September 22nd, 2011 | 387 Entries

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387 Entries for “port”

  1. the ship was coming in. I can’t wait to see him. it’s been nearly three years since he left from this very same port, I was only ten then. sailors start pouring down the ramp and I’m looking for daddy. he must be one of the last to come off the ship. the steady stream is stopping now, but I still haven’t seen him. the captain approaches us. “your husband has died.” he says to mama.

    By DancingShoes URL on 09.22.2011

  2. A new type of medicine to help you grow taller. It’s called port, and you can start asking for it next week. IF you are short and want to be tall, this is the thing for you. Use only as directed.

    By Camille URL on 09.22.2011

  3. anchoring in port, finally after three long months at see, all i want is to find my way to a tavern spend most of my pay, on booze and a pretty women, ah the life of a sailor.

    if only i wasn’t so in love with the wide blue ocean, the feeling of freedom, maybe if i wasn’t i would settle down and find a respectable woman, but alas, no.

    tis the pirates life for me.

    By korrina URL on 09.22.2011

  4. port. it makes me think of a boat porting at a dock.

    By Tracy on 09.22.2011

  5. i kind of think of airport when i hear the word port but i dont really know what the word means.

    By audriana on 09.22.2011

  6. i don’t know this word but i think it means you are in a certain area.

    By Darren on 09.22.2011

  7. to teleport

    By dylan on 09.22.2011

  8. i dont know thew deffincen of port

    By elizabeth on 09.22.2011

  9. the boat dock of a ship. port is

    By chapman on 09.22.2011

  10. the boot docked at the port.

    By Josh on 09.22.2011

  11. The sea area where boats come in and stop to drop off items. Ocean area where people may swim and boats stop.

    By Becca on 09.22.2011

  12. She was beautiful. He outlined the bones in her cheeks and hung an egg in the sky above her head, an everlasting symbol of what she meant to him. Fertility. Birth. Newness. Mother even though she had given him no children.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 09.22.2011

  13. Wine!

    Give me a week to catch up on sleep and I swear this’ll get better.

    By Jason URL on 09.22.2011

  14. The ship pulled into port, and John thought to himself, “here we go again. another town and another name. whom should i be this time around?”

    By Dustin Wright on 09.22.2011

  15. arriving at the port arriving at the port a port of call or the port arriving

    By Sue Wrigley on 09.22.2011

  16. He was on the left side of the ship, smashing down his finest bottle of dessert wine. Good thing he was docked safely in the harbor.

    By Dave on 09.22.2011

  17. I just want to write bad puns on the port … port-o-potty … port authority … port o’ the computer … riding portage in a boat … I feel I must re-port that I got too little sleep last night, and have no port in making sense while writing today. ;-)

    By CameoRoze URL on 09.22.2011

  18. She poured the port into the glass and looked across at the dapper sea-captain sitting at her bar.
    He had two peglegs and two eye patches, and yet somehow managed to simultaneously look inside her soul and charm her heart.

    Arrrrrrrr. Piraters…

    I’m trying to be too clever for my own good.
    This port filled with port isn’t giving me any support.

    By Siege URL on 09.22.2011

  19. He stopped his chemotherapy because he could no longer take it. Night sweats, vomiting, loss of appetite–as a foodie, it was the worst sentence. Worse than no food at all, an eternity of blackness or generic heaven where angels sing and God sits on high.

    By Elle Emma Em on 09.22.2011

  20. I don’t know what this means. That was my first thought. Then, I thought, Yes I know what port is. It’s a place where ships are safe. In the port. But, that’s not why they’re made. Wine keeps popping into my head. And beer. Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher and it’s Friday.
    I think I’d like a beer tonight. Yes. beer…I am trying to find a creative joural for my students

    By K. Patterson on 09.22.2011

  21. A man that can be big, sounds like portly, whitch i allready said looks like a big man. fat, over size, big, round

    By lexi on 09.22.2011

  22. i have no idea what this word means so well im done because evers one else knows it and i really dont know

    By anna on 09.22.2011

  23. i dont know what this word is if i knew what this word was i would be answering your question and scince i dont know what this word is i am not going to write anything relevant

    By joe lewis on 09.22.2011

  24. port reminds me of airport. and it makes me think of the word portle.

    By hunter on 09.22.2011

  25. marine’s life, from port to port. never knowing when the next suprise trip could be. not knowing if it will be for three months or 3 years. who will you meet, a life long friend, or a wife. who did you leave behind. your pet, your life? how awesome it sounds to travel this way, a life with unattachments or a heart big enough to carry everyone and everything you love in such a small compartment….

    By j on 09.22.2011

  26. trop…

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 09.22.2011

  27. port and tort, after dinner delight
    I don’t drink the port though, it gives me a headache.
    the idea is nice though, thick and sweet and intoxicating.
    Things like that should not cause pain.

    By Joni on 09.22.2011

  28. port is what they call the place i live. i don’t understand why because the river is too shallow to actually take a ship on, and there’s a dam now, so it’s off limits. I guess the only thing it actually succeeds in reflecting about us is that we have a ghetto portion that likes to come up with cool nicknames for their town. like philly.

    By elizabeth on 09.22.2011

  29. It was a nice afternoon when we went to the port. It looked as it if it might storm, and you could taste the cold air sneaking up on us. It was one of those days where you didn’t fear the rain, you embraced it. There aren’t enough of those days. The waves at the port were strong and ferocious, signaling a shift in the air. There was definitely a storm coming, and I hope to god it would come soon.

    By Cassie URL on 09.22.2011

  30. I like sitting looking at the window, late, sun is setting dinner is over. I enjoy the sweetness of stillness and contemplation of the days events as i sit port beside the fireplace . I pull myself together, pieces that were scattered from working, feeling pulled in a hundred directions.

    By Seansj URL on 09.22.2011

  31. The water seemed to stop shortly after the surface at the port, but really it was deep enough to lose yourself in. The boats need a deep harbor to IDKMAN I ALREADY WROTE ABOUT THIS I HOPE THE NEXT ONE IS A NEW WORD, IDK WHAT THIS SITE IS

    By Cassie URL on 09.22.2011

  32. My ship is drifting, forever on the sea that bubbles like a cauldron. The rains pour down, adding minuscule ripples among the giant waves. A beam of light pierces through the gathering clouds. Home awaits, the warmth of a fire, and a safe harbor for this vessel.

    By J. Johnson URL on 09.22.2011

  33. I like sitting looking out the window, late, sun is setting, dinner is over. I enjoy the sweetness of stillness and contemplation of the days events as i sip port beside the fireplace . I pull myself together, pieces that were scattered from working, from feeling pulled in a hundred directions.

    By Seansj URL on 09.22.2011

  34. I strolled through the gardens today and what did I find but a toad stoll ring and the fairy court. Their voice s tinkled like wind chimes and thier feet mashed the grapes into port.

    By Kim on 09.22.2011

  35. Jedes Mal, wenn sie den Blick über den verlassenen, fast schon gespenstisch wirkenden Hafen, schweifen ließ, glaubte sie, doch noch Schritte zu hören, gepaart mit den Stimmen der vergangenen Zeiten, als die kleine Hafen Stadt St. Louisa noch voll von Leben war und Marktschreier, ebenso wie Piraten hier ein und ausgingen. Damals in ihrer Jugend. Nun, fünfzig Jahre später, musste sie zugeben, dass dies der Vergangenheit angehörte. Aus ihrer einst so wunderbaren Heimat war eine Geisterstadt geworden. Niemand kam mehr her, niemand besuchte die Insel. Alles war einsam und verlassen. Geisterartig.

    By laurant URL on 09.22.2011

  36. last port of call the last place you’d ever want to end up hell on earth a shit hole a rat leaving a sinking ship never mind where he’s going it’s where we’re going that matters down to the depth with him davy jones make a stop on the way anywhere but here it’s too late, we’re too far gone

    By havingsaidthat URL on 09.22.2011

  37. First thought that popped into my mind was a huge shipping vessel lumbering into port. Perhaps the container is filled with thousands of barrels of port. And the ship itself is listing to port. HA! Whaddaya know….?

    By johken URL on 09.22.2011

  38. The port loomed from the distance. The cruise was coming to an end, nothing but memories left to record in the book she bought just for that purpose.

    By The Drama Mama URL on 09.22.2011

  39. The water is rimmed against the dock. Frothy. Dirty. Gross. I look out to the clear blue open waters of Portland. Blasting blue. Dots of islands. Gorgeous. I can’t wait to go out there. The sailboat bumps against the dock, the orange buoys keeping it safe.

    By DARE URL on 09.22.2011

  40. I entered the room and wondered which wine to poor: the white, red or port? I never know which he will prefer. An instinct told me he might want the sweet one; so I poured it for him, then tried to about face and return to him, as gracefully as possible, bound in my heart and shackled by my feet.

    By Sillyone on 09.22.2011