May 19th, 2012 | 114 Entries

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114 Entries for “pile”

  1. That’s the biggest pile of junk I’ve ever seen. What can you do with a pile like this? We’ll have to have a garage sale. The only problem is if we start to go through the pile we may find some of the junk is valuable and we want to save it… at least till the next time we make a pile.

    By Linda on 05.20.2012

  2. It was a terrible scene. Pile of dead bodies engulfed with flames. Fire tongues were licking bodies as if they were some kind of sweet snack. It was an image nobody should see, but the world was so fucked up already, that there were kids around this, laughing that another group of ‘walkers’ is dead.

    By Omnix URL on 05.20.2012

  3. don’t sit on the radiator, you’ll get piles!
    how we imitated the universal grandmother, sniggering as only 13-year-old girls can
    so immature
    we could not be told a thing

    later on, these grandmothers would become our allies
    they’d seen enough to come to the same cynical conclusions as us with our wealth of teenage experience.

    By rorourke URL on 05.20.2012

  4. It’s a slow build up, layer on layer. Foundations are easy to build, but even easier to break.

    I just hope I know how to keep it steady this time.

    By Georgina on 05.20.2012

  5. It was difficult, but he forged on, swiping at his throat (choked up with words and tears and anger) with the back of his hand. He looked back, back at the pile of things that had belonged to him, that he had once loved – books, trinkets, useless things (trash, really) that brought back memories – a shrivelled apple core – blackened with the passage of time – that he had saved from that one day he had spent with his brother, at Idunn’s garden.

    By mazikeen on 05.20.2012

  6. The pile of second hand books was blocking the isle of the store

    By Megan URL on 05.20.2012

  7. She watches him as he works. His shoulders flex and his eyebrows furrow. She never thought she’d be here, like this. Sitting on a fucking porch swing watching a man she might just love rake the fallen crimson leaves into a pile. Amanda sips her ice tea and wonders how she got here. She never wanted it but it happened anyway.

    The boy from next door, Jimmy or Jonathan or something like that, is looking at the leaves that Evan is raking, a glint in his eyes. Looking around to make sure his parents aren’t watching him, he runs towards the pile of leaves full speed, jumping in and scattering Evan’s hard work across the lawn.

    Amanda, without even thinking about it, laughs.

    By emptywords URL on 05.20.2012

  8. The pile of things she had to do kept growing but she wasnt going to do any of it. She knew. Today was a day to walk in the woods, lay on the beach and drink iced tea on deck of her favorite coffee shoppe

    By Alwaysjoy on 05.20.2012

  9. a pile of shit, a cluster of stuff, ants live on a pile of sticks, stuff together, difficult to explain in english.. pil in swedish is arrow

    By vea on 05.20.2012

  10. “You really need to find time to clear this pile of crap.” She’s sitting at your desk, with a cigarette hanging from her mouth. You shrug noncommittally, not bothered to even reply to that. It’s easier said than done; You’ve been trying for years to clear your room, the motivation escapes you as you approach your first hour.

    She quietly puffs on her cigarette as you crack open one of the windows. You try not to wonder why she’s even here in your house, in your room, smoking her tar-filled sticks and complaining about the mess.

    She should’ve been gone a long time ago.

    Instead, you try to focus on how still and (disgustingly) humid the air is tonight and how much you want to take the car out for a ride and drive aimlessly for hours on end til you nearly run out of gas.

    You decide that if she’s here to start some semblance of conversation, you wouldn’t give her satisfaction of getting one.

    By Jules Looke URL on 05.20.2012

  11. The three of us looked up at the endless pile of possibility. It looked ginormous! what to do?? we scaled up the side, looking down I felt so tall, like the queen of her own little dirt pile castle!

    By Crystal on 05.20.2012

  12. Pile is more of a word for negative connotation. When you have so much things you cant handle all in one. Even though you dont notice it:
    It’s a pile of shi-
    I have a pile of bills to pay
    Right now I have a pile of things to do but when will I do it. Why should I? We should have more time. More time to do things we have to do while still having time to do things I actually want to do. I dont want my life to just be piles of things. Theres more to life and I want to find out what,

    By meriselle on 05.20.2012

  13. The words stack and pile up as the time cock the tick tock and the tongue’s all tied and he, the jester, well, he walks in a jolly manner. He laughs hysterically and it’s all a pleasant good time. ‘Tis all the season’s mind

    By huxley on 05.20.2012

  14. Pile is more of a word for negative connotation. When you have so much things you cant handle all in one. Even though you dont notice it:
    It’s a pile of shi-
    I have a pile of bills to pay
    Right now I have a pile of things to do but when will I do it. Why should I? We should have more time. More time to do things we have to do while still having time to do things I actually want to do. I dont want my life to just be piles of things. Theres more to life and I want to find out what

    By downloadead on 05.20.2012

  15. Looking out the window is a joy, how high the clouds are piled.

    By annabelle on 05.20.2012

  16. Pile. it can be used to describe a lot of stuff. Life is like a pile of shit.
    how true is that
    is it true for you? is it true for me?
    Not sure. Depends when you ask me.

    By Megan on 05.20.2012

  17. There it was. The pile. When would she ever go through it. She thought for a moment of all the vermin that had made the pile a home. Slowly, she approached it and lifted something with two fingers. A spider came out and jumped to the floor

    By Edt on 05.20.2012

  18. The pile of hearts laid on the cold concrete floor, throbbing, though cold. They were broken, scorned, hurt. Some whimpered in their pain, others remained still and wallowed in it.

    By Stella on 05.20.2012

  19. a pile is soemthing books make when you put them on top of each other. it also sometimes makes sitting down really painful. I cant type it that well as the letter p key on mye keyboard doesnt workl so i have to copy and paste every single leter p. pile to me is a massive head of sand taht peaks to a point at the top. this is a pile.

    By Liam M on 05.20.2012

  20. Don’t make me pile a shot of bread and vodka into your throat. You are the reason I don’t like killing puppies. Every good person should kill puppies. Just make sure that you dangle them from their toes and make them leap with joy first.

    By Kristian on 05.20.2012

  21. This is the same word we had yesterday! But, last night in my dreams, I saw piles of words – sort of like an Alice in Wonderland word pile – a pileup of words.

    Words can pile up, words can be scarce, words can frighten, enable, worry, and make us joyful.

    By Mary on 05.20.2012

  22. The pile of sand beside me shifted. I looked over curiously, then started back as two blue eyes stared out at me from the depths. A giggle emanated from the center. Sand rolled down the mountain as the boy inside grinned.

    By Anya on 05.20.2012

  23. Laundry piling up higher & higher. Going thru every single thing in my closet in order to delay the trip to the Laundramat.

    By marylee on 05.20.2012

  24. the pile of their clothes on the floor, you know what they just did. cuddled up in his big bed, naked and sweating, surrounded by blankets, love was forming all around them. she was his and she knew it in her heart.

    By stephipoo on 05.20.2012

  25. Piles sat on his desk. Piles of textbooks, bigger textbooks on little ones, perched precariously on slippery book covers. His computer was buried under a binder and a physics and English notebook and his agenda book, and he had to take them off and put them on the floor before using. It was easier to lay on the bed and work. The cord first had to be rescued from the canyons between the books, river beds of little post-it notes, now unsticky; empty plastic tissue packs, colored paper clips, hopelessly tangled earphones, an MP3 player, thankfully still uncrushed.

    By Holden URL on 05.20.2012

  26. I was always curious about the always growing pile of pine needles in my grandfather’s back yard. There wasn’t a single pine tree back there, and whenever I tried to dig through it he would shoo me away, telling me that I didn’t want to know what was berried in there. Three months after he passed away, though, I found out how right he was. Hidden beneath those pine needles were the bodies of missing girls.

    By Astrid URL on 05.20.2012

  27. Pile? Setzen wir mal noch ein L dazwischen; Pille :D
    Pillen gibt es viele, es ist ein Medikament (meistens), z.B. die Anti-Baby-Pille :D
    Oder was weiß ich, sie sind klein und rund, haben verschiedene Farben. Jaa…

    By Malin URL on 05.20.2012

  28. pile wood, wet and knotty, grass aside like drying seaweed surviving the tide, lift up the two-by-four and see the jewels of pillbugs, like moving pebbles, shiny, wet, afraid, running for some new dank shade.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.20.2012

  29. Her life was one big beauty pile of work, beauty when she managed to get some of it done, anyway. Otherwise it was more than beastly, bearing down on her every waking thought with the flashing fangs of unfulfilled potential and progress.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.20.2012

  30. All The trophies were piled up in a room. No one really realized how they fought to get each one of them. It’s just that the trophy has an expiry date on the day it was given. But the records stay on forever…

    By Palaniappan Kumarappan on 05.20.2012

  31. I piled my clothes in my drawer???? what Happens next!!!!! find out on Friday night!!!!!

    By Lauren on 05.20.2012

  32. a pile of trash in the street. there’s a cat there. It stares at me with it’s yellow eyes. I screamed. Suddenly i feel so much pain on the back of my head. i can’t believe this. then the cat is gone. and i can’t see the trash anywhere. What’s happened?

    By dio on 05.20.2012

  33. you see, a pile is where all of a Degrave’s belongings go. some Degraves as big piles, some have little ones that get cleaned up at the end of the week, and some have epiclly huge piles. 3 feet tall, four feet wide, and 4 feet long. I put all piles to shame. Think I should learn the art of housekeeping before I get married?

    By Gloria on 05.20.2012

  34. There’s a pile of garbage in front of me. I put my hand on these smell bag of unknown. I don’t know why i do that, but i feel like something there for me. Maybe a coin or two.

    By aku on 05.20.2012