July 6th, 2016 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “regroup”

  1. It was a break for a reason. It’s high time I reassess my individuality, and let go of this blind notion that we were a team. The relationship was turning dysfunctional, even though I tried so hard to carry on regardless. And I guess this exactly was the problem, only I was carrying on. I badly needed to regroup my thoughts, alone, as they seem to have turned to mush as of late.

    By Zoe Jen on 07.06.2016

  2. The plan wasn’t working; we had to regroup.


    I heard the command but it was too late. And suddenly explosions were going off – left right and centre.

    By meg.marian on 07.06.2016

  3. “You know, I can’t do this right now,” she murmured. Her body screamed in protest, especially when his hand began to leave its resting place on her breast. But two steps back, the dizziness of lust began to fade, and she knew it was the right decision.

    By YOLO4Sho on 07.06.2016

  4. “Okay, let’s break and be back in like 10, okay?” The tension didn’t dissolve as the particles of the meeting stood up and stretched. She pushed her chair back and walked straight out of the room. I watched her without making it evident I was watching her. I hoped, anyway. I went over the coffee maker, where Janine and Nick were talking in hushed tones.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.06.2016

  5. It was the final game of the season and we were three down. ‘Okay, huddle in team,’ coach called us over to regroup and make our strategy for the last ten minutes of the game.

    By Daisy on 07.06.2016

  6. I cannot regroup my thoughts. My eyes landed on the bluest eyes I have ever seen. Now, I’

    By Sammiches on 07.06.2016

  7. Regroup

    By maj_torres on 07.06.2016

  8. they say you only mess up once. the other times it’s simply deliberate or apart of your nature.

    just stop..
    regroup your thoughts and push through.

    you got this!!
    you got this..

    never give up.

    By DiandraC on 07.06.2016

  9. We must Regroup or the Enemy will Kill us All! Regroup! Regroup! We must ride to war Now, for only if we stick together can we survive this onslaught!

    By Jacobland URL on 07.06.2016

  10. Regrouping is the most necessary thing to do when you have been met with an obstacle. You have to think, rethink, regroup your resources, and try again. Failure is when you give up, not when a task fails. Iterate iterate iterate! Growth mindset and all that.

    By James on 07.06.2016

  11. After the party, we regrouped at the bus stop on the edge of town in order to figure out what to do and where to go next. Tripp, our pseudo-leader, had a half-full bottle of vodka that he passed around.

    “Here’s my idea,” he said as we shared cold, harsh swigs. “We head up Cross Hill.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.06.2016

  12. a process of pulling yourself together. A daily task used to think about how to make today better than yesterday. useful for getting your thoughts in order after being pulled apart by a sudden event.

    By girhohtpoison on 07.06.2016

  13. I found myself in a scattered place and all I found were people I once knew. Bodies with different minds. An action that seeks the need for other people.

    By Trina on 07.06.2016

  14. I was breathless, crouched on the ground and desperate to get air back into my lungs, when a voice in my ear ordered, “Regroup. Now.”
    I clicked the little button by my lobe with a scoff, retrieving my knife from my boot. I couldn’t regroup. They would stop me. I was going to kill him now.

    By Sharna on 07.06.2016

  15. The squadron had to regroup after taking heavy fire. The enemy had pelted their position with shells. After reconvening, the plan was to storm the bunker.

    By Ryan W.C. URL on 07.06.2016

  16. Regroup my thoughts about this stupid quiz

    This is retarded!

    Joe regrouped his cattle into the very small inclosure. Happy?!?!?!?

    By SP on 07.06.2016

  17. COme together for a common cause as in taking back the country. We need to get America back to the ideals set forth in the constitution. We are doomed otherwise. Those great men knew what they were talking about. The constitution is about the human condition. That hasn;t changedd.

    By pat roy on 07.06.2016

  18. the two men sat in the empty mall beaten, sweating, and covered in blood. The young man looked ahead at the dead bodies spread across the hall and muttered “we have to regroup with the others” They got up and began walking away from the carnage hoping for the best.

    By Steven Guillen URL on 07.06.2016

  19. “We’ll meet at the safehouse. Just get out of here.”

    That’s what she told me. That was six hours ago. The sirens have stopped since then. Now there’s just the sound of the rain pounding out a cruel cacophony that sounds all too much like approaching footsteps against the pavement. Where is she?

    By Brandon Steward on 07.06.2016

  20. It’s time to rethink your thinking and regroup your ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, motives, actions, reactions, interactions and all that involves who you are and the way you do what you do. Live life for the good!

    By Priestess Kandi URL on 07.06.2016

  21. Controlled burn, tactical retreat, and pure survival for the farmer. He struggled through the fields, glittery yellow on both sides. He spotted his team in the distance. A straight shot, but one that led right through the mutant corn warrior cyborgs.

    By The battle for the second muffin on 07.06.2016

  22. I wish I could regroup my life. Regroup the people I used to know and love – who used to love me. Things are apart now, but I need them to be together. Please.

    By Kate on 07.06.2016

  23. Its made by affixation, out of re and group, its a 7 letters word

    By Mo on 07.06.2016

  24. Time to regroup. The first draft of this novel leaves … well, something to be desired.

    The plot has more holes than the roof in an old building.

    The characters make cardboard look 3-dimensional.

    By chipschap on 07.06.2016

  25. regroup my feelings thought // mental blocks
    lets huddle for warmth
    on a cool summer day, the contradiction has my throat hoarse
    scream louder until i jump shore
    i mean – jump ship
    i mean – get hit, by a trigger happy enthusiast who insists that my life aint worth shit

    By Jonnea Herman on 07.06.2016

  26. They scattered through the woods, running silently each hoping that the enemy would follow the others. Thrashing through the undergrowth told everyone that people were running and running but there was nothing to be done about it. At the river, they all stopped, hoping that pursuit had stopped as well. They slowly drifted towards the big rock, where they had all decided would be their fall back point if they needed to run. They started to regroup and organized themselves into their units, to see who made it and who did not. That all left them wondering – did the missing people get captured and would they reveal secrets? Or did the enemy kill them.

    It was difficult to know what to hope for.

    By chanpheng URL on 07.06.2016

  27. Regrouping the mind. Bringing together what has been scattered to the winds, to the deep corners where no light reaches. Finding equilibrium once again after the storms and crashing waves. Harmony. Inner peace. Finding the center and the core.

    By C on 07.06.2016

  28. I often need space and alone time to regroup. My mind gets twisted and wrapped around negative thoughts, but I can’t just shut them down. My body gets involved and releasing that adrenaline takes time. I wish I could do it faster, or just not give a fuck.

    By Tiffany on 07.06.2016