April 26th, 2016 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “prime”

  1. The world isn’t ready for war. Divinely, Primely, and promptly awaiting with a dark stained wine in a challace glass. This is gods wish, but how can we as humans fufill it?

    By FS on 04.27.2016

  2. Prime Numbers. Prime RIbs. Prime time. TIme flies. Fiess in summer. Lazy days. Hammocks. Cool breezes. Hot skin. Sun Baked. Satisfied.

    By Krista on 04.27.2016

  3. It was time. Prime time. The half an hour between twilight and eclipse. The witching hour. It has many names, and tonight Alfred was using the killing hour. The best time to avenge a death, or fight a fool, or simply murder a mistress. Prime time was a short capsule of time, where anything could be accomplished with no consequences, but a slim chance of success.

    By Anam on 04.28.2016