September 13th, 2018 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “outlet”

  1. My house has 26 outlets, The outside has 4.
    My Dad has a surge protector with 9 outlets, and I have one with 6 outlets.
    My computer has 5 plugs and my sister has 8 on hers.
    I wish I actually had 58 outlets in my whole house but I only have 37.
    (Inside)21+(Outside)2+(Surge protector)7+(On my computer)7=37

    WARING:Don’t go counting your outlets it’s very boring.

    By Princessbookbear on 09.13.2018

  2. An outlet can be a couple different things. It could be an electrical outlet to power something, or it could be a place. For example, an outlet could be a swimming pool that you can go to, or a library.

    By Emma Reed on 09.13.2018

  3. the mall is a place that everyone seems to want to visit, because they are hoping to find the deal of the century and look astounding when they wear it. it is best to go when there are fewer crowds as you can find a better parking spot.

    By Michele on 09.13.2018

  4. I needed to be more creative but
    I couldn’t think how to be creative
    so in my head i imagined a factory
    a factory bigger than you can imagine
    and inside were a number of outlets
    and all I had to do was go to work in one of them
    and no matter how how dull or boring the process
    I just had to start working on what I was doing
    and then creativity would come find me
    instead of me looking for it and so out the
    creations would pour and so they poured
    and how they poured.

    By Steve O URL on 09.13.2018

  5. I plugged my charger into the outlet. My toilet was really low on batteries… I think. I don’t know what else to write about outlets… Um… Don’t stick silverware in them? Yeah. Or anything except for a plug. Yeah.

    By Caleb on 09.13.2018

  6. to get out

    By Vol Woods on 09.13.2018

  7. She shoved her charger in and breathed a sigh of relief when the battery tone dinged. She had made it. She sat back and waited while the phone drank up the charge thirstily. Wiping her brow, she took stalk of her injuries. All manageable.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.13.2018

  8. Emotions are hard to contain and to ease your heavy heart, you have to have an outlet. It may be in the form of hobbies or interests that will leave you feeling at ease. Archery, cross-stitching or golf are examples of outlets to ease the emotions that are left in your chest.

    By Fatima Kristienne on 09.13.2018

  9. “Would a spoon be okay, though?”
    He looked over the top of his newspaper with only a half-attentive glance. “Would a.. wait, what?”
    “You said not to stick a knife or a fork in it…” the child replied, his gaze shifting from father to outlet, father to outlet. “But is a spoon okay?”
    The father sighed, lifting the newspaper. “You know what, sure. A spoon is fine.”

    By mr.bojangals on 09.13.2018

  10. “So, what do you do for fun?” asked Mrs. Chandler over her mug of spiced tea.

    Erika stared at her. “For fun?”

    “Yeah, for fun! Or maybe as a creative outlet. What do you do?”

    “Oh. Um…” The preteen averted her awkward gaze to the ground. “I…build stuff. I guess.”

    “You build stuff?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.13.2018

  11. Somewhere my mother would’ve taken me as an infant to distract me from the bitterness of society and bullies, and to truly be myself.

    By feodora on 09.13.2018

  12. i write, i draw, i sing, i listen to music.
    better outlets than other old habits.

    By Abby on 09.13.2018

  13. Sarah’s eyes narrowed, as she stared at that dreaded outlet. Every time she tried to charge her phone with it, someone strange always texted her, and then her phone died, even if it was on 72%. Every time they texted her, they would say creepy stuff like “I’m behind you” or “I’m in your front lawn.” Maybe that outlet was an outlet to the spirit world, instead of an outlet of electricity.

    By Anon B on 09.13.2018

  14. At the end of the outlet, it seemed caved in. Leroy agreed that it was still questionable . He was always thinking ahead. But behind the obvious. We had children with us.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 09.13.2018

  15. Polenica growled as she struggled to fit the janky end of the charge of her swords into the outlet of the battery pack at her waist. They were always so tiny and frustrating to work with, especially under the stress and deadline of the most recent assassination attempt the kahriwarden had sent her on.

    By Namless URL on 09.13.2018

  16. A news outlet – was that a place where you could get last year’s news, a little bit less expensive, dressed up as the real thing? It was, wasn’t it? At least during the summer months, the silly season as they called it. Always the same stories to surface.

    By Silke Seßler on 09.13.2018

  17. ´Thankyou for letting me know now that the coffee has been brewed´, said Robert.

    ´ It is an outlet for letting the morning down turn go´, replied his partner.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.14.2018

  18. it looked like a face. like a surprised one. staring back at her just as in shock about what just happened as she was. she looked from the outlet down to david laying on the ground. she faintly heard sarah calling 911. she kept looking at the face.

    By dani on 09.14.2018

  19. outlets are good to have in rooms because you can have more electronic components when there are tones of them.

    By Brody Wright on 09.14.2018

  20. I need an outlet to express my creativity….. maybe I can plug into the wall…. an extra charge…. a way to connect…. outlets look like two faces with long eyes and a button nose stackes on top of each other.

    By GG Galactic URL on 09.14.2018

  21. I thought it would be different this time
    my escape from what I thought was the real world
    but it wasnt
    I thought this tiny outlet would have changed things
    but it was the wrong door
    I just went in one way and was spat right back out
    but then-
    I had discovered that maybe,
    just maybe-
    I needed to push the button and change my outlook
    think outside the box
    I had managed to find some light in this dark world.

    By ialexxstone on 09.14.2018

  22. An outlet is a device that allows power to flow through to some form of wiring or cable. You can find these devices in houses or in areas. We use outlets for all sorts of things such as powering our home devices like, toasters, microwaves, lamps and computers.

    By Eli on 09.14.2018

  23. She tried to escape, but it was no use. The stream pushed too urgently against her torso and she could barely keep her head above water. She heard the humdrum cackling of the fire in the cave behind her, saw the mighty silhouette of her captor glaring on the cave wall as he slept — which contrasted sharply, she thought, with his underwhelming stature.

    By Antoinette on 09.14.2018

  24. outlet.

    By Dee on 09.14.2018

  25. She needed an outlet – someone to voice her concerns to – verbally.

    Typing her thoughts on paper was simply too dangerous. Because then there’s a trail that could be used in a court of law.

    By chantemcb on 09.14.2018

  26. outlet
    an outlet is an electric necessity, for instance, a plug is needed to power an object.

    By Nate on 09.14.2018

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    By hennaelize on 09.14.2018

  28. The signs for the outlet mall are everywhere, crowding me as I drive. Distracting me as I drive. They used to be useful; they, the stores, not the signs could be a place to drop the wife while… Now, only the signs are left.

    By sp3lly URL on 09.14.2018

  29. an outlet on the wall of the airport. Perfect. My laptop was beginning to die, the screen darkening and the power bar becoming increasingly slim.
    I walked over and got out my cable, pushing it into the outlet. I was finally able to open my laptop and activate the bomb.

    By ryan on 09.14.2018

  30. An outlet, something I’ve been in the role of, not had the opportunity to seek out for myself. Very Often. Time I did, the specialist ended up in tears. Funny an electrical outlet is used to plug things in to get energy. Energy being like life. Similar to what I’ve felt like. Been an outlet for as long as I remember life, folks plug in..get their life..and up and running. Good friend has told me a few times lately, “you need an outlet to eh”.
    Probably right. Bursting at the seems.

    By Lulu Rain on 09.14.2018

  31. I love to go shopping.
    I need to make more money so that I can go to the outlet malls and actually feel like I have the freedom to buy what I want.
    I am ridiculously frustrated with where I am in life and why I have’t taken action on my businesses.

    That would be a different type of outlet one that would actually make me feel like I was making a difference in the world.

    By Tanya Stohler on 09.14.2018

  32. big red boardin the outline check list good idea.should b

    By Jingyuan Li on 09.14.2018

  33. I love to go outlet shopping. The stores generally have cheaper prices. It is a fun day shopping in so many stores. I love a whole day of shopping, eating lunch and spending the day with family.

    By Stephanie on 09.15.2018