September 5th, 2019 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “raise”

  1. They raised their glass to toast, while Krithika raised hers to mourn. She groaned inwardly, knowing it would soothe and cause suffering at the same time.

    By Shalini URL on 09.05.2019

  2. Raise is a word that means to get taller or rise above something.

    By lemonjello on 09.05.2019

  3. i raise the flag in the morning i am proud to raise the flag in the morning

    By matthias URL on 09.05.2019

  4. your hand
    your voice
    d better than that
    I raise children
    I want a raise
    raisin bread
    raisin crane’s

    By Olivia on 09.05.2019

  5. I RAISE my son today
    and it was fun
    I love him
    I want a girl tho

    By joshua p james on 09.05.2019

  6. I think about the times in my childhood I was dragged, kicking and screaming, to church. My mother was raised cathlic and tried to imprint upon me the same fervent need to praise a man I couldn’t see, and repeat prayers over and over until the gilt washed away. I remember the pews, the attendees with the heads bowed, muttering something to ask forgiveness. I remember the arms raised, seeking light from something unseen.

    By Anais Edwards on 09.05.2019

  7. To raise or to go up or lift.

    By Brian on 09.05.2019

  8. My parents have raised me on a farm my whole life with cows, horses, and chickens.

    By Kaelyn URL on 09.05.2019

  9. To rise or to go up or lift.

    By Brian on 09.05.2019

  10. raise is something up can get at a job like more money per hour and stuff like that. it also means you can raise more animals if you have a farm. You can also raise more crops if you have a farm so like grow more.

    By Kylie Smith on 09.05.2019

  11. Raise could mean someone who takes care of you ,or you ask your boss for a raise which is a increase in money .

    By dylon jenkins on 09.05.2019

  12. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead !

    By Devon Jenkins on 09.05.2019

  13. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead ! He’s risen !!!!!!!!!!

    By Devon Jenkins on 09.05.2019

  14. I like to raise chickens. Chickens are amazing to me, and there many different types of chickens. Chickens live in families and roost together.

    By Tina URL on 09.05.2019

  15. raise. to raise someone to a bigger force. to see gods raise in the clouds. to be risen, to feel good

    By AC on 09.05.2019

  16. I raise a Hallelujah is a song that is amazing and very passionate about Jesus and lifting His name high.

    By Kaitlyn on 09.05.2019

  17. Her hand shot up. No one else’s did. She quickly lowered it, but Mrs. Fischer had already seen. She nodded towards Diane.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.05.2019

  18. you raise me up when I think it’s all over. Even when things are rough and life is difficult, you with me will prevail. we compliment one another, the one to fill my flaws–and I to you.

    By cloud7 on 09.05.2019

  19. I told the boss I wanted a raise, he agreed and gave a 47 percent raise to me.

    By Mateo on 09.05.2019

  20. Raise your arms if you want me to continue! Raise them to the sky and abandon all your negative emotions! Raise my friends! Raise from you desks and stretch up to the sky! Don’t allow your oppressors to keep you pinned by their bullish ways!

    By Chris URL on 09.05.2019

  21. raise the riser
    rise up enough
    the words seem to drift away
    lost in a haze of lazy days
    the inspiration deftly deflation
    the thoughts a hope of contemplation
    break in the broken broke bloke
    choke the words out of my throat
    no more
    raise to rise up
    sit and condemn the pen

    By matt m on 09.05.2019

  22. The little old raised many mules, as he was a breeder. This is how he made his living, and did well at it.

    By Krista Kelley on 09.05.2019

  23. When I told her the truth, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my father raise his hand. For a brief, terrifying moment, I thought he was going to slap me. But he didn’t. Instead, he reached for a glass on the middle shelf of the kitchen cabinet, when he then promptly filled with peanut butter-flavored whisky that he had won as a gift from a holiday raffle.

    My mother didn’t blink at first, which caught me off guard.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.05.2019

  24. I’d like to raise a concern: our conversations have been odd lately, odd and all-too-brief. I want this year to be better than last, I want you to be more honest with me than you’ve ever been, I want you to hand me a manuscript and reveal that it’s yours.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 09.05.2019

  25. Josh Groban probably never needed to ask for a raise. How many times has his song been used as an inspirational backdrop for telethon-esque commercials? An angel with an angle.

    By Kim on 09.05.2019

  26. I tried to keep my tongue still when he came around. He swathed himself in the false armor of unearned superiority and a malice that could not be reasoned with. But today, I could not take it. I was going to raise hell.

    By Mari S.F on 09.05.2019

  27. She was raised a fighter. And she wasn’t going to run away now.

    By Shalini URL on 09.06.2019

  28. i raise the flag every day i love raising the flag in the morning every day

    By matthias URL on 09.06.2019

  29. You raised me up, so I can stand on mountains.

    You raised me up, not to be bum :-)

    You raised me up, so I could reach the fountain

    You raised me up, so I won’t be dumb:-)

    By jcorrielis URL on 09.06.2019

  30. On the forth of July we RAISE the American flag as our national flag.

    By lemonjello on 09.06.2019

  31. You raised me up so I can see the mountains.

    By jcorrielis URL on 09.06.2019

  32. Raise your voice and make a choice. You can speak and you can think, so try as hard as you can to make your voice heard! Raise up a cry for your Lord!

    By Kaitlyn on 09.06.2019

  33. i raise my hand in salute to the flag as i watch it rise up the flag to the blue sky. my friends also salute and then a bugle declares its time for breakfast.

    By Kyle jimenez URL on 09.06.2019

  34. I demanded the boss for a raise he agreed and gave me a raise.

    By Mateo on 09.06.2019

  35. I raised my head to my mom and said I love you thank you for being my mommy.

    By debi williams URL on 09.06.2019

  36. Today is the day the prince will raise to the top of the kingdom.

    By Ghost Jalen URL on 09.06.2019

  37. It means when you pick something up you are raising it off the ground. For example I raised the box off the ground. There are many things that are easy to raise and other thing that aren’t.

    By Austin on 09.06.2019

  38. i got a raise today. so i bought a car.

    By Logan on 09.06.2019

  39. “You raise me up so I can stand on high”. I do not recall any other lyrics to this song, but boy, it sure does get stuck in my head anyway. I remember it being sung by two kids on a talent show once, they both had incredible voices. It was a very sweet sight.

    By erin chavi URL on 09.06.2019