September 5th, 2016 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “pointed”

  1. She looked down her pointed nose at him, smirking at his utter absurdly. Inside though, she envied him. All her life she’s been exactly as she was taught to be, little miss perfection.

    By Trista URL on 09.06.2016

  2. A sword has a pointed tip.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 09.06.2016

  3. we point with our lips, us filipinos.
    i miss home.
    im going back by next week. but wont be earning as much.
    mixed emotions.

    By bait on 09.06.2016

  4. I pointed out the bottle of soda.

    By jamesrotties on 09.06.2016

  5. His pointed finger was always on me, no matter how much I keep trying to make amends. It will never happen again, I whisper over and over to myself more than to him, despite knowing fully that he can never trust me and look at me as before. I pray everyday that we see if continuing this relationship has truly been worth it. After all, once paranoia sets in, how can you possibly get back your peace of mind?

    By Zoe Jen on 09.06.2016

  6. The boy pointed to the candy bar that he wanted. The sharp shooter pointed his arrow at the enemy. The pointed mountain top was filled with trees. She pointed towards the stars.

    By Ed on 09.06.2016

  7. the boy pointed to the

    By eashworth on 09.06.2016

  8. The knife was sharp. Pointed even, but it didn’t cut half as close to the bone as his words always had.

    She held it close, lovingly, until she heard him close the door behind him. Then she caressed him with it.

    As his heart’s blood seeped out, she smiled.

    By Jax Blunt URL on 09.06.2016

  9. Her pointed wand was like no other I had seen. It had emeralds along the slender body. The wood was dark, and shiny. It was perfect for her, though. Because of one simple fact, it matched her personality perfectly.

    By George Mclala on 09.06.2016

  10. i saw a tree and pointed at it. i said to my friend look there is an elephant on it he said wahhh? and we walt away.

    By elijah Youngberg on 09.06.2016

  11. I pointed at the dog. He was a big dog. He ran over to me. I pet him on the head. He was a sweet dog. I am glad I got to pet him. My mom came over and told me not to pet dogs I don’t know. I didn’t understand why. She said that sometimes dogs can be mean, I needed to be careful.

    By Robin on 09.06.2016

  12. I pointed at a dog. He ran and bit me. I cried and ran to my mom. She called the police.

    By Julia Rose Reynolds on 09.06.2016

  13. I saw a tree and pointed at it. I said to my friend, “look there is an elephant on it!” He said, “wahhh?” We walked away.

    By elijah Youngberg on 09.06.2016

  14. then pointed his finger at me and said…

    By seiji URL on 09.06.2016

  15. I pointed to the bird in the sky because I thought it was really pretty. I think it was an eagle but I’m not really sure.

    By pendergast on 09.06.2016

  16. hi pointed it is cool.

    By Julia Rose Reynolds on 09.06.2016

  17. she pointed at the sky, because she saw something she wasn’t even looking at. it was like being in a room with a mouse – where something has happened, you are sure of that, but there’s no telling what.

    By anh-tuan on 09.06.2016

  18. i pointed to the clown at the carnival and my little sister, and she said “I hate clowns help me its going to kill me in my sleep” but I reasured her that she would be fine

    By Ben Davis on 09.06.2016

  19. Pointed like the tip of a triangle on the horizon. You weren’t sure this would work, nut here you rise. You’ve only got this chance before the wind billows before you in the way that will force you to awaken. Pointed like the jagged edge of a serpent’s tooth. Here you stand.

    By H URL on 09.06.2016

  20. Sharp
    It cuts
    It hurts
    The pointed finger
    Pointed straight at you
    You stare helpless
    There is no way to argue a pointed finger
    It is strange how the lack of words leaves you with such emotion
    You know what you did
    And that you can’t take it back
    You are just left guilty

    By Ami on 09.06.2016

  21. at him. I screamed, remembering his expression and cowered backwards. My mind fogged over and i began to loose contact with the world around me. Where was i> how was i going to s

    By J on 09.06.2016

  22. i pointed at her because she did somthing wrong she had stolen my last cany bar and that was wrong so i told. and then she apolgised and everything was ok. then we played outside and had a great time

    By Cameron on 09.06.2016

  23. I looked at the pointed tip, bringing my pointer finger up to it.
    “It’s still not sharp enough.” Priscilla pointed out to me.
    “I know.” I said, bringing up my pointy pencil and pointing the sharpener in the back of the room.

    By Blue on 09.06.2016

  24. he pointed at me and then i pointed at him because we had not seen each other in a while so there was so much excitment

    By Cameron on 09.06.2016

  25. They all laughed. Ugly, snorting laughter. They pointed their grubby little fingers in my face and howled like hyenas. They didn’t get it. No one ever did. Not until I met you.

    By Skittles The Unicorn on 09.06.2016

  26. I pointed to a pony. I went over and pet it. It was beautiful. I got on its back and rode around town. It was a wild pony

    By Joanna on 09.06.2016

  27. she pointed at me as if i did somthing wrong and i did not like it because it really felt like i did somthing wrong so i pointedd back at her

    By Cameron on 09.06.2016

  28. pointed reminds me of somthing someone does or something sharp and could mean differt things

    By Cameron on 09.06.2016