April 2nd, 2024 | 4 Entries

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4 Entries for “pearl”

  1. On the day it happened, nature tried to warn me. One moment it was sunny with the greasiness and hot airs that come with it, the next moment the sky had turned dark like the battleground of angry, fuming gods. It didn’t take long for the rains to kick in next. They looked like a thousand-stringed pearl, falling as one, a gift to earth. I smiled from my window as I watched. It took me an hour to realise it was no gift.

  2. Pearl waiting in darkness, a bother covered up in gilded hiding, smoothing over irritation rather than pushing it out, an inconvenience made an extravagance, a tear of the sea, tragedy waiting in jewelry

  3. The pearl of the orient referred to the old Saigon. She walked through the congested streets, trying to imagine the Saigon of the past before it became Ho Chi Minh city, before it was steeped in war with troops fighting in the streets.

    by Chanpheng on 04.02.2024
  4. its bright, luminosient, results of hard work, years in the making, evolution at its fines, dust turns pearl, rags to riches, amazing how humanity’s deepest desires are trapped in shells, is it even an animal? how do they breathe? how can I turn dust to gold, search for alchamy, let us grow old together.

    by Pegah on 04.02.2024