February 10th, 2013 | 214 Entries

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214 Entries for “plays”

  1. Continuous learning plays a very important role in our life. It is something helps us grow professionally, personally and also help us understand life. If you are not a believer in continuous learning then do not read this.

    By travellerinmotion on 02.11.2013

  2. Word of love is the best tool of creation of one’s life.

    By dinesh URL on 02.11.2013

  3. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 02.11.2013

  4. she plays with my heart when i dont lay
    she plays with my heart night and day…
    plays and plays along

    By AMAZINGlyMe on 02.11.2013

  5. She has nine minutes to set up the plays.
    Nine minutes isn’t enough time to prepare, to get ready, to memorize. It’s enough time to glance over and accept that you might fail.
    If only nine minutes could turn into ninety minutes, then she might learn the plays adamently and be ready to take on the other team.

    By Champ URL on 02.11.2013

  6. plays, every sport has them, there essiental to having success in every sport except golf and swimming mostly. Baksteball has them, football has them and if you dont execute them well then the other team will most likely take advantage of it. Being a basketball player, I know how unexecuted plays lead to turnovers and easy baskets on the other end.

    By Ian Hall URL on 02.11.2013

  7. like penis, like song it’s all a game that which we plays amongst ourselves whilst being human beings. On a planet, in the sky, near the brook, in a hollow fire mound. Eating, breeding, singing songs of the devil himself, naked and carefree.

    By Jango on 02.11.2013

  8. the hopscotch of lightning uncovers a blushing sky
    and illuminates your terrible, beautiful smile

    there’s nothing at all bashful about your hungry teeth
    nothing at all shy about the guts on your lips

    but there’s something dizzying about looking at you
    wondering if you’d turn me to ashes too

    though wondering is stupid, i know you’ll corrode me
    a little river swallowed by a crackling sea

    spent fireworks like us have got nothing else to lose
    we’ll explode so well we’ll make the stars jealous

    By isa on 02.11.2013

  9. They were something that I was not particularly fond of, yet there I was, sitting in the orchestra section alone. I don’t know what sort of feeling I was looking to recapture. He was gone and going to a play wasn’t going to bring him back.

    By Elise URL on 02.11.2013

  10. Plays are really nice, something everybody can enjoy. There are so many great ones out there. But you can’t compare them to the books. They’re something else entirely. They take the depth of the story to a different level.

    By SZ on 02.11.2013

  11. Our life has been listed out for us like a script. There is a beginning and end and climax. We just don’t know it yet. The stage is dark and we stand behind the curtains awaiting for when we step out and begin. We move according to a plan: Fate. God. Destiny. Whatever you want to call it.

    By Gabrielle URL on 02.11.2013

  12. Everyone plays a part, a role. They hide behind masks, can’t let anyone see their pain. Never let them see…

    By Kallie URL on 02.11.2013

  13. Shakespearean plays revolutionized the way people viewed literature. The essence of tragedy and comedy were redefined and manipulated. Shakespeare will truly live forever, in our minds, our hearts, and in our books.

    By Brianna on 02.11.2013

  14. is what she does best. She plays and plays and plays, even when she works. It’s an element of surprise and wonder that she is driving with, the element that creates the play in the work. She is blessed in this manner, to not have a serious nature nor a curmudgeon for a conscience.

    By P J Colando URL on 02.11.2013

  15. It had been a busy week. Having the week off always meant weird days with Cal, who liked to marathon things. When most people marathon, they watch a lot of TV shows in a row, or maybe in rare cases do a lot of running, but Cal marathons things like coffee shops and Italian restaurants, going to as many as he can in as short a time span as manageable. So when he declared the week to be a week of the theater, I knew that I’d be spending a lot of time watching a lot of plays, ranging from godawful to phenomenal, and everywhere in between.

    By hannah URL on 02.11.2013

  16. He plays in the sand and doesn’t know that it’s not actual sand. Those are not crushed rocks he’s sitting on. Plays and plays and plays. Writes some plays. Plays with words as well as sand. The crushed bones and weight of the things that never came out right is under his bare feet. He plays. He writes them. He is them. The world is a play.

    By Rinalda Faraian URL on 02.11.2013

  17. The wolf plays silently with the bone, alone. It makes noise, slapping against the ground as he throws it, crunching lightly as he grabs it up once more. After a short time though, the animal is lying down, bone supported with his paws, chewing on it idly, cracking the hard shell to get to the marrow. What use is playing when one has no playmates?

    By Serryphae URL on 02.11.2013

  18. I think about the theatre, musicals, and the love for the stage. The rush of excitement when you hit the stage with the lights shining down on you. The rush when you get a standing ovation after a great performance.

    By Brittany on 02.11.2013

  19. She plays that disco song, wildly inappropriate for being 12 years old. But we know every word. Her name was Stacey her sisters name was Tara and her moms name was something like Tara. I remember she had a mental disability. She left the lamp on one night all night and we found her crying BC she didn’t think she could afford the have left the lamp on . Seems weird looking back and actually grasping her mental illness. Didn’t seem strange at the time, just Stacey’s mom

    By Emily on 02.11.2013

  20. He was playing outside. His mom and dad were fighting again. Horrible screams leaked out of the house. Why? Why on his birthday. It was the most happiest day on the planet but not for him. Never for him.

    By Rony URL on 02.11.2013

  21. plays. Something that hipsters write. Something that kids do. Something i feel like im putting on right now. Driving me nuts. Plays arent real but they’re supposed to make you feel as though they are. They want you to be in the same frame of mind as if it were happening to you.

    By Nadia on 02.11.2013

  22. The world was playing one big game. Was it deadly? Yes! But John loved it. He wanted to play however he wasn’t blind to the way the politicians were giving them a treat for every trick they played on humanity. Oh, yes! This game was amazing.

    By Rony on 02.11.2013

  23. Things you watch at a theatre. My favourite is certainly phantom of the opera. It is also what children do often and adults should do more. We should never lose our inner child. Refers to moments of brilliance in sport or online gaming. People will usually refer to big plays when something amazing was done during the game.The dog plays dead. :D

    By aQuafr3sh on 02.11.2013

  24. when the moon sees the stars,
    it plays.
    it admires the
    way the twinkle
    so bright

    By itsme on 02.11.2013

  25. he plays in the yard all the time. He never stops. Infinitly playing. He died, right there on the swing set. He was going back and forth, back and forth. Then he died. And now, he plays in the yard all the time. He never stops. Infinitly playing. He was going back and forth, back and forth. Then he died. And now, he plays in the yard all the time. He never stops. Infinitly playing. He died, right there on the swing set. He was going back and forth, back and forth. Then he died. And now, he plays in the yard all the time. He never stops. Infinitly playing. He died, right there on the swing set.

    By Raina on 02.11.2013

  26. i like plays. that’s all.. who plays what whatever whom no reason. shall quit. quit playing games with my heart. no way. wake me up. i am done

    By kylon desider on 02.11.2013

  27. aloha my lady. i like plays. who plays. whatever. no reason. plays are cool. i don’t like this word. lame. ……. lame……… boring. i am a bird. i like plays. who plays. don’ know.

    By kylon desider on 02.11.2013

  28. Shifting the piece from spot to spot. Each side trying to get out do the other. The game goes on and on. countering and advances litter the scoreboard, but no on is winning. One steps back and looks at up, and realizes that a tie was never considered.

    By River Ranter URL on 02.11.2013

  29. He loves to play, so he played her.
    She was hurt.
    And then she was gone.

    By LunaSyn20 on 02.11.2013

  30. i went to a play once and it was really bad we sat for three hours and all i could think about were how cute amandas braids looked and how sad it was that she was dating james lemon and how sad it was that cheyenne got my hopes up and made me think amanda was a lesbian i hate plays now

    By Hannah on 02.11.2013

  31. is her passion. Even when she was hurt, she’d continue to do what she do best. In the end, no one knows her but she would say that it was fine. As long as she can perform in those plays, she doesn’t care about any other thing.

    By LunaSyn20 on 02.11.2013

  32. The record plays fuzzy saxophone, spinning around to a final click. Silence falls on the room like a black velvet curtain. A second click, but this time it’s the hammer of a pistol.

    By Sage URL on 02.11.2013

  33. The child plays…. Unaware of its surroundings…. She plays, and learns unconsciously. That is the beauty of it all. Fun and rejoicing.

    By Ekta on 02.11.2013

  34. I like to go to plays. They can be helpful in understanding yourself, others, God, and culture. I think it is more creative and intelligent (for one who creates a play) to deliver a story without the use of base imagery and words.

    By Bridget on 02.11.2013

  35. Its always been she me her! I never had a Good play as a child! It was my teen yras wen I really did! Sum really dangerous ones! But playing doesnt changes anything! Its for fun! dangerous or not!

    By foogetter on 02.11.2013

  36. She plays without knowing. Without the realization that someone watches her. That one day, she may be in danger. That one day, she may be in love. That one day, she will hurt. She is careless, and she plays.

    By Emily on 02.11.2013

  37. I love going to plays! especially when I know the actors or stage crew. My favorite part is watching people I know become new characters on stage; especially when I forget that they are not who I know them as. Confused? Me, too!

    By ann on 02.11.2013

  38. The plays we make affect others and their lives. Whether in the open or in a cloak-and-dagger fashion, what you do, the decisions you make ultimately impact those around you. So then, the question really is what is it that you want to do and do you care about others? The golden rule must apply.

    By John Komarek on 02.11.2013

  39. I like to go to plays. I think they are helpful in understanding self, others, God, and culture. I think it takes more intelligence and creativity to create a play without the use of base imagery and wording that still delivers a powerful point.

    By Bridget on 02.11.2013

  40. My little sister plays with dolls. She dresses them up and pretends they are real. Her twin brother, on the other hand, creates science experiments and plays with our baking ingredients. I remember a couple of weeks ago when I wanted to bake and I had to ask him where the vinegar and baking soda were.

    By Cate URL on 02.11.2013