October 31st, 2011 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “passionate”

  1. love passionately and other things will be handed to you.

    By Dulcie URL on 10.31.2011

  2. I was the most passionate girl any guy would ever get. Once I commit myself, I’m all his. I give him everything I’ve got to show that I care and that I love him. The only way to prove yourself is through your passion towards him. And if I say so myself, that passion was pretty damn strong. Nothing could stop me and take everythig we had away. We were invincible. No scare or fight will ever tear us apart…

    By foost URL on 10.31.2011

  3. i’m passionate about writing but the ironic thing is, i’m not very good at it. i used to think i was a brilliant writer but then i joined tumblr and saw how much better my friends are at it. i want to be a writer when i get older, but now i don’t think i can. i’m passionate about writing. i’m passionate about expressing myself, but i suck at it.

    By katie URL on 10.31.2011

  4. ecstatic, happy, determined, eager, craving for something so bad that one could give his live on it, dreaming, daring, pursuing, achieving

    By María on 10.31.2011

  5. I am passionate about so many things. the arts, religion, my family. I want to help people all over the world. If I could somehow do that using the mediums of art and faith I think that would be the most powerful thing everrr.

    By Anisah Imani on 10.31.2011

  6. There aren’t enough words in the english language to describe how passionate I am about life.
    I relish it completely.
    It love it with a Shakespearian like fervour, that thrusts greatness upon everything and everyone I meet.

    You who are reading this slight note that I’m writing in a minute’s time.
    I am passionate about you.
    And I love you.
    With all of my heart.
    Enjoy life with me and live, and know: That although we have never met, I love you with all my being. And will do so, long after the day I die.

    By Siege URL on 10.31.2011

  7. the sheer amount of time that she thougth about the sounds in the word passionite, let her know taht word truley were her real passion. she loved to collect them, store them, lay them out in lines like baseball cards and and admire them.

    By sads on 10.31.2011

  8. just the sheer amount of time that she dedicated to picking apart the sounds in the word let her know that words were here true passion. she collected words, layed them out in rows and admired them like baseball cards

    By sads URL on 10.31.2011

  9. if the light from the sun were to burn on my skin, if the depths of the ocean should drown my soul, if the winds of change should ever carry me away, it would be as nothing compared to the power you possess over me.

    By AudioPicasso URL on 10.31.2011

  10. i know. and if i didnt, you tell me rather often. and it can be a curse and a blessing, you know? do you know how hard it is to live this way, to feel so much – do you know how ive come to the point where i get tired and grow apathetic, despondent, distant? and how it morphs and deforms the looks of this place till i run, hiding, to curl into a corner and fashion new, unorthodox ways to cope with what ive seen. can you imagine how this is my greatest fear? a fear of myself for i wonder, with full conviction, if someday i will become to detached to live amongst this world. perhaps it is a paranoid worry. but, life is salt and pepper and maybe, no matter what happens, the love and determination and creativity that i have will be worth it. perhaps i can build for myself something to live for and maybe, if im lucky or smart or pretty or whatever, something to die for.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 10.31.2011

  11. the passion in his look was almost enough to blot out the
    darkness of her deed
    she knew it was too late
    but how could she ever change it
    vindicate it?
    his poor heart would be torn to pieces,
    torn and battered and
    all for his passion

    By Julie URL on 10.31.2011

  12. She didn’t want it, not anymore. It was strange. The feelings that had always felt the best now soured within her, rotting like a forgotten pear. It had been love and it had been beautiful. But she now felt that it had probably been wrong.

    By Anna Marie on 10.31.2011

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    By Fred Smith URL on 10.31.2011

  14. kisses. i dont have any passion in my life. i dont feel passionate about anything really. i should examine myself and fond something that really excites me again. but what?

    By jasmine on 10.31.2011

  15. I am passionate about helping kids who believe nobody cares about them. I want to show them Christs love through me. I want to show them I do care and so does God.

    By Mary Katherine URL on 10.31.2011

  16. Passion. Not a thing. More something you feel. It’s what makes a heart continue to beat. It’s what gives a person drive. Without passion, there is no drive. Without drive, there is no desire to accomplish. Without desire, there would be nothing accomplished. And then where would we be?

    By Haley URL on 10.31.2011

  17. I feel her heart beating next to mine. I put my arm around her smooth neck and feel the skin tingle. She turns softly and sighs, her eyes closed. I put my lips down on hers, feeling the warmth. She turns into my body and smiles, putting her hand on the flat of my stomach.

    By Molly on 10.31.2011

  18. THe most beautiful thing is the world, to have passion. It astounds me beyond belief. It is such a pure form of every emotion. The most meaningful of emotions. To feel passionate is to be alive. It is to be a true being. To exist.

    By Gaby on 10.31.2011

  19. Like the sun. Her father’s voice as he taught her how to fish was like the sun. She had never seen his hands so still and strong. They grasped the fish carefully and threw him back into the water: hook, line, sinker.

    By Alma Grace URL on 10.31.2011

  20. He’s passionate about her, which is always good. But who knew they’d end up together? It’s not like he ever really LOVED her; in fact, it was more on the negative side of things that his passion rested on. But here she was, walking down the aisle, er dress flowing out behind her like a winter maiden. She was arm in arm with her father.

    By Jenna Martin on 10.31.2011

  21. I am very passionate about art. That’s not the only thing, but I really like art, in a way , it’s like food. good art is like good food, it feeds the soul.

    By Mikaela on 10.31.2011

  22. I love that you can embrace the passionate side of yourself. I DON’T love that you met someone only two days ago, and that you’ve already invited him to come live with us. I DON’T love that you’re already prancing around in your underwear in front of him like you’ve known him forever. He could be a serial killer or something. I do not approve, and I live here too.

    By blessingmoon6 URL on 10.31.2011

  23. The night sm and i got back together and he leanded across and kissed me, we snuck into a bot and made passionate love, the first time since we broke up. It was that night i knew he was the one.

    By Cat on 10.31.2011

  24. The last time he had felt passionate about anything was the day before his dog Sammy died. He had stood in the vet’s office screaming, pleading, and finally collapsing onto the floor, hopeless.

    By ducksinarow on 10.31.2011

  25. Foolish adults and innocent kids are passionate. The adults haven’t learned their lesson, and don’t ever care to. The kids don’t know any better, and why should they? A passionate life is a lived life.

    By Tina URL on 10.31.2011

  26. she didn’t like him very much but her infautation with his ears was overwhelming. she pulled at them every chance she could. they stuck out like review mirrors. out and exposed to everyone. and they were large. obnoxiously.

    By Stef Lee on 10.31.2011

  27. Her blood was always rushing, ever moving, never still
    Her lips were made of stars, and formed a smile that could kill.
    She was loved like an angel, yet hated like a sin
    She was passionate for life. She was what we could have been.

    By 陸光儀 URL on 10.31.2011

  28. That was something she really cared about. She would skip meals, lose sleep and make excuses to friends. She was passionate about physics and it consumed her whole life. One day, she had finished a project, a set of equations and analysis and didn’t know what to do. She walked outside and saw other people; she didn’t know how to talk to them.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.31.2011

  29. love making. Something you feel when you look at the one that you love. Rolling around in bed. Going out there and making something of yourself. Enjoying what you like to do. Finding what you like to do and not being afraid to go out there and really strive to do it. To be passionate about something is to never give up when it makes you happy. Happiness.

    By Casey on 10.31.2011

  30. There was nothing left for him to be passionate about. She was long since ossified, the children were six feet under, and…and what? He was just a tree.

    By Ezeroth URL on 10.31.2011

  31. I just did this. Love, lust, art, pain. Extreme feeling. Something i lack. I briefly experienced passion this weekend, Dancing, kissing, feeling. It was liberating and wonderful. I felt at ease, relaxed. Completed. I wish I was more romantic.

    By Kaitlin on 10.31.2011

  32. Passionate and Lost. They were sisters once, twins even. Best friends almost. But they split ways when they disagreed about their motivations. A disagreement they couldn’t resolve. Now, they seek each other still.

    By Diana on 10.31.2011

  33. ‘Never again.’ She thought, growling to herself in anger. ‘Never again will I let myself be tricked, be manipulated.’ Her anger grew bolder until she was near trembling with rage. She could no longer stand this bi-polarness. Why could she not just be happy, instead of flipping between happiness and anger?

    By Serryphae URL on 10.31.2011

  34. I feel passionate about a number of things. My husband, children, love and hate. Very similar emotions really, very fine edge. Love is the happy side of the dark passion of love I think.

    By Cheryl Riveness on 10.31.2011

  35. Love. Lust. Sex. Happiness. Tear. Sadness. Emotion. Feeling. Euphoria. Madness. Pleasure. Enlightenment.

    Being free enough to fully express yourself.

    By Jemma on 10.31.2011

  36. He was filled with a passionate frenzy, friends and foe alike falling before him.. He hacked and tore and blood fell with the rain with a blind rage.

    By Kristin on 10.31.2011

  37. she was so passionate for the things she loved, but those things were so few that most people hardly even saw her do anything except eat, sleep, and read. sometimes, though, a passerby would get lucky–they’d see her typing away at her laptop with a brilliant frenzy, or strumming away at a song with a smile bright enough to light up the sky, or chatting with someone with rosy cheeks and a curved smirk, and they’d know. she had passion.

    By Leanne URL on 10.31.2011


    By Shay on 10.31.2011

  39. Passion is something more than love or sex, just the will and desire to do something… when you believe in yourself that’s a kind of passion by itself. Wouldn’t we all like to have a little bit of it?.. some have too much… we should always strive for it.

    By Julieta Bailleres on 10.31.2011

  40. What does it mean to be truly passionate about something? I claim that I am passionate about photography, but how do you measure passion? I guess I have to ask, what would I give up for it? Not very much. I’m passionate about people, but how far does that stretch? Not as far as I’d like. I’m passionate about God, but is there a limit? Unfortunately, I think yes. At the moment, at my current state, I’m not as completely and utterly passionate about God, about Jesus, about Love, as I’d truly like to be. I hope to get there someday, though in the meantime I hope for God’s mercy as I work my way through the realities of being human.

    By Haley URL on 10.31.2011