July 30th, 2016 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “proper”

  1. “What was wrong with the way you did it?”

    I sighed and shrugged. “I still don’t understand it,” I replied. “Mister Schultz said something about the essay not having a ‘proper topic’ for the course content. Which is amusing to me.”

    “What was the topic of your paper?”

    “Same-sex marriage.”

    “And the class?”

    I grinned sardonically. “Human rights.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.30.2016

  2. Proper was the last thing he was. – Disorderly, rebelling in his every feature, yes. A messy deconstruction of his very existence. (Which itself was incompleteness!) From the very start not where he was supposed to be, with who he was supposed to be… Never proper for the situation, not for his own good.
    Like wanting to deny definition or any other thought pertaining to himself.
    He wasn’t the king of birds, so how could he be? There was one thing which fit, and that was the role he out of some crazy coincidence, providence managed to play. Even though it seemed wrong until the clear end of things.

    a/n: sorry, I actually didn’t stop at a minute …obviously ‘- –

    By "Life" on 07.30.2016

  3. prim.
    expectations. impossible.
    choking. suffocating. repressing.
    standards. box. inside. stuck.
    obey. listen. held down. bound.
    misunderstood. isolated.

    By lovehate on 07.30.2016

  4. Proper form. That was everything in the yoga class.

    By suriti URL on 07.30.2016

  5. It were proper good mate! Did you see it? awh fuckin’ ‘ell man. I can’t fuckin’ believe you missed that one. It were proper good. Danny saw it didn’t yer Danny? Yeah well, you missed a chance of a lifetime there boss. Tough break mate…

    By Richard Wallwork on 07.31.2016

  6. I felt nervous about the woman who had just entered my apartment. Mrs. Fera was one of the most proper ladies I knew, so clean and perfect. And here she came into my apartment, cheap and a bit dirty. “S-Sorry about the mess, Mrs. Fera. I didn’t have time to clean up.”

    The older woman shook her head. “The way you live is not my concern right now. I want to find my son, and this was where he was last seen.”

    “I understand.” I went to get some tea for us before we began our conversation.

    By Brianna L on 07.31.2016

  7. he was a proper asshole, but he wore it so well. The arrogance and apathy seemed to ooze out of his pores, luring the women to him like a well balanced bottle of cologne might do.

    By Trista URL on 07.31.2016

  8. Proper manner is expected in a social setting.

    By Lkk on 07.31.2016

  9. It’s not proper to lose one’s temper. It’s not proper to flirt with the boys who visit the summer house, or to sip a daiquiri while men talk about investments. Or to flash one’s bikini top. Even if it is embellished with little twinkling gems. But I am not proper, and I will do as I damn well please. This summer is mine, mine, mine. I have decided, no bars on windows or bruises on arms can stop me from living. I want to huff the experience into my lungs until it makes me sick. I want to bleach my hair and buy a corset and pop chlorophyll pills that make me smell like dandelion stems steeped in powdery water. I want to flick through glossy magazines and gaze lustily at the tennis playing boys. I will.

    By Wonderlion on 07.31.2016

  10. Well thats an interesting word isn’t it?
    Means to do something rightfully , perfectly , in a normalized way.
    But is it always the case?
    Isnt the whole point of breaking social norms is to not do something in a proper way and find/create a new way of doing things?
    my topic is open to discussion.

    By lieutenantdan on 07.31.2016

  11. “It’s not proper,” she said, twisting away from him to look out at the floor of people dancing.
    “Proper? What are we, royalty?”
    She tried not to grin when she looked back at his face. He had that twinkle in his eye that he got when he thought he had bested her. “Don’t smirk, it doesn’t suit you.”
    “It suits me very much and you know it.”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.31.2016

  12. It was the proper thing to do, I was drifting apart from her, but she was growing to love me so much. I had to leave her, for her own good, she’ll be fine.

    By Bramsy on 07.31.2016

  13. The sort of thing that gets in the way sometimes, but it’s crucial in most situations. It’s just embedded in collective consciousness. Impossible to escape in any civilization. It’s necessary and impossible and who even knows. Why is this word so had? Man..

    By MsMoon URL on 07.31.2016

  14. It is not proper to chew with your mouth open. How do we know when something is proper or not? You could look it

    By Shane on 07.31.2016

  15. “You should sleep,” Ryou said, stepping out onto the deck where Emrys sat staring up at the night sky.
    Emrys said, “That star isn’t in its proper place. I can’t sleep until it is.”
    Ryou followed her gaze upwards to the sky, the stars too bright for his tired eyes. He didn’t know what star she was talking about and he didn’t know what she could possibly do about it, but he did know what it was like to be unable to sleep. Sitting down next to her, they stared up at the stars together.

    By astreans on 07.31.2016

  16. I was brought up to be proper but being proper can feel like your holding back or just being fake. Fuck Proper. Instead go with authentic. I’d rather be authentic than proper

    By lculhane on 07.31.2016

  17. She had a certain grace about her. It was unlike anything that I had ever seen. Not once did she appear uncertain or self-conscious. Gliding in, she smiled at the people who were in aw of her.

    By Eli on 07.31.2016