December 13th, 2011 | 147 Entries

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147 Entries for “palette”

  1. If I did a painting I would use a palette to hold my painting.

    By hdaisy123 URL on 12.14.2011

  2. a palette is something that you can put paint on, like a paint palette. you put blobs of paint on it and it has a finger hole in it to have palettes on mac computers for painting and working. as you can see palettes can be used for a lot of things, and there are a lot of different kinds of palettes. happy day

    By mccrazy URL on 12.14.2011

  3. is a holder for different things

    By 24cool URL on 12.14.2011

  4. his palette in one hand a brush in is other he saw something he did not know what he was missing then he got he made the best master piece ever

    By Amazing Antonio URL on 12.14.2011

  5. A gaping hole that will haunt my life and complicate everything.

    By Christian URL on 12.14.2011

  6. If I were an artist I would use a palette to hold my paint on. I would paint giraffes if I was an artist. They would be pretty!!!!

    By Giraffe URL on 12.14.2011

  7. We use a palette in my digital design, it is a tool palette that has certain tools to ue on it, and there is a color palette that has different colors on it. Another palette can be a painters palette. A painters palette is a thing where you put paint on a little plate type thing that has a finger hole for you.

    By bean! URL on 12.14.2011

  8. we have a layers palette in this class

    By pinkeydinkeydoodlesticks URL on 12.14.2011

  9. something that starts with the letter P. Palette is a word that i have no clue what it means.

    By Laurez Hernandez URL on 12.14.2011

  10. something that starts wiyh the letter p. it is confusing to under stand.

    By lil-gaylord URL on 12.14.2011

  11. an object that can have many looks and uses

    By anton URL on 12.14.2011

  12. I had tried to use the robin’s egg blue again and the foamy greens. I tried to paint the ocean as I used to remember it. My brush tried to recreate the swirling waves and the salty calm. Yet some how, the carmine red would always begin to swirl underneath the surface of the water until it seemed to erupt and envelop the entire canvas. Within seconds my ocean was a sea of glowing red. The next morning I would wake up to see my dried masterpiece. The hasty, thick brush strokes always resembled dried blood. I began to hang them all over our room, until there was no white wash wall left to be seen but only squares of burgundy, scarlet, crimson, sangria and rust. It suited me perfectly. The room of a murderer. I deserved this pain.

    By Taylor K URL on 12.14.2011

  13. the palette was awash in color, he had been painting for hours now, the soft mid afternoon light filtered lazily through the window.

    By Cay on 12.14.2011

  14. idon’t know what PALETTE means ;D
    do you know what PALETTE means :D

    By Legit Llamas URL on 12.14.2011

  15. “Palette of colours used in this painting is indeed incredible.” said mark, acquiring mash up of various cubic characters from the canvas. “It is the best piece of art i’ve seen lately. There is hope for us.”

    By Omnix URL on 12.14.2011

  16. there are palettes on my front door at my house

    By Mr.geek URL on 12.14.2011

  17. i dont really know what this is so hiiiii. i think tyler would say pikachue is made out of this.

    By Fireman12$$$$ URL on 12.14.2011

  18. A thing thats on photoshop that displays many colors and in painting, you use it to pour the paint on on it

    By epicfaceofdeath45 URL on 12.14.2011

  19. this is just a guess. a palette is a like a trough thingy that holds hay. i dont know! So no judging!

    By zoe lewis URL on 12.14.2011

  20. i think a palette is a wood thing that holds stuff. one of the things it holds is hay.

    By shminky URL on 12.14.2011

  21. i dont know what this but we have a layer palette

    By Noah Gray URL on 12.14.2011

  22. if i were an artist,
    i’d use your face as my palette
    experiment with
    thick strokes of the
    shades that only exist in your dreams,
    until there was no white left
    and my hands
    were raw,
    bleeding paint
    and magic,
    red velvet shadows
    a salty smile

    By Iffath URL on 12.14.2011

  23. The brush whirled and twirled about the palette, collecting colors, prancing onto the page and then back again. Blues and mellow greens mixed with salmon and yellows, the bay, the trees and the daffodils coming to life. She was painting Wordsworth’s poem.

    By k on 12.14.2011

  24. I paint. The world. I make the world. It is so easy. But anything can happen, and anything can go wrong. Because it is my hand and it is shivering.

    By sssl URL on 12.14.2011

  25. The painting was almost finished; scornful green eyes watching as you walked by, following but never judging. They looked familiar, distantly but mockingly, as if they were begging to be finished – to be recognized as my own.

    By Brielle on 12.14.2011

  26. The painting was almost finished; the scornful green eyes watching from the thin piece of paper as people walked by, in awe and horror. It wasn’t pretty, but more of a cruel stare that begged to be recognized as something deeper, to be finished – to be recognized as my own.

    By Saski URL on 12.14.2011

  27. I want to play the piano. I need to play the piano. If I’m not I feel empty. I know you are the same way with your painting from the desperation in you when you’re not. I look down on your palette. Red and orange and yellow and green and brown and every shade inbetween.
    ‘Where are you minors?’ I ask.
    ‘I don’t need it to paint the forest in the summer, because the light is warm.’
    ‘Not even in the crescendo?’ He looks at me and I point at where the sunlight and shadows meet, at the leaves and in the back.
    He smiles and says, ‘A little.’ And I think it’s alright if I speak in scores and he in colours, because the sentiments are the same.

    By andthismoment URL on 12.14.2011