June 30th, 2018 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “premium”

  1. The monthly premium that my father paid for my mother’s insurance was gargantuan; I was amazed that he could afford it. He confided in me about it over martinis at the Dry Well in downtown Arkania, informing me that he was pulling from retirement funds.

    “She’s not going to live that much longer, far as I can tell,” he said with a loud sigh. “And if she’s not with me, then I don’t think I want to stay retired for long.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.30.2018

  2. the excess of expectations
    pride, poverty pornography
    life you lead
    down the drain of exorbitance
    premium, primate
    designed to make great
    never quite concentrate
    goals are vague set straight

    By Matt m. on 06.30.2018

  3. if you give
    just a little
    you can have it all

    a premium subscription
    for a premier like you,
    its fitting

    By Lynn on 06.30.2018

  4. 1premium=Provides Reah’uh’i’llhitive Exactness Making INtuitive Uniform Made

    By Garrett Christopherson on 07.01.2018

  5. Premium crackers crunch under my feet, shards of cracker between my toes, i run my right foot on my left shin, then lean down to brush the crumbs off my leg

    By loveyou URL on 07.01.2018

  6. Why can a thing not be equal? how does having a premium type of thing helpful? why should there be a distinction?

    By Rosie URL on 07.01.2018

  7. She scanned the prices. There was such a huge difference in price. It didn’t make any sense to her. She bit her lip and looked around. Can she just chose the cheapest one? Do people usually do that? There wasn’t anyone else around. She couldn’t use someone who knew how to do this as reference.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.01.2018

  8. She watched the game. Her seat was excellent, so was the service from the stewards. She enjoyed her premium VIP box. The drama that unfolded on the lawn was far away from the exquisite prosecco she enjoyed.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 07.01.2018

  9. We put a premium on truth–just tell the truth, we say. Be honest. But there are times when we need to keep quiet. When the premium is on discretion, when we need to hold our tongue to save someone else from distress or discomfort.

    By Robin Stein on 07.01.2018

  10. how much does it cost
    to buy back your ideals
    to sell them again
    to the highest bidder
    when the need arises
    how cheap is your soul
    premium to raise premiums
    let us all die in debt
    we don’t deserve compassion

    By Matt m. on 07.01.2018

  11. Premium is when something cost more and is an added feature to the most basic format. I never go for the premium, unless it is something that I know will not be around for a long time or a once in a lifetime chance to experience. Premium

    By JF on 07.01.2018

  12. ‘When you get there ask for the premium package. It may include things you don’t want, but it gives you choices. At least you will have everything and can take what you need from it.’

    Kelly stood in front but we were worlds apart: she has done everything and been everywhere but it meant nothing; to her, the game was to get the most out of everything and to come back with the most things to show people where she’d been. The world for her was just a basket of fruit and she doesn’t care if she wasted most of what she saw as long as she lacked for nothing and there was somewhere else to move to before she got bored.

    She talks and I stand here gritting my teeth, trying to remember she is being kind helping me. I know she wants to make sure I have what I need, but I would be happy with less, much less as long as I have the knowledge that what I didn’t use could be available to others.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.01.2018

  13. there’s a preemie baby somewhere in a hospital room, in a baby bubble, what do they think, is there a way of having memories at that age, can we have memories planted. i didn’t even know how to change a diaper, 2 guys changing a diaper is a cool image. i want a new word for today. still thinking about saltine crackers from yesterday. premium is too abstract. preemie baby diapers are bigger than AG dolls but perhaps not much. she had jaudice and that was scary at the time but i wish i had been more chill about everything, nursing etc.

    By loveyou URL on 07.02.2018

  14. “Right this way folks!” a tall man with a toothbrush moustache called to passerbys. “Come buy these combs! These shoes! These clothes! These everything! Premium quality! We serve only the best!”

    By Ru Yi URL on 07.02.2018

  15. Hello!

    By cialis URL on 07.02.2018

  16. Parts for the Datsun 280z were at a really high premium, and he was pretty sure the prices would only go up over time. So the restoration felt like a constant race against the clock. Racing against his patience and racing against a ever inflating budget. He was worried the one thing he wouldn’t get to race was his car.

    By Kristian Pierce on 07.02.2018

  17. The isurance permium that he was used to is really high. he didnt know about it because he was not spending time to reduce his premium or ASK for it. You need to ask to get anything, nothing is self deserved.

    By Shanmuga URL on 07.02.2018

  18. oneword one world so one word to on e world sisters and brothers. one word!

    By Ali Yeni URL on 07.02.2018

  19. In this world full of marketing it seams that only premium brand are going to be able to survive…
    I disagree with that and I’m convince not paying for that. Enough is enough

    By noe URL on 07.02.2018

  20. I like premium products. They are expensive but their are ok as well. But, it’s true as well that is not nice that a lot of people can buy them. Premium can we related to luxury products as well.

    By noe URL on 07.02.2018

  21. feminists have a lot coming to them because they are bad people to think that there are upgrades to them is absolutley horrendous

    By al URL on 07.02.2018

  22. the gas prices that summer had hit an all-time high. folks were now saving their car rides for longer distances, opting more often to walk or bike. public transportation was finally packed with commuters of all income-levels, like the architects of socialism first dreamed. but the quality of those trains wasn’t getting any better. under the scorching heat, melting asphalt, inside underground tunnels like ovens, spontaneous combustion had become a routine hazard of daily life.

    By Rachelle Yeung on 07.02.2018

  23. There is a premium that comes along with believing in fairy tales.

    By okayfine on 07.02.2018

  24. The premium is always associated with the superb quality of something. If you use an app you can sign up as a premium user. but it is expensive.

    By vika on 07.02.2018

  25. Atlanta is the Southern headquarters for a number of fire and life insurance companies, and is the third city of the United States in the amount of insurance business written and reported to resident agents, the annual premium receipts averaging about $10,000,000.

    plus I like when the box says premium offers.hehe

    By Jasper URL on 07.02.2018