May 3rd, 2010 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “regardless”

  1. regardless of whether you want to accomplish anything or not. You do. You don’t have any choice in the matter,. You just need to take action and make it happen. Move Forward. Keep moving. Take action. Get it done. These things will all come to pass.

    By Chris on 05.04.2010

  2. Regardless of what they say I’m not just another face. I have a name. Darla screamed this at me for thirty minutes last night. But why? I’ve always respected her; somebody said something, but who? Maybe it was Frank, Frank was always jealous of us.

    By James on 05.04.2010

  3. Regardless of what I write in these sixty seconds of ridiculous literary pressure, it will still pale in comparison to what a genius of our generation would decide to write!

    By Ian Mahon URL on 05.04.2010

  4. Regardless of how many times I press the word ‘go’, the word ‘regardless’ seems to repeatedly pop up. It’s giving me the manic urge to throw my laptop out the window.

    By Ian Mahon URL on 05.04.2010

  5. neverminded, abstract, apathetic banana crushing pudding dripping down a cocunut tree chasing a band of monkeys in the amazon, all you here is screeching, moaning by monkeys being covered in the slush.

    By Saudiqua URL on 05.04.2010

  6. Okay so I have a really vivid imagination….

    By Saudiqua URL on 05.04.2010

  7. Regardless whether he ever writes me again or not, I will not hang my head and cry, I have faith.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.04.2010

  8. regardless i have little time to do this i will go to to help write something cool about this word

    By craoul on 05.04.2010

  9. Regardless of how badly she wanted to close her eyes and rid the image of her mind, she couldn’t blink. Her hands trembled as she set her gaze onto her feet.

    By Chelle on 05.04.2010

  10. Regardless of the way she felt about him, she had to leave. Her purple handbag was on the nightstand bleeding nailpolish. Fuck, she’d knocked it over in her haste. Fuck, fuck, fuck. She had to get out of there before he saw the stains.

    By lograp on 05.04.2010

  11. regardless of if you love me or not,
    there was no reason to treat me that way.
    i loved you.
    you loved me.
    what happened?

    By Raven-Illeen Saint Claire on 05.04.2010

  12. Regardless of whether I deserve you, regardless of when you realize that I’ve needed you so long; I need you. I don’t deserve you. I’m sorry. You are what I want to dedicate my life to. Please, take me with no regard for their opinions. Please. Take me.

    By Ash on 05.04.2010

  13. regardless of the situation or of the differences that i have with a person i love i will want to keep loving them. regardless of my life i will try to stay happy. regardless of anything i will love God.

    By hope URL on 05.04.2010

  14. regardless of thoughts, regardless of speech
    regardless of what you think or what you’d say
    i’d do it anyway
    needless to say
    you matter, but not enough to make me stay.

    By nick URL on 05.04.2010

  15. Sitting alone, the drops of rain hit hard. The sun was peaking out even in the midst of all that rain. It was falling from everywhere. Her own eyes. Was she losing it? She loved her. Regardless of what they said. She just wish they’d stop analyzing. Stop looking at her. They should stop regarding her as a monster. They should regard less. Less. Less.

    By Ash Raine URL on 05.04.2010

  16. It was here! The summer, the heat; the anticipation over. And just as if she had conjured it, there it was; the epitome of excellence…the ice cream truck.

    By Ash Raine URL on 05.04.2010

  17. Regardless of the pressure pushing his stomach into the belt of his jeans, he continued forcing spoonfuls of stuffing into his mouth. Some wonderful mother in law….

    By Ash Raine URL on 05.04.2010

  18. regard+less
    dont be ragardless. its not right.

    By arun on 05.04.2010

  19. Regardless, however, the roses were certain that the THING, whatever it was, had no business in their garden.

    The other flowers agreed wholeheartedly with this suggestion, and the next meeting that week (a rather strange occurrence for the flowers), was called to decide what to do about it.

    By Maria URL on 05.04.2010

  20. Regardless of what they thought, the violets were CERTAIN that the creature in the dell… garden, excuse us, was definitely NOT a real animal.
    In any case, it LOOKED like a human.
    The tulips decided it was a scarecrow.
    “It doesn’t LOOK like a scarecrow!”

    By Maria URL on 05.04.2010

  21. irregardless of the regard in which she holds you like a dove in the crook of her wrist you peck at the exposed fragile flesh over the blue vein there and only later do you realize how she saw you before you attacked her and that you could not have hurt her regardless

    By imogene on 05.04.2010

  22. i have to get this out, that way it was, and the way it went, it wont go and cnat come back and we had that sandwhich we went which wya?
    i went on into the darkness to work
    and the light to enjoy and was through andt

    By suzi URL on 05.04.2010

  23. regardless. Ohne Rücksicht. Das kann doch wohl nicht sein. Mit den Ellenbogen einmal quer durch. Ich fass es nicht. Der Typ hat doch wohl einen ab. Der spinnt doch komplett und das neue Design hier macht mich auch ganz wuschig.

    By Lisa URL on 05.04.2010

  24. Regardless of how much I love you I know that I have to let you go. For both of us. It will be painfully better that way. Regardless of how much I dont want to do it.

    By Sare on 05.04.2010

  25. Regardless of the fact that you totally ate my sandwich, I’m gonna make you a deal. Two bucks, you’re in. That’s it. Two bucks only. Everyone else is ten. You, two. Even though you ate my sandwich. Wanna know why? I love you. Always have.

    By CeeCeeElle on 05.04.2010

  26. I tell myself this almost every morning. I remind myself that regardless of what happened in every second of my life before this very moment, it’s nothing compared to what I WILL do. It’s comfort.

    By Trish on 05.04.2010

  27. Like all, every, never, always and total, regardless means entirely without qualms. These words are very dangerous. Regardless of the outcome, I am going to jump off this bridge. One needs to be sure that they really mean ‘regardless’ because it is an entirely engulfing word. I prefer to use less aggressive words like ‘considering’ or ‘barring issues of serious consequences’ because they allow for an alternative which ‘regardless’ does not. We need to be careful with this word despite the fact that we don’t see it as ‘harmful.’ So, regardless of your feelings, I am going to state that all people with orange eyes are terrifying. That is my attitude, regardless of the reality. I feel that regardless of hurting someone, I will spew my dislike of orange eyed felons.

    By pat snyder URL on 05.04.2010

  28. regardless of the fact i found him asleep with her.
    regardless of the fact i saw how she captured his gaze so perfectly.
    regardless of the fact i knew i never would.

    i still loved him.

    By shonalou URL on 05.04.2010

  29. Regardless of what you may think, this has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t even have anything to do with me. I try not to think about it, try not to muck it up with thoughts about whether or not I should actually feel the way I do, because the truth is, I do feel this way. No matter what I think, or want to think, and no matter how you feel. I love you because of what you are. Who you are. Where you’ve been. And what I can see you heading towards. You are an amazing man and thats all I really know. Other than the fact that I love you. More than I’ve ever loved anyone before, and if the hopes that I keep silent and locked up in heart come true than you will forever be the man I love most. For as long as you’ll have me, I’m yours. Regardless of the consequences.

    By G on 05.04.2010

  30. Regardless of the fact that he had no prior knowledge of this persons behavior it still seemed odd that they would flail their arms about and scream while streaking through a busy mall.

    By Daemon Dreadful on 05.04.2010

  31. i love him.
    it consumes me, from the edges of my toes, the tips of every hair on my head.
    it’s written into my dna, in every curving spiral, intertwined in every double-helix.
    love him. love him. love him.
    and i’m too weak to fight a raging battle.
    but i love him.

    By shona louise URL on 05.04.2010

  32. regardless of how i feel i always put out happy, happy is what makes others feel

    By Caitlyn Butler on 05.04.2010

  33. Regardless of how normal and reasonable it is to change a website, it still shakes me up a bit that they did it. Obviously, I’M not normal. I’m not reasonable sometimes, either.

    By Rosie URL on 05.04.2010

  34. Regardless of what I do, or who I am, I will live my life. I will fall, get up, maybe fall again. But I will survive. I will live on, till I fade.

    By alekhya URL on 05.04.2010

  35. I love you regardless of how you treat me…
    You flirt with me then let me down… I’m too dissapointed in myself to be dissapointed in you… I wish you felt the same way… I wish you’d cry yourself to sleep too, just to know how it feels… I wish you could spend a day in my head… You flirt with my best friends too… You broke my heart last summer, and I wish I could take it back and fix it with glue…
    You’re a jerk and a flirt and a distraction… but I love you regardless…

    By Nia on 05.04.2010