June 16th, 2012 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “pour”

  1. Could you pour me a drink?

    A question asked of me several times a day. . .

    And I want to scream NOOOOOO


    By Stasha URL on 06.16.2012

  2. In the morning, when your half asleep, and it’s really coming down. You half-turn, and peek through the blind to see what you predicted true, due to the loud booms of thunder and tip-tap on the window. Rain showers. Drifting back to sleep has never been easier. It’s the most comfortable feeling in the world.

    By Bayley URL on 06.16.2012

  3. it was poring cats and dogs that night. I was sitting by the balcony thinking about my life. I could here the raindrops pouring on the streets. washing away the past summers heat. The trees looked awesomely fresh.

    By Ankita on 06.16.2012

  4. I watched it pour onto the dusty ground, and I felt all the hope drain from me. My last chance. Gone. Now what?

    By Bra on 06.16.2012

  5. pour me a cup of tea and sit. sit and talk. we’ll talk about whatever it is you want to talk about. we’ll talk for as long as you want. then we’ll just sit and sip our tea…

    By Krista URL on 06.16.2012

  6. And there is no such word as “drizzle” in his vocabulary when it comes to pancakes and maple syrup. The operative word here would be “pour”. It on.

    By Bea on 06.16.2012

  7. It pours outside. The sky is dark above Maya’s head, cloudy, swirling with the rain. It’s a powerful storm, she can tell. Powerful. Beautiful. She thinks about going inside, but she like the rumble of thunder and the rain on her head. Because really, what else is there?

    By RVG URL on 06.16.2012

  8. We pour ourselves out as writers, We pour our souls onto a page and show the world a glimpse of us, we let every thought, every fiber of our being pour onto the lines of a paper. We pour ourselves out, for others to read.

    By Anna on 06.16.2012

  9. Pour me a fucking drink and make it strong,
    Play me a fucking song and make it the bomb.
    It’s pouring money from the clouds…

    By Bleurgh on 06.16.2012

  10. I poured all my energy into trying to compete with this 60 second time limit, and wishing I had more time to write yet more pointless and superficial garbage. haha.


    By Bleurgh on 06.16.2012

  11. when it rains it pours and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. If someone told me yesterday that I’d be lying on the concrete helpless, I would’ve looked at them like they were crazy. But here I am, and you’re nowhere to be found, even though you said you’d be here if I needed you.

    By Beatrice Amaro on 06.16.2012

  12. pour out my heart. He wants ME to pour out my heart to HIM. that’s a joke if i ever heard one. I will not put myself on the line for a man who I love more than life itself. He is my best friend and i will not ruin our friendship this way.

    By Mollie on 06.16.2012

  13. “Pour me a glass of Jack!”

    “No!…get it yourself.”

    That was that for June. Ted shot her right there on the spot…JD that is.

    “Can I get you anything else dear?”

    Ted’s a poor wuss.

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.16.2012

  14. The sound of the water against the tea cup soothes me. I glance over at the man sitting at the table. He’s alive. He’s alright. I sigh, unable to keep it from escaping. The ceramic is warm and I carry it to him. “Here,” I murmured, leaning over him and wrapping my arms around him once the cup is safely on the table. “I’m glad you’re alright, that you came home.”

    By Meghan Burke URL on 06.16.2012

  15. It’s a terrifying thing, to pour your emotions out the way I ust did, and I have to say I’m not at all relieved. Now im just asking questions, swarming around my head and stinging me all the little scary bees and now all i did is let them out of the nest and into the open. What if no one cares waht i said? what if they fell asleep mid rant? what if im alone in this world, a battle of one against 7 billion, what if im a minority of one?

    By Jules on 06.16.2012

  16. I absolutely love the sound of pouring rain. I love it because of the power of nature and the prowess of each drop hitting the ground combined together. I love it because something so singular and so individual is able to come together and make this incredible noise, it makes me feel like even I belong among the raindrops.

    By Julia M URL on 06.16.2012

  17. She leaned her head back, and let the cold water pour through her hair. It felt good. It seemed to be washing away all of her troubles from the past year. It had been a bad year. She was glad it was over.

    By Emily on 06.16.2012

  18. It’s a scary thing to do, to pour your emotions out the way I just did. And I have to say it wasn’t well worth it at all. I am not relieved. Now there is just questions, swarming around my head and stinging me. All the little scary bees. And now all I did is let them out of the hive of my skull and into the open. What if no one cares? What if they fell asleep while I was mid-rant? What if they laugh, what if they joke? What if they tell? What if I’m alone in this world, a battle of one against seven billion. What if I am that minority of one?

    By jval on 06.16.2012

  19. There once was a pitcher and it had water. Taemin spilled it and it poured EVERYWHERE. Good job, Taemin oppa.

    By Jacki on 06.16.2012

  20. i couldn’t hold my emotion anymore. i couldn’t. i felt the tears spill over my eyelids like the first drops of a thunderstorm. i buried my face in his shoulder and poured my soul out. i couldn’t do it anymore. i needed to get out. but most of all, i needed help.

    By CaityFM on 06.16.2012

  21. Just like it pours on the metal zinc, the night plans to invade us. What will you do when it’s over? Will you kiss me goodbye? It’s pouring now and nothing can stop it.

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.16.2012

  22. Pouring rain in the garden. it feels endless, rain is just something we feel, don’t see, it’s endless, tears for you and me; pouring is something we do when having liquid and a glass, we pour to drink to cry, to live, to survive.

    By Alex on 06.16.2012

  23. I knew that I loved him the moment I saw him pour the lemonade. It spilled all over the table and quickly, he rushed to clean it up, apologizing repeatedly as he threw side-glances my way. I didn’t want perfection; I wanted him, clumsy, kind him.

    By Cerulean on 06.16.2012

  24. Going to the store to get cake mix for father’s day. I truley hate being in this situation because it means i have to watch the cake batter pour into the pan. How yummy. But it will make me fat. Why can’t i just enjoy life and still be thin?

    By shelby on 06.16.2012

  25. Pouring a drink into a cup can be difficult sometimes. For example when pouring a beer into a cup, you have to be careful to not spill the drink over the cup, as it may get very foamy. Be careful when pouring a beer into a cup.

    By Mariela on 06.16.2012

  26. when one pours oneself into another person, they fill, contort and take the shape of their chosen vessel. That trust they put in their vessel of choice is one of silent acknowledgement. Do not force me into an unwanted shape, and I will fill you with my every modicum.

    By Bartholomew Atticus on 06.16.2012

  27. The glass is never half full or half empty. The glass is poured out and done again until finally it feels right.

    By Natty Hope on 06.16.2012

  28. Pouring. That was one way to define the weather outside her window. It beat the panes and attacked the roof with a violence Melody had never seen before in a storm. And she’d seen a lot of storms.

    By Amandajs on 06.16.2012

  29. open the tears of flooding light and let in the night and all that comes with it in blight.

    By one word on 06.16.2012

  30. pour reminded me of milk for some reason and i’m not sure why i dont even like milk, its a bit weird. it always get argued about in my flat and i’ve never bought it which is kindof lucky for me cause i get to stay out of the milk debates about whos drank whos. all i know is it smells so bad when it goes off. all i have on my shelf is a cucumber and butter and it tasted of off milk.

    By alysia bates on 06.16.2012

  31. Pour … pour like water pouring from the shower head as we kissed so passionately that I felt like I was going to die, right there, right then, which I’m sure that I was okay with at that moment. Maybe if we do it again I wouldn’t want to die anymore, but now, I don’t know what to do besides die.

    By wrandomwriter on 06.16.2012

  32. Pour out your heart so that you can see it right there in front of you and then share it.

    By Tom on 06.16.2012

  33. this is how you work gas, water, juice, grapefruits, nuts do not pour but they can be a healthy and delicious snack. Sometimes if you pour water on animals it can be pretty amusing too. I imagine barbecue sauce to be a good thing to pour over meats and dressings on salads.

    By -Stan- on 06.16.2012

  34. She took her time prepping, and it took a lot of time brewing. But she poured it while stealing some worrisome glances, spilling it all over her client’s best suit.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 06.16.2012

  35. As i want to get a glass of water my mind goes on a splurge. What is that word that you was when getting a drink of something? Its the word pour!

    By rebekah on 06.16.2012

  36. When people talk about whether you interpret a glass as half full or half empty and what it means about your personality in terms of optimism and pessimism I always get extremely frusturated.

    By Carly URL on 06.16.2012

  37. I went to pour her a glass of water. she seemed to salivate as the cool liquid poured into the glass. When I finnished and offered it to her she grabbed at it like it was her saving grace and completely drained it.

    By Loe on 06.16.2012

  38. Its pouring rain today. I love the rain how it pounds on your heart and makes you feel so weightless yet heavy. Oh how i love the rain.

    Rain rain come again, ill be waiting by the window side.

    By Megans URL on 06.16.2012

  39. The light from the shining rainbow poured onto the landscape underneath it, creating a wonderful atmosphere of joy and jubilee.
    Little Sally knows so, because she watched it happen from inside her window, in the hospital where she was diagnosed.
    It pours onto the landscape like she pourd into her mother’s arms when they were allowed to visit eachother two months ago.

    By Courtney on 06.16.2012

  40. That moment when you fall in love, the pouring of your soul and everything you have into another person. You want to give them everything, love them, make them, happy, pour all of your love into them. Sometimes it is accepted, sometimes not.

    By Ashley Grego on 06.16.2012