June 24th, 2016 | 26 Entries

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26 Entries for “patio”

  1. One beneath the cloudless sky. Cool breezes filter through the swaying tree limbs and dance upon my skin. I slink down to avoid the unforgiving sun

    By Nomdore Gnike on 06.24.2016

  2. We sat on my grandmother’s patio, just under the wooden awning so the sun couldn’t quite reach our already sweating brows, and shared a can of cold beer between us. We were lucky to have brought a cooler of ice to the barbecue – once the power blew, there was no way we could utilize the refrigerator. So Donna and I took turns sipping, letting the bitter foam gloss over our dry, chapped lips before the carbonation settled into our stomachs like it had found a new home.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.24.2016

  3. I lay down on the wooden patio, I feel the breeze blow against my hair. I feel the rays of the sun beat down on my skin. Sometimes I forget just how good it feels to be outside. They say “breath of fresh air” for a reason. It’s refreshing and it does something for that primal neanderthal inside me to just be out in the light.

    By Michael URL on 06.24.2016

  4. The house was gorgeous. A wrap around patio stood against the white painted walls of the building, and a cozy looking rocking chair s

    By dg fg URL on 06.24.2016

  5. The first thing that comes to mind is my Granny’s patio. Old, a little smelly, always terribly hot in the summer. It was on that patio that my little brother cut his earlobe open on an old air conditioner. It was on that patio that my cousins and I played with the old, almost creepy stuffed animals that sat on lumpy couches, untouched until we visited. It was on that patio that the Christmas gifts were

    By Amelia on 06.24.2016

  6. Cockroaches hit the sliding glass door as I read. Maybe, they aren’t cockroaches. I didn’t actually see them. I think I overwatered the desert plants again. Unfortunate, and Joe wants (passively) pesticides. I want lizards (overtly).
    Tomorrow, we throw out the old dog bed and old wood, dupster dive chair. Both are sun flaked and bird pooped. Love June housekeeping.

    By June cockroaches on the patio on 06.25.2016

  7. You sit out on your patio. The day crawls by, slowly, inching along in the baking heat. The sun toasts your skin with a bronze glow.

    By Ashi URL on 06.25.2016

  8. They had arranged everything on the patio, the drinks in the bar, and the plates with the hambergers and other things to grill. Marvin was looking splendid in his ironed white shorts which showed off his tan. Marnie looked gorgeous in her sundress.

    Anna poked her head out of her room, holding on to the edge of the door. “Mommy, can I join?”

    Marnie put on that stern expression on her face. “We talked about that. You are to stay in your room. I’ll put on a video for you.”

    “I don’t want to video. I want to come out and play.”

    “No, and that’s it. Go into your room and stay there until the guests go home.” Anna stood there, jerking slightly. “Do you want me to lock the door from the outside?”

    “No, I’ll go.” She turned and walked towards the center of the room, her lopsided gate with her spasticity always made Marnie upset. She should know that no one wants to look at a child with cerebral palsy.

    And Marnie and Marvin didn’t want their colleagues and neighbors to know about Anna either. Who knows what they would think.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.25.2016

  9. We waited on the patio for the news. We hadn’t heard anything about the accident since it happened, and everyone was on edge. None of us had experienced a car wreck before, so when we heard grandpa was hit, everyone began to freak out.

    By AJ on 06.25.2016

  10. The pitcher was sweating and dancing with fresh lemons. She rocked forward and slid her fingers along its portly belly, sighing in cool relief. That is, until her mother swatted her hand away. “Help me set the picnic table before company arrives.”

    By YOLO4Sho on 06.25.2016

  11. the patio was covered in brown orange and yellow leaves that had fallen from the trees influenced by fall. The paterens that the bricks made were not symetrical, and yet the patio still looked neat and pristine.

    By Asch on 06.25.2016

  12. i walked out onto the patio. i saw a frog. it was digusting and i wanted to PUKE when I saw it. because it was evil. I knew it was evil, because it had horns. and a forked tongue.

    not long after that, Glenda walked over. she was a pig. not a real pig.

    By bob on 06.25.2016

  13. Somewhere to relax, be patient with nature and to enjoy the small pleasures of life. Maybe a book, or maybe just watch the sunset. Somewhere to think and relive memories. You can redecorate it to your evolving interests or keep it the same as the one before you. The possibilities are endless.

    By Shelbie on 06.25.2016

  14. oh shit idk patio patio patio the patio is made of cement the end

    By FEMALESEXER1283 on 06.25.2016

  15. Over the patio she stood with her pink frock and a yellow hat , bathing in the hot sun. Man! she was a treat !!

    By epi on 06.25.2016

  16. Stretched out and relaxed. The best way to live, in some people’s opinion. Not mine. I happen to be a hammock person. Some people say you can set up a hammock on your patio, I call them imbeciles and move on. Hammocks need trees, otherwise you’re insulting the concept, you flea monkey.

    By The battle for the second muffin on 06.25.2016

  17. I saw Gemma sitting on the patio. She was wet and cold. Although it had not rained for almost an hour, she was still dripping slightly from the storm.
    I noticed she was holding something – a small box.

    By Matt on 06.25.2016

  18. A patio is a type of outdoor deck used for enjoying the weather. I have a patio at home, but I prefer to sit on other patios such as those in restaurants because they are much more enjoyable. I hope to one day have a beautiful patio of my own.

    By SUMAN GURAM on 06.25.2016

  19. We sat on the patio,
    brownies in a pan
    on my lap,
    sitting in the sun
    behind a cat.
    Licking frosting off of fingers,
    drinking lemonade.
    What a sunny day.

    By Scythe42 URL on 06.25.2016

  20. meandering through life, without vanity,
    only motivation that scream insanity,
    all the riches in the west,
    all the drenching must perforce,
    no quenching, but only, thirst
    in the goblet of truth, behind
    the instant patio with a mere light shine
    I sip wine
    I dew beer
    but never leave the door with anything to belch but clever letters in the front of my vain

    By Milad URL on 06.25.2016

  21. What? Patience! that’s right you have to be patient about decisions, especially about the important ones. Today I was almost buying a phone but stop wait LG g4 note4

    By Arda Dikbiyik on 06.26.2016

  22. Beneath the patio lay the sins I had committed and the ones I wished to wash away. Beneath the patio was a piece of my soul and a hope for redemption that had tasted so sweet but quickly turned bitter. Revenge comes with a price is what they don’t tell you, the brief rush of adrenaline then after the creeping stalk of guilt, terror and the way your soul gets lost in the oblivion of foggy emotions that run rampant with every breathe. The soul purpose of death becomes unpleasant, rotten and unfathomable, ” It smelt like dead flesh”

    By IvoryG on 06.26.2016

  23. there was a cat on the patio. he waited for the birds to fly between the branches of the large oak tree. then he mewed at them and scrunched his body low to the ground

    By ondra on 06.26.2016

  24. Jay sat on the patio eating chips and salsa. When he finally ate too much he farted. The fart really smelled. His wife, Jane, was sitting next to him. She was so disgusted with the smell she stabbed Jay with a plastic spoon. Normally a plastic spoon wouldn’t kill a person, but… James was allergic to plastic. He died.

    By duane URL on 06.26.2016

  25. What a perfect word for today. Today is my one year anniversary with Evan and he is sitting quietly across from me with the kitties on my right sleeping. The sun is shinning, the temperature is perfect and the grass is green. This back patio embodies everything beautiful in my life.

    By Hayley on 06.26.2016

  26. I have no idea what to write about but I’m just gonna say that the patio is a part of a house if used to put stuff on or throw parties on… xD

    By Empress on 06.26.2016