March 9th, 2015 | 35 Entries

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35 Entries for “premium”

  1. “They got the mustard out!!!”

    “Why should we care?”

    The cost came at a premium.

    “This is my verse hello!”

    “Give me something to sing about.”

    By Intuition on 03.09.2015

  2. I think expenses gas when I see the word premium. That’s because I have always owned expensive German cars that did not take cheap gas. Premium gas for premium cars I suppose but along with premium I also see expensive – like word association.

    By Julie on 03.09.2015

  3. premium steak, premium veggies, premium food. Walking aimlessly in the grocery store, I started playing the game of how many times I see the word “premium” on every aisle before getting a call from my hubby

    By Lunais on 03.09.2015

  4. I only put premium gas in my car. It was my pride and joy, my “baby” if you will. I had worked many long hours to be able to drive such a classy car. I was going to give it my best.

    By Bre on 03.09.2015

  5. Alex learned that, due to a decision made by the newest governor of his state, the healthcare exchange set up would be dissolved, and his premium would triple by the end of the year. It certainly did not help that his prescriptions, as a result, ballooned from fifty dollars a dose to three hundred a dose. By this time, he was getting desperate. The pills were vital for his livelihood; without them, he faced incapacitating pain and being forced to stay in bed for the rest of his life.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.09.2015

  6. “Your heart is a prime example of a premium golden soul painted inside of a seriphium’s body. I’m just not sure you understand what that means quite yet,” she whispered as he put his hand on the doorknob and began to turn.

    “That’s exactly why I need to go while I can, Love. Don’t worry if I don’t make it back,” he replied calmly, “It’s just my way of letting you know that there’s someone else out there that’s better for you.”

    By Madison on 03.09.2015

  7. high end

    By T Lea on 03.09.2015

  8. “I’d like the premium option,” she said as she leaned on the counter under the weight of an oversized suitcase. Airport food was never her favorite, but this place looked interesting with it’s Polish-Itaian sandwich combos.

    By Andie on 03.09.2015

  9. The supreme… The extreme… The everything…
    The relationship between life and the universe. everything in its place.
    The correct… The best thing there is of its kind…
    Our place… Our Universe, Our home.

    By Gui on 03.10.2015

  10. Prefixes get me fixated. What does mium mean? Linguistics is what I should have studied, but what would Ive done w/that? Kind of like the science of politics, except not.

    By Jane on 03.10.2015

  11. Orla is confused. She scans the aisle, all she can see is a variety of lacklustre coloured papers advertised as ‘premium’. Oliver had told her to see if she could match the paper to the threatening letter she received in the post some days ago. But that paper was pearlescent, it looked like a wedding invitation, and at first that is exactly what she thought it had been. ‘Which one of my friends is getting married now!’ she huffed as she prised open the envelope. Instead it had been a delightfully written note informing her that she’d soon be dead…

    By bethy on 03.10.2015

  12. The premium rate for a good life is to take joy in everyday, because if you don’t you will never appreciate anything.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.10.2015

  13. Shante checked her hair once more and ran a washcloth over her brand new tennis shoes just as the blaring honk of a BMW woke up the entire neighborhood. She gulped down her fear and exhaled false confidence and headed downstairs. “Bye, Mom!” she called. As she opened the door, a familiar gentle hand squeezed her shoulder. “Baby, I know these girls are popular, and you’ve worked really hard to earn their friendship, but don’t ever forget who you are.” Shante smiled and hugged her mom. “I won’t.”

    By Soft URL on 03.10.2015

  14. competition, great, best, first, better, amazing, top, higher

    By Erich on 03.10.2015

  15. minimum axiom, maximum sum. aluminum atrium, colloquium chum. magnesium symposium, helium premium.

    By dominguez URL on 03.10.2015

  16. premium is an amount to be paid for an insurance policy.

    By malia URL on 03.10.2015


    By oneword URL on 03.10.2015

  18. Slip-sliding on white unbroken tile,
    He skates over her sweet-sugar bile;
    Washed fresh with a chemical lemony scent,
    Broke-bent with the utmost cleanest intent.
    Extra extra, new guaranteed,
    He’s got the best of what you need.
    “When we get sick,
    When times get tough,
    Don’t fret baby,
    ‘got the premium stuff.”

    By K. on 03.10.2015

  19. Time is at a premium. The illness that was taking my life was taking it quickly. I needed to do so much before it won, and I was no longer able to get around unassisted. I turned to my companion,” Let’s go; there’s no time to waste.”

    By Karen URL on 03.10.2015

  20. Premium is the price we pay when we won’t settle for less.
    Premium is an allusion of grandeur
    Premium is a pretty lie on a package of china made goods
    Premium is backwards
    Premium should be for everyone

    By ellie on 03.10.2015

  21. First one. The best one. The most wanted. The most prime. The fuck is wrong with you? Why wouldn’t you want this? Why wouldn’t you want me? Is there someone else?

    By Viiranen on 03.10.2015

  22. And of course, space was at a premium. But if anyone complained, Morris merely laughed and told them there was plenty more outside.It was difficult keeping a balance between the need to be cordial, friendly and open to his passengers and crew, maintaining a positive mood of good cheer among them, and the requirement for an absolute rule of law if anyone tried to step out of line,
    as one mistake could kill them all.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.10.2015

  23. vodka. not the kind you buy at the gas station, but the kind from the liquor store. I have no idea what I’m saying, or why I’m thinking about vodka at 12 p.m. on a Tuesday. Maybe I have issues.

    By Andrea on 03.10.2015

  24. Premium? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!! owch.

    By Nathanael Cone WI on 03.10.2015

  25. Ah, what a fine specimen he was! The gold plates that were sewn into the halter accentuated the fine hairs of his fur. The halter itself was a sharp tang of red, clashing harshly but beautifully with the pure black coat the stallion sported. The sheen of his coat matched the sheen of the silver leaf decorum that garnished the smooth, dark-leather saddle strapped expertly to his back. As I continued to marvel, the royal red halter was removed; the stallion stood regally, his head raised high, as the groom removed a handcrafted bridle-also dark leather-that was stamped with silver plating, all of them embossed with a simple mark: a curved letter M. The bridle was lifted over the roman muzzle and the stallion lowered his head to compensate for the groom’s movements as the hind strap of the bridle was placed just behind his poll. It buckled with a shining silver clasp, and then the long, drooping reins were lifted over his head into the groom’s hand.
    My thoughts came together when the groom took one step forward and lifted the hand gripping the reins, palm flat and facing upward. With a single breath I swiftly took the reins from him; he faded to the side as I focused completely upon my horse, my stallion, my friend.
    The intelligent russet eyes looked back at me as I stared.
    “We’ll do well today,” I whispered.
    Then, lifting the reins over his head, I lodged a decorated boot into the stirrup and swept my leg over the top of the saddle, seating myself with the ease of practice.
    He tossed his head, eyeing me with trust.
    I nudged his sides lightly, and we moved out into the gaze of the audience.

    [ok I took more than 60 seconds but I couldn’t help myself]

    By The Wanderer on 03.10.2015

  26. Premium is something of quality. So I guess you could say that I desire a premium husband, one that is every thing I want yet one that is not perfect; because that is reality! :) Hey girls if you realize that you can have a man of your dreams so long as you understand that he is not going to be perfect, you will be a hero in this generation. So dream big! It’s okay, and it’s natural!!

    By Christine S.Cone on 03.10.2015

  27. “I place a premuim on loyalty,” he said, leaning forward in his chair. “Tell me, are you able to tell me that you will always be loyal to this company?”

    I stared at him, wondering what he meant by “loyalty.” Did he mean I’d never moonlight at another job? Or was it something a little closer to home than that?

    By Annie on 03.10.2015

  28. Say what you will, but I have never been immune to the allure of “premium membership.” What’s not to love? A laminated card with your name on it, gilded in gold and nearly blinding when it catches the light. And that VIP lounge? Outstanding. I can’t tell you how many movers and shakers I have met there. They have no idea that I am waist high in debt trying to stay at their level… but if I play my cards right then they might pull me from the muck.

    By asavas on 03.10.2015

  29. For an extra $10/month I have access too all 400 premium channels. Everything from the Ant Farm channel to the Church all day channel. But my favorite is much darker than that. Her screams linger even after I turn off the TV, but it’s not real…right?

    By Mia on 03.10.2015

  30. I have won a great premium last week. Is was a dog that my wife gave me as a birthday present. I

    By MArcleo on 03.10.2015

  31. Life comes with a high stakes premium. The price of admission is nothing less that bravery wrapped in determination and all the energy you can muster.

    By Paulie on 03.10.2015

  32. It glistened.

    “The animation is a little slow,” Gilda said, but her smile belied the hesitation in her voice.

    “They’ll have to hire me after this.”

    “That’s the attitude.”

    Kevin drummed his fingers on the pixelated mousepad.

    By Yona on 03.10.2015

  33. the walls were coated in a plastic kind of laminate. The sign read Insurance. Oh, the premium. The irony.

    By mike on 03.10.2015

  34. love is, the furry creature you happen to love sleeping next to you whilst you type.
    love is, letting you take half the pizza between three of us because of PMT
    love is, opening the windows when the headaches and white spirit doesn’t bother me anymore; though it should
    love is, not coddling, nor suffocating, nor obsessing,
    love is, sometimes not fun, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes damn well scary,
    I haven’t even got to romance yet.
    Love is; she types, noting the title; premium


    By Doodlepip on 03.10.2015

  35. She came home to an envelope addressed to ”Lily Stratham” on the table and she casually opened it. She shrieked and her eyes enlarged with pure excitement as she read word by word,
    ”Honey, I know you’ve been working so hard, so I bought a premium package for us both. It includes a 3 days 2 nights stay at Malibu with unlimited meals and drinks.
    Love, Your Dear Husband.”

    By abigail rae on 03.10.2015