May 27th, 2016 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “receiving”

  1. The act of Receiving came from the village elder on a person’s fifteenth birthday. The act itself declared what that person was destined to do in their lives.

    By may on 05.27.2016

  2. It wasn’t much of a profession but it was all mine. Clipboard ready, hat on head, wondering what shipment would come in today. It was my job to receive these boxes, but I always did more than my job caring for them.

    By ABot URL on 05.27.2016

  3. The receiving line stretched out in front of the restaurant. The men, in their ill-fitting suits, were at the head of the line, the more wealthy relatives at the head. Their suits were tailored and they smelled of cologne. Next came the more poor relatives, wearing suits bought off the rack and looking very uncomfortable. Then, the wives and mothers, all dressed in silk, their hair set perfectly, and very graceful as they wei’d the guests.

    By chanpheng URL on 05.27.2016

  4. What does this feeling feel like you ask? It is a firm hand squeezing the blood from my heart. It is a burning mass forming in my throat. It is receiving repeated blows to my head and not being able to move on account of the heaviness of myself.

    By bb333 URL on 05.27.2016


    There was a lightbulb missing, so only the chance to eye himself in the reflection of a dimly lit bathroom. Back on the market. Shopping for love. Could there be anything worse? He didn’t fancy his chances. He was still handsome. Ish. He worked hard on his body and was still in good shape. He knew a trick or two in the bedroom which all stacked up well enough, but could there be any woman alive who could survive the hellish torment dished out by his venomous ex-wife?

    By bb333 URL on 05.27.2016

  6. A package from his friend.

    By OjOj on 05.27.2016

  7. The call came late at night. When he awoke, the bright green letters of his alarm clock nearly blinded him. He sat up in bed, groping around for the phone, which he finally grasped.
    Silence on the other end.
    Then finally, a voice replied.
    “Hello, Andrew. We know what you’ve been up to.”

    By spiffypenguin URL on 05.27.2016

  8. It had been five years, and I had had enough. I had been on the receiving end of Wallace’s taunts, mocking, and literal poking and prodding for far too long. Therefore, a plan was set in motion to finally seek revenge for all the torture he put me through at school. On our graduation night, when he was all decked out in his gown and acting too cool for even his own family, I would spring a masterful trap.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.27.2016

  9. if there was an answer i might find amusing
    perhaps i’d laugh at our current situation
    complications or invasions
    neither and nor or
    a dog pacing back and forth
    looking for a pet receiving love or perhaps
    just interested in watching old tv
    is there an answer
    or perhaps there’s just a question
    why am i writing this
    why are you 5000 miles away
    how did we ever have anything
    that i thought might work
    10 months of you
    nothing else i’d rather do
    but for one more day
    i’d give a life
    just not my life (someone else’s)

    By matt m. on 05.27.2016

  10. A sandwich filled with mayonnaise. Very ugly. The lady gives it to you. She thinks it is healthy. I believe I should not take it. It is one of the worse things I have ever seen. I don’t want it and still I can not refuse it. And I know if i put the hand on it I will eat it.

    By Marius Corici on 05.28.2016

  11. Receiving was backed up again. She looked around at the towers of small black boxes wondering not for the first time what was so hard about keeping everything up to date. Every time she comes down here, she finds the place in disorder, like a teenage boy’s room.

    By Jessica on 05.28.2016

  12. I’m receiving news, radio waves, packages. I want to give. I receive bove all else, God’s perfect love and the sacrifice of his only son who died for my wretched sins. Receive a pass in football or in a bar.

    By Julie on 05.28.2016

  13. Receiving is the gift. The talent of knowing how to receive enriches us more than the giving. For it’s in that way we know gratitude.

    By RobynsPen URL on 05.28.2016

  14. I wish I had something to say, but I gave all of my words to you. Whether it’s a gift worth giving or a curse wrapped in chords handpicked from my throat, you get what you get and swallow it whole without saving any leftovers. I never thought I’d miss my own voice–because who likes hearing themselves talk–, but I guess what they say is true: you only miss something when it’s gone.

    By jina on 05.28.2016

  15. the sender is empty. it has nothing to send, the receiver stands with the arms open and with his mouth also open. nothing comes and he waited so long for this moment, praying for it to come. However now nothing came. It was simply empty. and had no clue what to do. if to stay more or to go or to shout

    By Zephirus URL on 05.28.2016

  16. Those who have gratitude will receive more. That is what rhonda byrne the author of “the Secret” says. I believe in this. We often manifest into our lives the things that think about a lot, whether good or bad. I try to maintain a gratitude journal, as often as i can. I hope to receive good fortune due to this regular practice. Even the novena prayers, that i participate every week in at the kaloor St. Antony’s shrine, they keep reminding us to be grateful for all that we receive. Instead of praying to god for what we want or complaining to him when things do not go our way. Try to count your blessings and give thanks. Also, we should share with our brothers and sisters all the blessings that we receive.

    By confused doc URL on 05.28.2016

  17. I am waiting, it’s not here yet, where is it?
    Fuck… maybe it’s not coming. What will I do if it doesn’t get here.
    Shit… is that the truck? I don’t know, wait that’s it.
    It’s not going to

    By Jes on 05.28.2016

  18. Morty was dozing off in his last class of the day when there was an interruption at the door. He snapped to attention, not wanting to cause any more bug eyed aliens to stare his way. The guard at the door approached the teacher, chittering in their alien language before the eyes turned his way. He swallowed audibly. The guard left and his teacher approached his desk, glaring down suspiciously. He shoved the small brown paper package his way and muttered that he’d received something in the head office. Morty didn’t kid himself with the notion that they’d afforded him any privacy. He knew they’d already torn through it themselves, curious to see just what the 15-year-old had received. It had been sloppily put back together as well. His mind raced, wondering just who would send him something? And then, hope at the pit of his stomach rising, one thought crossed his mind. Rick.

    By Crizzy URL on 05.28.2016

  19. to get, to have someone give, to obtain, to invite, to see,

    By Angelique on 05.28.2016

  20. I was walking down the street one day when I say this man receiving a large parcel from a weird looking lady. She wasn’t very friendly looking and to be honest she scared me a l

    By Jodi on 05.28.2016

  21. “I shouldn’t be receiving this, I didn’t do enough for them…”-He knew that he had done everything in his hands but he wished he could do more .Time was never kind enough for those with their days counted

    By Bramsy URL on 05.28.2016

  22. I am receiving a shot on my face
    What are you receiving to do this shit?
    They are receiving food because they was achieved by a tsunami

    By Elismar URL on 05.28.2016