January 10th, 2011 | 372 Entries

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372 Entries for “ragged”

  1. Ragged. Wow, that’s an interesting adjective. Well, to start with, sweaters can be ragged if you wear them out too much. I guess ragged could mean “well loved” in that sense, because a well-worn sweater that becomes ragged means that it was well-loved.

    I guess ragged could also be bad. Like, a ragged old woman standing on the street. But she’s ragged for the complete opposite reason of the sweater: she isn’t well loved at all.

    Ragged is one of those words that goes to both extremes: loved and not loved at all.

    By Emily URL on 01.10.2011

  2. the ragged piece of bright red plastic was in her hand now. from the pile of scraps in the technology room she had grabbed it. the look in her eyes showed it – there was going to be blood. a lot of it.

    By animazed URL on 01.10.2011

  3. ragged. torn. old. full of holes. but mostly, loved. I’m describing my old, white-with-pastels-plaid blankie, appropriately named “lovey.” it’s been with me technically since before my birth and has seen me through 18 and a half years of life. it was my tissue during my first breakup, covered my pillow whenever i couldn’t sleep at night, and has even come to college with me. it’s ragged.

    By Grace on 01.10.2011

  4. The doll she found underneath the bed was all ragged.

    Her clothes were ragged after her fall.

    Her hair was ragged from the night before.

    The carpet was more rugged than she had remembered.

    By Hannah Scott on 01.10.2011

  5. not ragged, maybe rugged. no, she actually meant ragged. “you look ragged.” he stared at the floor, not knowing what to answer. she kept washing the dishes, and wondering how long he was going to linger in her kitchen. she had work to do.

    By alis on 01.10.2011

  6. raggedy anne raggedy anne, i remember these things from my childhood. eventually we ended up with just a raggedy andy. no idea where she went. I suspect foul play naturally. I had my heart broken by a girl named Anne. Wasnt fun.

    By Johnny on 01.10.2011

  7. The hem that ran along the bottom of my once white dress. The one I wore on that July 4th we spent at the lake. The night you held my hand while fireworks exploded in the sky, in your eyes and in the bottom of my stomach.

    By Martha on 01.10.2011

  8. Sitting on a porch step two blocks from Broadway, chugging a faceless bottle wrapped in brown paper. Practicing lines for the next audition, watching the odd passerby’s wary expression as he strides across four lanes of traffic to avoid you. Feeling like a failure, knowing you’re a bum. Ragged, inside and out.

    By Mintolate Tea URL on 01.10.2011

  9. They say she wore a ragged shirt to match her ragged jeans, but they know nothing about being ragged. Ragged is to let loose, and let go, and let things get a little torn up. They say she bought a ragged dog, but really it’s just a normal dog with hair that clings to her sweater and teeth that crave mailmen.

    By Lauren on 01.10.2011

  10. raggedy ann. that’s what i feel like these days, worn out, worked over, fucked nine ways to hell. i don’t know what i’m doing or where my life is going or if i’m a good person, but damn, i love it. i’d rather be ragged any day of the week, 8 days out of 7, than anything else in the world.

    By amanda on 01.10.2011

  11. the ragged edges of her sleeve grew damp as she wiped them across her watering eyes. how could this happen? how could the world as she knew it fall so drastically apart?
    how could something so whole and real become immediately, with one kiss, such a shambles?

    By LunaTique URL on 01.10.2011

  12. Ragged like the torn clothes of a homeless man on the side of a road. Everytime I get off the interstate in Nashville, I see a homeless person on the side walking back and forth with all of his ambitions dragging behind him becoming ragged like the rest of him or her. Ragged brings a

    By Kacie on 01.10.2011

  13. The silver lunula
    looked like a tattered piece
    of a silver star
    on the American flag,
    waving in the distance
    under numerous amounts of
    gun powder and shouts,
    cannons firing left and right,
    sending vibrations through the earth
    like leaving a mark in history.

    By Scythe42 URL on 01.10.2011

  14. I am ragged. The world takes a toll on me everyday. The world presses on me and I can barely take it anymore. I feel ragged. I hope it gets better because I’m sick and tired

    By sarah on 01.10.2011

  15. The rough man walked through the lonely wilderness watching waiting for an animal to fall for his primitive plans. He has no way of communicating with the rest of the world for they have long gone, leaving him behind to kill the animals he once refused to consume in a land of better days.

    By Maureen Johnson on 01.10.2011

  16. cinderella had a raggity cloth and raggity hair, basically she was just ragged. She should probably take a shower so that she looks nice. Or I guess she will just end up with a fairy god mother so then she will look like a princess instead of looking ragged. It’s great when you go from being ragged to being a princess in a carriage pulled by horses.

    By Ryley on 01.10.2011

  17. The ragged wall crept into her vision as she rode to the dark looking castle. Her heat raced in a ragged rythem. She began to feel nauseated and her vision blurred. There was nothing.

    By Kendra on 01.10.2011

  18. I believe the people you once loved have been torn down by your few words. The slight speech you have spoken has left them all hurt and ragged. Shirts worn and torn, faces dirty and sad. Only reflections of the internal destruction you have caused.

    By Maureen URL on 01.10.2011

  19. I opend up the closet and ragged up the staires. I asks my mom if she can help me with the rag and she said no. So i asked my sister how to use a rag. She had no idea. Thats when i asked my father how to use a rag. And he was ragged when i asked so i stopped.

    By kayla on 01.10.2011

  20. This life has a way of taking its toll on you. One foot in front of the other. Day after day. Stay optimistic, you are young after all. But the lonliness doesn’t fade and each day you feel a little bit more ragged then the day before.

    By Alicia on 01.10.2011

  21. The paper flutters,
    edges torn and jagged,
    remnant mutters,
    on skin so ragged.
    Ink shall rectify these sins,
    as secrets carry on the winds.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 01.10.2011

  22. A ragged doll say on the bed. It was obvious that it had been loved and loved hard and yet, still it had been abandoned, left to collect dust in a locked room.

    By Nienna on 01.10.2011

  23. He was ragged. Clothes tattered, dangling from his frame. He stood on the porch, it was dusk, and handed her a heap of thoughts and dreams. They were tattered, ragged, like him, like a well-loved toy. Old.

    By Lynn on 01.10.2011

  24. She had stepped on the hem of her jeans too many times to count. She hadn’t brushed her hair in what seemed like months. Just as she round the corner to catch the elevator the strap on her bag let loose. It seemed like her whole life had turned into one ragged mess.

    By Lindsay on 01.10.2011

  25. Ragged, she was.
    Her hair, her face.
    Her dirty brown eyes
    And smudged makeup.
    Everything changes that night.
    Nothing will ever be the same again.
    Not after what she did, regardless of the consequences.

    By Kate on 01.10.2011

  26. ragged is what the doll anne is, she is very pretty because she has red hair. ragged can look like anne but thats only in the regular worl not the natural world wear pretty is ragged. everyone should stop tryingna dragged is naurale.

    By megan on 01.10.2011

  27. A ragged breath broke free from tear stained lips.

    By LadyMinako URL on 01.10.2011

  28. Dirty girls walk the streets alone at night. She’s got a green jacket, probably from the store nearby. I hear her rough, scraggly voice. Asking me for money. I want to stand beside her on the road. Hear her stories, where she wants to go. I want to help her. But I’m a child just as she is.

    By Cathy Bates on 01.10.2011

  29. ragged like the clothes of dead soldiers, and cold. cold was the worst of it. cold like loss and death and aloneness that nobody should ever have to feel this side of the grave. the howling was at that tiime more like a shriek. a savage animal howl that was ragged. ragged indeed.

    By Heidi McKee on 01.10.2011

  30. The bottom of my jeans in high school was always ragged. Then equaled cool in 1979. To my granddad it meant poverty and disrespect. Cool won out. A shame since he is no longer around. His attitude was jeans were for working in the barn.

    By Beth on 01.10.2011

  31. It was the drab kind weather that he loved, the grey skies of in between. Ambiguity, living off the grey matter when the metaphorical black and white of life melded together, that was what anchored him away from the deeps of madness.

    Not that he was a particularly tortured soul. Just an unremarkable wandering artist that was more receptive to the workings of the world, he supposed, and that made him more vulnerable to succumbing to it—rubbing his sense of self down to the quick, that is.

    By MONO URL on 01.10.2011

  32. Her breaths come in ragged and short. She’s tried. She’s tired – there’s been too much of this recently. Why? We don’t know.

    And that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s okay to not know. it’s okay to just blaze through life, not knowing what’s ahead, or behind for that matter. Living in the moment makes every moment beautiful and worth it. Just for that moment.

    By sariaru URL on 01.10.2011

  33. I feel run ragged. I am too old for my sixteen years, just as he was too young to become a wax face looking out from a casket. I am burnt out and sad and far too cynical and bitter to do good things, anymore. I just can’t do good things anymore.

    By Feather on 01.10.2011

  34. The ragged old woman hobbled down the street, pitching to and fro like a drunk sailor on a ship. Her feet slipped on the ice and she pitched forward into a snowbank. As she struggled to her feet she saw something glitter in the gutter. She slowly stretched her hand out forward and grasped the hard cold metal.

    By Emily on 01.10.2011

  35. The very seams of me are ragged. From the pulling and pushing of your name in my mind. I know how terribly wrong it is, how I should give up, but your that doll, that ragged doll that you have had forever. It looks at you with golden glassy eyes and you are suddenly swept back in its simpleness, in its ability to be your friend. you are my ragged rag doll who I still hold on to for dear life.

    By jenna URL on 01.10.2011

  36. that old ragged cross, where christ jesus died for my sins. oh where would i be if he hadn’t loved me so? i praise and bless His holy name. Forever. Only his grace and mercy has kept me thus far and will always.

    By MJ URL on 01.10.2011

  37. He was a man of about 50 years of age. Worn, beaten down. He sat in front of the corner store every day. He held a cup that rattled when it shook.

    By Mae on 01.10.2011

  38. Patches. Frayed edges. Torn. Used. Worn out. Used up. Raise your hand if this description applies to your heart.

    By Anonymous on 01.10.2011

  39. Ragged reminds me of the end of jeans after they were torn up from some exciting adventure. Although you probably didn’t want them ragged, it happened anywys cause at the time what you were doing was more important. But the turned out cool anyways, just a little ripped. Hey isnt that the style now anyways?

    By Cortney Isom on 01.10.2011

  40. annie, that gorgeous little girl who took the term “ragged” and made you endeared to it
    if ragged is endearing, then praise to the homeless!

    By m on 01.10.2011