June 3rd, 2016 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “prosecuted”

  1. He was prosecuted.
    The sentence made.

    A man with no wit ’bout him but also no guilt. How could a man with no guilt and no wit be prosecuted and sentenced to a life time- an entire life time to prison?

    Well, all he had to was be Elex Wiles. And no one wanted to be Elex Wiles. Not even the man himself, not today.

    You remember what I said about a man havin’ no wit ’bout him?
    Mr. Wiles had none. Zero. Zip Zap Zilch. He had about ‘nough smarts in his cranium as a chimpanzee. That’s what his daddy said, anyway… and the principle. And all his friends. Didn’t bother the fella much until today. I mean sure, the girls weren’t much fond of his rather…simple “articulation”.

    By Bunni URL on 06.03.2016

  2. There are those who deserve the defense from prosecution. It may be the scariest time of their life…. and yet, those that are being prosecuted got close enough to the fire to be either burned or singed.

    By sgbainbridge URL on 06.03.2016

  3. i feel prosecuted
    i feel prostituted
    i feel neglected
    i;m just hostile duded

    if i commit a crime
    ill have to do the time

    but as long as im fed
    i dont mind the mind


    infite waters
    diving DEEP
    once again :)))))))))))))))))))))))

    hey you man or woman i love you thank you for reading enjoy your Self and Remember you have to have Joy to give it away!

    By grld URL on 06.03.2016

  4. The crimes had been committed, the criminals caught but somehow, all the evidence disappeared and the witnesses, who had previously been so enthusiastic to testify, had all disappeared. The men were never prosecuted, and once released, in front of cheering crowds, they returned to the crimes that they had previously denied.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.03.2016

  5. “trespassers will be prosecuted” read the sign on the gate to the huge factory. But that was before the severe shortage of workers. Now it reads “trespassers will be recruited!”

    By confused doc URL on 06.04.2016

  6. Prosecuted, how am I suppose to write something on it in just 60 seconds. I have never been prosecuted for anything. I thing it is a court process where you are prosecuted for the cases.

    By Tarun Khandelwal on 06.04.2016

  7. She was prosecuted for stealing a candy cola bottle.
    As they led the toddler into the cell she continued to smile and play with her fingers.

    By mike on 06.04.2016

  8. we are all prosecuted in a way. society holds us responsible for the crime of being born. nothing in this world is worst than the idea of being FREE when we are actually shackled.

    By Rhondalyn URL on 06.04.2016

  9. He was prosecuted that night. Somewhere, written down on a notebook, recorded into a system, and linked into a machine with other machines was his name in black, a stark permanence that would never be erased for as long as he lived and his children lived and their children and so on. His name would be forever sullied with this moment.

    By Bisquick on 06.04.2016

  10. He was prosecuted for nothing that he had done, but for who he was. He was poor, a shrewd man’s victim. There is no end to it.

    By Sneha on 06.04.2016

  11. She felt like she was being prosecuted by the very people who she had gone to for help. She stood there, hands by her sides, legs trembling, not knowing in the slightest how to respond to the woman’s question.
    “Where is *your* responsibility for this?” the woman demanded. “You’ve worked in finance, haven’t you? You *knew* this wasn’t okay. Why did you do it?”

    By Jess on 06.04.2016

  12. Those who were prosecuted by the government didn’t expect to see sunlight ever again. Nor did they anticipate feeling the cool air or spray of the sea from their tiny, cramped cells. It wasn’t until I freed them – the bars bursting forward like broken ribs, the walls caving in like a monster’s rotting stomach – that they actually realized there was hope for them to live again. I led them out into the open air. I led them to freedom.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.04.2016

  13. The girl being prosecuted was petite, mousy and unsuspecting. No one would have ever thought she was capable of something so sinister. She has

    By Jamie Foster on 06.04.2016

  14. The girl being prosecuted was petite, mousy and unsuspecting. No one thought she could be capable of such sinister crimes. She had tears emerging from her eyes leading one to believe she was frightened and innocent. However, if anyone were able to read minds at that moment, they would be attacked by an overwhelming fear.

    By Jamie URL on 06.04.2016

  15. Right prosecuted the Evil out in the open under the blazing sun of summer. Out as the evil mother died, out came the kids like money and greed.

    By epi URL on 06.04.2016

  16. A very serious word for a very serious meaning. It bears a striking hilarity to persecuted. Another very serious word. Funny that they both have the word cute as part of their genesis. Hardly seems fitting al all.

    By ABot URL on 06.04.2016

  17. “Prosecuted. The lawyer prosecuted the rapist. Prosecuted.”

    “Prosecuted. P-r-a-w-s-e-c-u-t-e-d. Prosecuted.”

    Ding! The bell rang.

    “I’m sorry, that’s incorrect.”

    By Charlie URL on 06.04.2016

  18. I should have had him prosecuted. What if he had done this to others? Of course he was the state wresting champion and I was a well known community member. No one would have believed that Mr. Small Town America would be anything but perfect.

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.04.2016

  19. synthesis

    flying beneath
    an endless blue dress
    our skin smooth as dolls
    your gunpowder tongue touches my turned nape
    at once beestung
    over and over

    what flows
    between interlaced fingers?

    your fever
    catalysing mine
    backflipped, somersaulted,
    reaching some place
    sacred as a magpie wing

    and so begins
    the slow becoming schooled in each other
    like horses flaring
    breathing in each other
    in a disrupted, inverted moment
    screaming danger
    blunted by
    the cosmos of you

    By minimalist URL on 06.04.2016