like wire bristles.

    By Riannon on 12.24.2017

  4. i thought it was a good choice talking
    spices and fun and the night
    but you got out
    hot chocolate by myself
    trying to find solace
    i hoped
    sorry for being silly

    By Jeane URL on 12.25.2017

  5. wtf does reliable mean?

    u reliable
    u gud boi
    u ma dog
    sista fista is ma song

    By Okidokimoderfuqa on 12.25.2017

  6. everybody wants to be reliable for someone
    and they forget to be reliable for hemselves

    By Okidokimoderfuqa on 12.25.2017