January 8th, 2018 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “pattern”

  1. I like patterns because patterns are great. I love patterns because patterns are great. I really love patterns because patterns are great. I really really love patterns because patterns are great. I really really really love patterns because patterns are great.

    By Pattern URL on 01.08.2018

  2. I want to have a homework pattern where I am consistent on doing and not procrastinating my homework.

    By Abby on 01.08.2018

  3. The pattern of blood on the wall almost looked like art. Human art. The detective tried to detach his emotions from what he was seeing. He had to be objective and observant. Almost an admirer of this distinct artwork to catch the artist before it happened again.

    By EliseV URL on 01.08.2018

  4. Patterns are cool I guess. Like, there’s multiple patterns, patterns in fashion, patterns in life, a pattern of daily routines, or maybe even a pattern that you might not notice. Patterns are pretty cool, I really like patterns that are really cute and stuff.

    By Sam on 01.08.2018

  5. I break patterns with abstract tracts of thought. Deliberately divergent, divesting of known hierarchies. Awareness for the insidious is how to spot the inconspicuous as it threads through the fabric of life itself. It may merge into the warp and weft like a mimic on a mission. But it’s thicker in these regions where it piggybacks on frequencies that blend into an agenda by way of orderly presentation.

    By Breaker Breaker 19 on 01.08.2018

  6. patterns make me happy and when [patterns get messed up and they break the pattern it honestly makes me angry and gives me anxiety about it. we learn about them in class.

    By ugh on 01.08.2018

  7. hola patterns are great. when you do patterns in all sorts of things like interior design and in math stuff. patters are pretty but when they get broken they aren’t pretty

    By ugh on 01.08.2018

  8. An illusion people create to make believe that existence is rational, or that they themselves are.

    By Joshua Scott Hotchkin URL on 01.08.2018

  9. patterns are everywhere. some patterns freak me out. patterns show order and systems. patterns create consistency. doing things over and over and getting the same result also creates patterns. good or bad.

    By Erica Square on 01.08.2018

  10. The repetition of lines and dots drove him mad. At first, counting and never able to keep up. Then, disgusted by the impossibility of the answer, he changes the question and tried to look at the whole to see if there is a repeating pattern.

    By Asher Hung URL on 01.08.2018

  11. Life has this cruel pattern: bring someone into the world, chew them up, spit them out, take them back into the ground where they came from.

    By Sebastian Harper on 01.08.2018

  12. Watch the anger melt from her face, and you will see a pattern. A pattern of regret, a pattern of guilt, a pattern of reconsideration. It’s a bit like a tartan if you visualize it – that back and forth of dark and light, of red and black. Reminds me of my Scottish heritage, only my ancestors didn’t hail from a clan, and so they wouldn’t have had a tartan to begin with. Still, watch her sit back down in her chair and control her breathing. She’s still frustrated, but she won’t tear you limb from limb now.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.08.2018

  13. a recurring theme or structure, could be in a physical or visual sense or could be from a literary or philosophical point of view of recurrence
    ex. geometric pattern,

    By Kyla on 01.08.2018

  14. pa









    By Siddhartha URL on 01.08.2018

  15. Patterns within patterns and noises echoing up and down streets lost and rambling, forgetting their gird and becoming more like the wind or a bird flying somewhere for a while and changing just enough to be changeable, circling overhead in little patterns within patterns.

    By Flyderkov URL on 01.08.2018

  16. Repetitive. Repeats itself. Prefer color, shape. Over and over. Maybe on a dress or drawn by a child in class. The same.

    By Karli Land on 01.08.2018

  17. The pattern of Sam’s pants was loud… loud enough to draw the eye of every person in the pizza shop. He tilted his chin up, ignored the stares and strolled to the counter.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.08.2018

  18. There’s all sorts of patterns in nature. Physical patterns such the endless hexagonal sea in a honeycomb, cloud patterns, and patterns in our behavior. It’s important to identify these patterns in order to make sense of our life and learn what we should and should not do.

    By Manisha on 01.08.2018

  19. These patterns emerge and a real reason of putting all clues together will lead to the solution, said Dave the designer.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.09.2018

  20. “Look, there seems to be a pattern among the walls,” Mary gasped.
    John looked at where his companion was standing at.
    It was true. While to the naked eyes, it may look like a random mishmash of
    clashing design, there seems to be an underlying pattern if one looks close
    “Great, anything to help us get out of here,” John walked towards his companion.

    By echuaco URL on 01.09.2018

  21. I wake up and I see the clouds above me.
    They are abstract. I feel like I’m no longer on earth.
    They form a pattern, strewn together away from where I can reach.
    I’ve never seen the clouds like this before.
    They’re beautiful, these clouds.

    By Jo on 01.09.2018

  22. She grabs his hair and feels its prick between her fingers and runs her hand down his spine, each vertebra a mountain beneath her touch, warm and blushed and spelling out a familiar rhythm that she hasn’t felt for too long.

    By Riannon URL on 01.09.2018

  23. She lay on the carpet looking up at the blocks on the ceiling. Step on one, skip one. Step on one, skip one. She was going to be evicted in the morning. Step on one. Skip one. And the weight of it was so large, all she could do was lay on the carpet that wouldn’t be hers in the morning and play one long, last game with the tiles. Step. One. Skip. One.

    By Shannon Trilla on 01.09.2018

  24. My friend Pat took a turn. That’s how I remember. That’s what she said. No, she meant, not you, That’s what she said. He’s butchering it. Haha.

    But what is life but a series of patterns. Days, Months, Years. Lives, Generations.

    By Drew Allen URL on 01.09.2018

  25. Her eyes blurred so that the pattern on the blanket became a kaleidoscope or colors and shapes. She didn’t look up as the planes got closer. The sound was deafening and the wind they created whipped her hair in her face.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.09.2018

  26. I love to Crochet, but often I use a pattern. Patterns are amazing things that let you make whatever you want! “Patterns” , “I love Patterns.”

    By Katie URL on 01.09.2018

  27. Heather squinted as the rising sun sent shifting patterns of light across the summer-still lake. There – a series of ripples as Kristan’s head broke the surface.

    By mrsmig URL on 01.09.2018

  28. Repeating, the same things you expect keep coming, and it is such a simple thing to create, but interesting at the same time. Though you know what will come next, you keep on looking to see if it will ever change.

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 01.09.2018

  29. I have a job with a pattern force work and i love my job and i´m fell very good on this week.

    By Rodrigo URL on 01.09.2018

  30. PATTERNS. I don’t know if I wanna talk about behavioral patterns or just visual patterns for a minute. It’s so cool how everyone has certain patterns that repeat themselves subconsciously in their lives. I’m sure I have them too, wish I could know about all of them.

    By Eevi on 01.09.2018

  31. same old thing, safe, repeatative, boring, boring ,boring, lines, paralell lines, zigzag lines, astez designs, pretty, dependable, solid, geometrical, the same, restrictive, sa

    By alicia on 01.09.2018

  32. I see the lights, and I breathe. I count them in my head. One, two…two many too count. It’s like a staccato rythm in my brain, and I forget about the rest of it. The fog and the rain and all the dreary things.

    By ae on 01.09.2018

  33. pattern everyday the routine i have is a pattern.
    everyday the same pattern
    wake up, get dressed, go to school get home sleep and repeat
    patterns are everywhere

    By Tallie on 01.09.2018

  34. I try to be an awesome designer. I’m drawing a lot of dress. I have a bunch of dress pattern in my room. I drew a picture since I was young

    By Javi on 01.09.2018

  35. there was a beautiful pattern on they quilt that my grandmother had made for me when I was a little girl. It was a gorgeous blue and white quilt that I not have laid across my bed in the winter.

    By Jordan on 01.09.2018

  36. I was stuck on the pattern of the leaves on the tree. Some were just turning red from fall and others were still a luscious green. I don’t know why they were so interesting to me but I couldn’t look away. In the booth I sat at a small little diner just memorized by these leaves on this tree. I must of looked like a nut because everyone was staring at me. I didn’t care. These leaves were everything that I wanted to be. Free.

    By Rubber Duck on 01.09.2018

  37. “Wait until I cut out this pattern and then we’ll talk.”
    “But the pattern is what I want to talk about.”
    “It can wait until I am done.”
    “But this pattern is not the right one.”
    “It’s as good as any other.”
    “But this pattern changes my life such that I…”
    “There. I am done. What did you want? Uh, where dd you go?”

    By Chuck URL on 01.09.2018