October 31st, 2012 | 87 Entries

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87 Entries for “presence”

  1. His presence in the room was nearly intoxicating. I mean, usually a person as incredibly fantastic such as this boy would be quite wonderful, but this? This was beyond anything I’d I’d ever experienced before.

    By mackedee on 10.31.2012

  2. The criminals looked up in sheer terror… for 15 seconds as the presence of a man dressed in red underwear, a green leotard, and a black cape appeared, wearing a cardboard mask. Then their momentary terror became comic.

    By Kyle Jack URL on 10.31.2012

  3. Be here now.
    Easy to say, hard to do.

    By Lucinda on 10.31.2012

  4. He felt a presence in the room. It was the ghost of his uncle, an infamous paedophile in the local area. “GOUOUOGGUOUGOG”, said the ghost.

    By dawso on 10.31.2012

  5. When I’m breathing heavily, my chest consumed with an unsettling warmth, my mouth unable to catch up with my thoughts, and my patience with myself falling dangerously, you take me from “I need to die” to “I need to live” with your presence alone.

    By Pip on 10.31.2012

  6. The presence of the ocean so massive and smiling was enough to melt her little tears. Her very favorite umbrella flew away, the wind thrusting it from her grasp. Grand-pere chased it in the ocean, running among the bizzare limbless statues of Saint Flavie, his wiry frame flailing puppet-like, but no to avail. Marie’s umbrella was gone. But its presence was not.

    By Neelvar on 11.01.2012

  7. There was a presence in the room, he felt it as soon as he opened the door. On the couch he saw a shadowy old man, dressed in grey, tattered clothes. But he knew there was no one there. He went back down to reception and asked for a different room.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.01.2012

  8. You’re not here anymore. I can’t feel you. I just remember.

    By Zeoru URL on 11.01.2012

  9. His presence is gone and that’s hard to know. We all knew he was going to die soon but that didn’t make it any easier. Now that he’s gone I’m missing him.

    By Matty on 11.01.2012

  10. She shivered and stifled a moan as she felt his warm touch on her shoulders. If only they could remain in each other’s presence forever… An image of the two of them together with their own family appeared in her head. No, she shouldn’t think about what couldn’t be done.

    By Shannon on 11.01.2012

  11. No presence like the presence here,
    Before the senses start the day
    Arising from the unkept subconscious
    Corners of intercerebral space,
    Layered with heaps of stories
    Piles of pages of streams of sentences:
    Consolidated emotion,
    Organized and kept, at once discarded
    For thought of improvement,
    Only to be found once again, later,
    In the dust of mnemonic rubble,
    Right where it was left.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 11.01.2012

  12. אורטל יושב מולי כולו בפוזה של אחד שיודע אומר לי להתחבר להוויה אומר לי שרק ההווה קיים ואז לוקח ממני ארבע מאות שקל. זה קצת מוזר תמיד החלק של התשלום בכל מה שקשור למורים של ניו אייג, פסיכולוגים דווקא פתרו לעצמם את העניין די בקלות עם העניין הזה של עלות המחיר הנפשי אבל מורים רוחניים, זה פשוט נשמע צורם

    By anat on 11.01.2012

  13. the old lady had an amazing presence – it was her ability to look important, the row of pearls around her neck….the fur coat that draped itself across her shoulders. The way she walked into the room made everyone stop.

    By Freddie on 11.01.2012

  14. “I sense his presence… quiet!”

    Just then, the medium’s eyes rolled back in her head. In a grating voice unlike her own she snapped out the word “DOOM!” before the furniture in the room burst into flame

    By Snellopy on 11.01.2012

  15. Is it worth continuing with an action when it is totally ignored by another presence in the virtual world. The options available are few, but ignoring and deleting unwanted emails seems to only result in continued attention and repeated attempts. What is the correct way to say no to people in a virtual world, where any contact will reveal more about myself than I am willing to provide to an unknown person.

    The persistance of this attempt to contact me is almost inhuman – three times sending me the same misspelled and halting notification. It is possible to believe that this entity is a bot, sent to seek out warm blooded participants who will respond emotionally to the intrusive approach.

    From analysis, the previous decision to just keep deleting the notifications is to be continued.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.01.2012

  16. My presence at the party was greatly appreciated, by all. It was one of the best occasions that I had been present at for a long time, and I greatly enjoyed the food and the chance to mingle with friends that I had not seen for a long time.

    By victor URL on 11.01.2012

  17. If it wasn’t for Jack’s presence of mind, the boat might have capsized. The four boys balanced themselves perilously in the rocking float and steadied the craft on Jack’s direction. Their eyes met as the boat seemed to follow their movements and settle quietly in the waves as though being caressed instead of thrown.

    “We did it,” Pete whispered.
    “Jack did it,” Tony nodded with a slight smile.
    And then, without warning, the boat lifted into the air and tossed the boys into the icy brink.

    By Cim on 11.01.2012

  18. I could feel it. Not exactly like it was in the air, but more so the vibration surrounding me. Something had shifted. I noticed his presence immediately. Fair skin and blue eyes too familiar to think about. I didn’t even have to turn around to know that he was looking at me with that sardonic smile. I could practically feel it. “Demons”, I thought while mentally rolling my eyes, “always love to make an entrance don’t they?”

    By Valkyrie on 11.01.2012

  19. In the presence of rally membes the prsident spoke these words “my fellow country men. I stand before you as not your president but a humble man

    By Jerri on 11.01.2012

  20. Presence is very important to have. You should try to make sure people remember you by having a presence wherever you go.

    By Tisha on 11.01.2012

  21. I felt something standing over me, Watching me. A warm breathe cascaded over my neck as I tried pushing the feeling aside. But I couldn’t help but feel his presence with me. Taking care of me. I knew he was concerned, but I needed him gone.

    By Torie<3 on 11.01.2012

  22. I could still feel your arms around my waist
    the taste of your lips on mine
    the smell of your aftershave
    the sight of your eyes peering to my soul
    and your silent breath as you lay next to me.
    you never left, you were always here.

    By Isabel URL on 11.01.2012

  23. You where there in the presence of it all, waiting for me to fall. Waiting for me to crumple and fall. Waiting…

    By LuckyNo.13 on 11.01.2012

  24. There was an undeniable presence about the man. He was hulking, in more ways than his height. His personality and confidence surrounded me like a thick blanket. It was truly impressive that he could have such an effect on you.

    By Annie Wan on 11.01.2012

  25. ‘I was hoping that maybe if I did something drastic, if I smashed a few plates, broke a few laws, ruined us a little, you might actually notice me. You might drop out of that haze in a snap, and yell. Just yell at me for once, you know? Prove to me that I’m actually here!’


    By genahtastic on 11.01.2012

  26. Your presence make me weak. You walk into a room and I am silent. I am in awe and wonder of the way you are. You don’t even know how amazing you are, and what you are able to do.

    By Silvercchile URL on 11.01.2012

  27. how one presents onself

    By clara on 11.01.2012

  28. the preseeence of somebody being around you or watching you : someone other than you in a place.

    By jacobward on 11.01.2012

  29. The presence of a monitor kept the rowdy group in the back of the classroom under control. I was grateful for the peace so that I could concentrate on my exam instead of the shenanigans those clowns might have perpetrated.

    By Katherine on 11.01.2012

  30. I was alone, or so I thought. I was walking through the woods quietly, when I felt a presence. I turned, and there he was. Finally, I found him.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.01.2012

  31. Her presence in the room made me feel nervous. I don’t know why.

    By Madison on 11.01.2012

  32. his presence in the room was terrifing. even though there were other people, i could only feel his presence.

    By Sloane on 11.01.2012

  33. as i walk i realised i was in the presence of real royalty

    By wyatt on 11.01.2012

  34. The presence of something evil is terifing . You can fill the aura serounding it.

    By michelle on 11.01.2012

  35. its like i have the presence to call the cops

    By Dylan on 11.01.2012


    By Hope on 11.01.2012

  37. I will say my presence in class when the teacher takes role. That way people know I’m here.

    By Annette on 11.01.2012

  38. i had the presence to call the fire deparment when i saw a fire in the house.

    By luis on 11.01.2012

  39. I was in the presence of mr. Wooly.

    By ccv1999 on 11.01.2012

  40. In class today, I declared my presence by saying here.

    By karen on 11.01.2012