April 7th, 2009 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “provide”

  1. i am in doubt whether my job and my savings will provide me with what I need to grow old… really I should be more concerned about what feeds my soul…

    By mibici on 04.08.2009

  2. This word is to provide for something or someone. To give to, to make way for. To help, to help thrive. To LIFT. To be a masterful friend, an awesome masterpiece of a person.

    By Nicki Vargas on 04.08.2009

  3. he was a great provider, husband and man but he could be less boring actually. Sooner or later he realises this and come out as a great caring loving husband

    By trudy on 04.08.2009

  4. Something I always seem to be doing. In many cases, I love it. In others, I’m not so sure I like it.

    I just hope that I provide as greatly as those that have provided to me.

    By Capn Kirk on 04.08.2009

  5. to ensure the needs are fulfilled for those you care for

    By kathy on 04.08.2009

  6. To provide is to give to people who need help. Providing is helping them get to a better place than where they where a hour, day , week ,or even a year from now.

    By Kevin on 04.08.2009

  7. i like to wear my clothes on backwards and read books backwards. its simple, you then get to see things in a different persective…who says the tag has to go in the back?

    By allison on 04.08.2009

  8. The dog was provided with a gun and started going on a rampage murdering people left and right, he was trying to get back at humans for keeping dogs locked up all these years.

    By llahsram on 04.08.2009

  9. i provide what i can for others I chose to run on life providing laughter,hugs,happiness, and peace to those who dont know how to provide.

    By allison on 04.08.2009

  10. pro then vide. in order to provide you must be a pro at viding.

    By allison on 04.08.2009

  11. A person provides their whole life. It seems almost as if we were born to do just that. A man is supposed to provide a household with food, a woman to provide the love care and child.

    By Nicole Miroff on 04.08.2009

  12. give me something to nourish my mind and feed my family. give me something that keeps me going in times of lost fortune. provide for me planet, society and community and I will return the favor.

    By anthonyjhughes on 04.08.2009

  13. to provide is to give something, or to create something for yourself or someone else. to provide an opportunity, a chance, an idea, food. anything. to provide is one of the greatest things a person can do.

    By sophie on 04.08.2009

  14. Father why? You make it seem so hard. Food is not the only life giver. Food can be a life taker. You failed in an odd sense of the word. I love you, I hate you…provide as best as you can if you must, even though you must…not?

    By Matt Walsh on 04.08.2009

  15. logistics

    By musa on 04.08.2009

  16. i would like to have a husband who can provide for me and our family

    By nia on 04.08.2009

  17. to give something. to offer support. to hand out. to provide is to care. to give yourself. to lookk after someone

    By louise bose on 04.08.2009

  18. provide me with the air i need to go on and keep feeding the animals i have inside. This will maintain all the strenght i need to survive in this jungle and stay away of the evel monkey that lives in my closet. its easy very hard to understand,.. but easy

    By MAtias on 04.08.2009

  19. He was my husband, my lover, and the father of my child. But without money, we could never become anything. I’m sorry darling. I had to find someone who could provide what we needed for our family. I love you still.

    By musician's wife on 04.08.2009

  20. Why is it so difficult to find anyone in the United States that will actually provide you with the services they advertise. Everyone here does everything half-assed, and then they charge you a fortune to do it. Very dissappointing.

    By C. Daniel on 04.08.2009

  21. Every time I see you smile warmly, I know I’ve done right by you; I’ve PROVIDED. It’s precious to me, to feel like I’m good enough, to feel loved and to know that you’ve been feeling loved too.

    PROVIDING is important. It’s enchanting to know you can give someone what they need.

    And darling, I have lot’s to give. Everything, in fact, for you.

    By Tony DeGenaro on 04.08.2009

  22. i provide my family support and comfort. i need to provide fortune to myself. provide me with love and fulfillment. pro

    By longbir on 04.08.2009

  23. I will give you all that is necessary. I will give you the world. I will tell you your name, but I won’t give you your goals. You will find them on your own. If I haven’t provided you with compassion then I have given you nothing.

    By Tim on 04.08.2009

  24. How much can one provide for the human kind when we are constantly changing what we want out of our lives, what the norm is, what happiness means? So far behavior suggests that happiness is money and excess lovers and the ability to have whatever one wants. But what if it’s simpler than that? I could be just as happy in a rundown little flat than in a mansion. Maybe even happier.

    By kels on 04.08.2009

  25. to have ability to give those things necessary
    or wanted for yourself and family.

    By Milton C. Shepard on 04.08.2009

  26. provide me with a reason to continue living this life. on this planet. with these so called humans. superficial. no reason why. no real reason why not. provide me with the reason why.

    By jesus on 04.08.2009

  27. me with information about the UFO assasination on the night of october 3rd 2017. I have a feeling that you know exactly where this is going, Don’t you?

    THe last time I saw a parakeet, I noticed it’s beek and honestly, it turned me on a bit.

    By Mike on 04.08.2009