January 17th, 2019 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “quick”

  1. maybe the stumble of my fingers spoke louder than my heartbeat
    how finger over thumb pastened
    I was fearful of your departure
    you were fearful of my staying

    so quick
    I fastened my feet to pavement
    and let my heart run without me

    I keep my reservations
    you keep your isolation

    it all happened

    By Katelin on 01.17.2019

  2. It came suddenly and render the world tumultuous. Riling up institutions and monarchies in the early 2000s. The millennial generation swept the world by storm in an age where people were still afraid of the Y2K scandal. The millennials, those upstarts with their shortened lingos and linguistic shortcuts did not appreciate the time honored traditions of waking up and reading the newspaper or enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon. They did not even fear the computer with its complicated processes. No, they were quick and possessed short attention spans. Maybe this is why we millennials replaced the order generation so quickly then.

    By Eric Harrell on 01.17.2019

  3. I quickly ran out the door with a banana and a slice of bread in my hand. Holy nuts I was gonna be late for my first job interview. I zoomed down the street and hiked the corner when suddenly a biker, tall and thin crashed straight into me. I slowly opened my eyes to see that it was my interviewer, who had so happened to run me over while we were both late for my interview.

    By Kora Borders on 01.17.2019

  4. The quick young girl darted away from the man. He hadn/t been able to catch her in years, and he wouldn’t catch her now, even if her brain screamed at her to stop running, and he ankle barked in pain every time she stepped on it.

    By Sebastian Harper on 01.17.2019

  5. The fox’s tail flashed beneath the bush. I dove. I missed. I ended up with a mouthful of dirt and a faceful of thorns. I wiped blood out of my eyes, lifted my head. I stumbled to my feet, but the fox had vanished, a flame in the grass.

    By snowthatremembers on 01.17.2019

  6. Each day you get up as quickly as possible. Most people are also quick during their routines and interactions with each other. Contact with others is generally quick also as people do not normally interact with each other like they used to. Quick is not always the best route in life to take.

    By Roberta on 01.17.2019

  7. She darted away, laughing. “No, stop it.”
    “What, I wasn’t doing anything.”
    “Oh yeah, right?” She shook her head and turned back to the dishes.
    “Not a thing,” he snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him, her back pressed against him, his nose in her hair. She laughed again.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.17.2019

  8. When I first saw this word on the screen I thought…I can type quick .Yeah I can. So what should I type about? Maybe about a rocket?Or the wind? Oh wait…times up.

    By Alexandria on 01.17.2019

  9. A chicken rustled the foliage “quick” she whispered to a nearby bush. The blackberry bush moved revealing its identity.

    By Ava Hope on 01.17.2019

  10. quickquickquickquickquickquickquickquickquickquickquick times up……..

    By Charles The Dunce on 01.17.2019

  11. “Hey, man. I got the pizza.”

    I look up from my newspaper. “Wow,” I intone. “That was quick. Slow day at the Big Pepperoni?”

    “Nah,” replies Marcia with a grin. “I went to Slice Of Life instead. Their pizza’s cheaper, but also way better. Dig in!”

    Skeptical, I stand up and retrieve some cheese goodness from the box. Already, the dairy actually looks real; good start.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.17.2019

  12. “Life goes by pretty quick. If you don’t stop and look around, you might miss it.”

    “That’s not the quote,” she laughs.

    “Close enough,” I shoot back. “Ferris Bueller was a wise man.”

    She tugs me forward, loose and joyful. “And will you lead the parade for me?”

    There’s only one response to that.

    “Of course, just find me one and I will,” I say, putting on a pompous accent and pointing the way.

    She leads me on.

    By Sparklespirit on 01.17.2019

  13. speed it up
    make up your mind
    isn’t romo for contemplation
    your intuition
    is inertia
    think quick
    quick ish
    pace it fast
    make it now
    things have never been easier
    than when they all fall apart

    By matt m on 01.17.2019

  14. I need to be quick about everything. Not sure where I am going and what I am doing. I’ve got 6 weeks till my startup fails. That’s quick! I’ve got to quickly run out for dinner with my friends and that stresses me out as well. Everything is quick or has to happen quick. damn it, not sure if this product stresses

    By Kouris Kalligas on 01.17.2019

  15. when time flies, we stand still and watch how quickly things move past us

    By freeman on 01.17.2019

  16. she said to me, be quick lest i move on with my life.
    i was down and out but

    By orokpo on 01.17.2019

  17. i could be quick, i could be slow but whatwever it is i do, it is most important i focus on learning.
    learning gradually, aware of the time but not focused on it.

    By orokpo on 01.17.2019

  18. i have just 60 secs they say, i need to be as quick as i can or even quicker than i have ever been.

    remember, I’ve got is 60 secs, no more no less but i have to make the best of it, no more no less.

    I can know if i will be better but i am certain i can be worse off than i already am and that makes me ecstatic

    By orokpo on 01.17.2019

  19. I AM QUICK

    By Rayne on 01.18.2019

  20. Get dress up, golp your coffe down and jump in the bus, you’ll be late for a new but identical day

    By Lisa Cordroc'h on 01.18.2019

  21. “Quick”, she said while running along the ledge of the path. He heart raced at the though of what she had left behind and what is to come. Why was she thinking of her future at this dire point in her life when her survival was at stake? Her present was shaky and she could die at any moment.

    All Mia could think about right now was to run away from the danger following her as fast as her long athletic leg could take her.

    By Oluwatosin on 01.18.2019

  22. I could only stop in quick yesterday, and I thought it’d be quiet in the house. It wasn’t. There were people I’d never seen meeting in the dining room, the accountant in the foyer was on the phone for the better part of an hour, there was constant booming footfall on the various stairways. I wanted to run up and see you, but I didn’t want to talk if we couldn’t talk alone and at length. When it was dark, as the accountant left through the kitchen with a box of files never to be completed, you came down for coffee and found me listening to PNK FME. “You’re here for a couple hours, then?” you said, and I wanted to say yes, but I had to cross the river. Perhaps I imagined the deflation in your hunched height, your voice. “Good to see you,” you said, bounding back up the back stairs. The next time I heard you speak, it was into your cell phone.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 01.18.2019

  23. It was supposed to be a quick job, in and out, and we hadn’t had to put in much planning. Or at least it seemed like it didn’t need much thought. But then Marcus stumbled into it with his chippie and everything went south.

    By Jenny Yacovissi URL on 01.18.2019

  24. He wasn’t the quickest, but he did try as hard as he could, every time. That created opportunity, momentum, and excitement. A little ‘Charlie Hustle’ can go along way. I hope he listens.

    By Wes on 01.18.2019

  25. En un boceto rápido de la viñeta se veía claramente la intención del dibujante. Había regado pistas de sus asesinatos en cada página del manga y sólo anhelaba que Rampoe lo descubriera y le pusiera fin.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.18.2019

  26. i was quick on my feet in the olden days…yes thats right i am 65 and yes i do look good thanks for asking. it was 45 years ago when i joined the army, i dressed like a boy and i never got shot…oh wait ohg yeh i got shot in the head when my memery is..its still a little foggy

    By deann on 01.18.2019

  27. I ran quickly to the barn and all I saw was orange and yellow. Fearing my horses life I ran with all my might. As tears ran down my face I was scared that I would never see the horse that gave me the hope I needed to come through.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 01.18.2019

  28. How quick can one get with thinking so fast and trying to type accurately at the same time? Being quick can also be said to be fast, that is, the ability to do something within the closest time possible. Jobs usually comes with a deadline. How quick are you to do them?

    By Oluwatosin Victoria Areo on 01.18.2019

  29. Im the quickest in my family. Ive run so fast that even my parents have to try to keep up with me which makes me laugh. I think I might join the Olympics one day and do track. I might even win a gold medal for running.

    By Peighton on 01.18.2019

  30. Quick like a bunny he dashed across the snow. Good thing too because he WAS a bunny and that dog wasnt waiting for anyone or anything! He skittered between the fence post and the chain link. SHEW safety!

    By Kandis on 01.18.2019

  31. The death came to her fast. She was sitting under the apple tree when the storm approached. The first flash of lightning took her breath away, and she feared the worst. w

    By Louise Kidd on 01.18.2019

  32. If anyone who is quick with a reply to the question of what are we doing here, has been here long enough, indeed.

    By Billium on 01.18.2019

  33. The word quick is really different. There is no other word like the word quick. it symbolizes everything that people love but everything that makes people lose sight of what’s important. People don’t realize that speed is not everything in life and that sometimes paying attention to the things that slow life down can make it more enjoyable. I think more people should live like this. It’s a happier lifestyle and shows who people really are.

    By f on 01.18.2019