August 21st, 2011 | 786 Entries

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786 Entries for “poison”

  1. The brambles snatched at her bare feet as she tumbled through the forest, running, dashing, grasping to reach the back of his shirt. He let out a hearty laugh, and she shrieked playfully, but a branch snagged on her tank top and she was jolted back into a plush pile of plant matter. Groaning and grasping the throbbing side of her head, she sat up and briefly chuckled before the pain took over. An itching sensation quickly erupted in her limbs, and she began rubbing her leg frantically. She gasped in realization. She was rolling around in poison ivy.

    By A mere cephalopod URL on 08.21.2011

  2. Herein lies, before thine eyes, the horrid visage in which I die. A poison, a hemlock root, the bane of my fleeting heart’s existence. The end of all that I’ve seen, in thine dank, dark oblivion. Here I find my mind unwind; here, in mine eye’s poisoned time.

    By Andrew Kaufman on 08.21.2011

  3. When I think of poison, i think of death. Despair. Horror. Slow. Painful. Anguish. I could never imagine drinking a drink with poison filled in as a substitute… HATE. MEAN. CRY WAY WAYWAYWYAWAY POISON!!!! ALONE CRY Poison is bad, bad loney poison. Dheis/ AMOR. LE BLANCA, SO ALONE DESPAIR. PAIN SLOW DEATH, FAST HEART ATTACK>….. POISON!

    By Laura on 08.21.2011

  4. That girl is… I want some sometimes (emo). Romeo and Juliet used poison tto commit suicide (emo). I guess everything I think of when it comes to poison is 80s R&B or emo shit; what does that say about me?

    By Joe on 08.21.2011

  5. I can’t drink this coffee because there’s a chance that that dude poisoned it. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I’m scared, maybe I should ask Snow White how can I know for sure if it’s poisoned or not!! Where are you Snow White! help!! … Dwarfs!? Anyone!?

    By Alfonso Villa URL on 08.21.2011

  6. I don’t want to hurt people. I wish poison didn’t exist. Why is the world soo corrupt? Please, let’s have peace. I don’t like others getting hurt… Ever.

    By Sana on 08.21.2011

  7. Everything and anything around me. Everything and Anything around any of us or anything. A matter of what you feel is good and what is grand, because it will be the opposite of any perspective. Something i Feed on.

    By PJ on 08.21.2011

  8. there is poison in my blood tonight. your saliva is in my brain tonight and there might just be an antedote in the broken refridgerator. i am not your celophane sandwich wrapped in rattler skin. this poison is our greatest sin and your smile sinks like teeth into my unsuspecting heart.

    By Hannah Allen on 08.21.2011

  9. Your Lies are poison.

    You say it all with a bite
    I struggle and fight
    to make sense of what you say.
    You say I am loved
    but its all twisted and hung
    in a balance of time and pain.
    You take back I love you
    and say thank you and f#$@ you
    all in the same train.
    In the morning I wake up
    and wonder whats up,
    And how to go on with my day.

    By joel schneider URL on 08.21.2011

  10. The poison in my blood, my mind and it’s everything in my home that I once loved, trusted and savored. I miss these beautiful things that made me feel that way.

    By Emily URL on 08.21.2011

  11. I spat the poison into my sister. Little conniving bitch. How dare she try and take my meal! My tasty little mouse… with its crunchy bones and pale hairless tail. She had it coming.
    I flicked my tongue out to taste the air, and I could tell mother was near.

    By Kelsey on 08.21.2011

  12. She put the posion into the vial. With only the worst intentions in mind. She would kill him for what he had done to her family. He would die for his sins. And poison was perfect. It would ensure that he would never come back. Ever again.

    By Abby Bedford URL on 08.21.2011

  13. poison you know that thing that makes you think of pirates and cross bones ya its temps it kills…

    By christopher Percing on 08.21.2011

  14. i already wrote about this word, but i will write more. poison is setting into my fine hair. my poison of choice is beer. liquor before beer, in the clear. beer before liquor, never sicker. da end.

    By Cindy :) URL on 08.21.2011

  15. if you think this helps,
    ill consume it all.
    all of it till the last drop,
    watch me drop to the floor trembling.
    not of fear,
    but of the poison you have always given me.

    By Jonathan URL on 08.21.2011

  16. bad apple god woman man relationship destructive hate love compassion obsession school anger joy cup feeling water drink man men mouth swallow pride hatred ego narsicistic love

    By maria alejandra on 08.21.2011

  17. Poison is pretty deadly. It can kill people. It’s usually depicted as purple, but some varieties – such as acids – are depicted in a sickly shade of green. Popular use of poison in cultural media comes as an element in video games, such as Pokemon.

    By Lord Azrael on 08.21.2011

  18. This is a thing that kills many people and pollutes a persons heart.This thing can lead to a lie witch can ruin a family and their chances of being happy. This thing can be a death of a human or an animal.

    By Joanne Mc Verry URL on 08.21.2011

  19. death, betray, rats,

    By Nashwa on 08.21.2011

  20. Why is it poison? It’s such a negative term. Honestly. I could think of a million things that make me think of poison, but none of them are good. The Internet is apparently poison because here I am at this site, bringing in poisonous thoughts. I wish all poison would disappear forever. Such a negative word.

    By Victoria Nelsen on 08.21.2011

  21. poison just reminds me of romeo and juliet. writing this makes me think about sitting in bed at night, trying to write and everything gets jumbled up. i think too fast, i think too much. i cant write the way i want. it just never works out quite right. time is never on my side.

    By lacey URL on 08.21.2011

  22. Poison. For some reason I think of Love when I hear that word. It’s Strange. It’s not that I think of Love as a poison, but more that I feel that poison comes often with Love. The fact that Love is like a poison in our hearts is prevalent.

    By Dylan Rich on 08.21.2011

  23. a poison in my mouth
    a copper taste

    a poison in my mind
    makes me hate my self
    my arms
    my legs
    my body

    the poison never seeps
    from my skin
    never escapes
    just lingers, tortures

    By Emily Syd URL on 08.21.2011

  24. The reel of thoughts that ran as a constant were poison. The sight of him, a smile on some random person’s face, a picture of a friendship so pure and simple that the end was bound to come soon. These were the things that played over and over in her head.

    By Amy URL on 08.21.2011

  25. people, people are poison. HE was poison to me. all he had to do was say NO! but he didn’t. he couldn’t. This is ridiculous. he doesn’t even know what he did to me, how he changed my life…forever. his words killed me inside because i knew they were lies!

    By Erica on 08.21.2011

  26. Poison kills. Snow white. Uhhh I’ve never used this site before, but okay… Hmm..poison… APPLES!! Poison is used as a form of torture. Blah blah blah almost out of time not really sure what to write hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let’s see if I can write something that actually makes sense. No..

    By Erin on 08.22.2011

  27. dangerous scary. comes from evil. snakes. plants. seeds. human. resist poison. hospitals. hurt. death. dying. band music. what makes poison?

    By Lindsay on 08.22.2011

  28. sucking out this venom makes me think of how such a creature could endure having such a poison in their body. I must not try and let this poison get into my taste buds and corrupt my brain.

    By myoneruby URL on 08.22.2011

  29. you’re poison to me, the most ridiculous poison. everything you do makes me sicker by the minute as you pulse through my veins. you have complete control and its going to kill me. i love you. i hate you.

    By sam on 08.22.2011

  30. Romeo and Juliet plot death vicious death skull and bones bottle starts with a p ends with an N I dont understand this, this is deadly. Flowers can be poisonous. I wonder if food is poisonous. Course mushrooms are poisonous. dont think just type. Poisoning someones pets is really pathetic. I don’t get it. So it sends me an email and then what. Not t hinking not thinking. I misspelled that. Text message from Nicole wonder whats up. Poison comes in a bottle. What does this do? I like it though.

    By Erin on 08.22.2011

  31. Movement from the corner of my eye grabbed my attention, but I tried not to stare directly. Her elegant hand poised sure and steady over his goblet as the table visited merrily with one another. Only I saw her tap the poison from her amber ring, a fine powder snowing into his brew. Either that, or everyone else wanted him dead as well.

    By Saronai URL on 08.22.2011

  32. If some was to poison me, I think I’d be more offended than mad. I mean, why would you take the time to plot out me dying so horrifically? Or maybe I should be flattered that they thought of me.

    By Shelby on 08.22.2011

  33. Poison to the mind and to the soul… That is what being idol is to me… I must have something to keep my mind busy… If I don’t… Oh, if I don’t then my mind tends to make things up all on it’s own… And that can be a poisons all on it’s own.

    By Imaginarium URL on 08.22.2011

  34. And i’m riddled with your poison.
    Inside, outside, everywhere.
    I can say a lot of things but nothing would mean as much to you.
    Just let this fly by.

    By James on 08.22.2011

  35. Running threw your veins, raising, to your pumping heart. Slowly and slowly it will get slower. You will be finally happy. For eternity. Just stop my heart too.

    By Georgia Petsef URL on 08.22.2011

  36. A drug used to kill. Very toxic. Will result in death if swallowed. Be weary and avoid if possible . Has been known to be used my the despicable type. Usually over disagreements. If you ever are presented with a situation that faces you with POISON try and find a way out.

    By Sharon on 08.22.2011

  37. Poison in your words, poision in your heart. It flows from you freely and you care not who it rains upon. You know only misery and wish to share with all that embrace it’s toxic presence.

    By Tammy URL on 08.22.2011

  38. is like your love…. something so unknown yet so violent… i had no idea what i was in for… but i feel as ive gone to the point of no return.. like i cant recover from this.. should i let you go? i cant.. i love you too much

    By arthur on 08.22.2011

  39. something that you pretend you know what it tastes like… generally relate it to something bad.. like … nail polish remover?… licking your fingers after youve just taken off a fresh manicure… and u feel like your going to die, something disgusting and used to kill people, like ezma in the emporers new groooove!

    By arthur on 08.22.2011

  40. He starts the engine and takes a deep breath, inhaling the smell of new leather seats. The Bentley purrs as he is overwhelmed by a deep sense of satisfaction. It can’t get any better than this, he thinks to himself. He turns out onto the road and drives to his plush job in the city, convinced he will make another million in no time.

    By Hisham on 08.22.2011