May 21st, 2016 | 64 Entries

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64 Entries for “outfit”

  1. The skydiver’s outfit was special because it was made to skydive instead of just walking around. It has an extra layer from the wrist to the ankle.

    By cad on 05.23.2016

  2. What wouldn’t I give for a new outfit?! A floral, flowing print with beautiful bronzed skin. Summer is coming.

    By CA$HLEY URL on 05.23.2016

  3. I have recently started following the minimalism podcasts. I have started practising many of their proposed concepts. So now i dress according to the situation. If i am just going grocery shopping or for a casual evening out with friends i do not spend a long deciding what i wear, matching accessories and so on. I just throw out a pair of jeans and a top, tie my hair up in a high ponytail and a pair of simple earrings or a bracelet in addition to my watch. That was my outfit for the day.

    By Renuka Narayan on 05.23.2016

  4. My outfit has a lot of uniquck things about it and it has a lot of colors. If you are looking for a great outfit then come to me and I will give you one. My friends have a lot of great outfits to.

    By Ava URL on 05.23.2016

  5. never ending almost exactly thinking clearly the way I want to be,
    make me a dress and put an Emily the strange quote on it until I grow up and be ten years over 18
    summer slam is a fun time

    By Diana on 05.23.2016

  6. Things that make people look good or bad. Depends on what factors they respect, money , fame, looks or moral.


    By annlanding on 05.23.2016

  7. the best outfit to wear is the one you feel the most comfortable with. ypu are confortable with your panties, long socks, and a long shirt then go ahead and wear that shit!

    By teresa on 05.23.2016

  8. one morning i woke up and had nothing to ware so i went to school in my pjs i got laughed at.

    By jamie URL on 05.23.2016

  9. Tomorrow i have a super important business meeting and i need an outfit that is not to casual or not to fancy/formal. It is important to get the right outfit because it will show a little about you. if you have a too casual outfit they’ll probably think you aren’t professional and you might look weird if you are over dressed.

    By risa on 05.23.2016

  10. my outfit was so cute today i said to my mom and ans she was so proud i had dressed myself because I an only 3 .

    By jamie URL on 05.23.2016

  11. I don’t really care about outfits. It’s not my thing. My sister likes them though. She is always talking about how some things match with others

    By Morgan on 05.23.2016

  12. I shuffled through the contents of the bag, deciding that drawing out the time spent reviewing my situation would keep me from getting grumpy. They outfitted us all with some essentials like toothbrushes and soap, but my stomach sank when I picked up the gun, though I was not surprised.

    By ulimonster URL on 05.23.2016

  13. drag on fabric cover the marble this isn’t a gallery and we’ve no time for statues. cover it all up. no stone drapery, no linen, or cotton carved here, and we are not ideals for some ancient to sculpt. slip feet into your battle shoes and go.

    By tate URL on 05.23.2016

  14. I think that choosing your outfit is an amazing thing. I think it expresses personality and really lets you be who you want to be. That is why I hate schools with dress codes. Your clothing is a direct view inside of you as a person and I think it is a tragedy that schools want to take that away from us.

    By Nobie on 05.23.2016

  15. clothing. why? who knows. I don’t like pants.

    By Nobie on 05.23.2016

  16. “can you use this outfit for the dance? i really would love to see you, and me, dress like this”.- You would think she’d offered a nice suit, with a matching shirt and tie. But no, she wanted us to go disguised as half-dead to her parents 20th aniversary, reasons like this are why I love her

    By Bramsy URL on 05.23.2016

  17. i like to wear formal outfit most of the time.your Outfit tell people about your personality and behaviour.

    By atishay on 05.23.2016

  18. I have too many outfits, it makes the process of getting dressed an unnecessary challenge. It is one thing to try on a couple shirts, pants, etc. but when you are faced with a closet bursting with clothes and the mindset that ‘nothing feels right’… first world problems.

    By Elaenor Louise URL on 05.23.2016

  19. The outfit she was wearing stuck something within me. She is beautiful, I thought. I wanted to say it out loud, but the words were stubborn. I love her, so why can’t I say it? Sorry Mom, maybe next time.

    By Jo Pen on 05.23.2016

  20. naked… thats how I feel in whatever I am wearing. What is an outfit.. layers of fabric to hide layers on insecurtity… My fav outfit is the arms of a loved one.

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.23.2016

  21. She walked across the boardwalk, outfit looking sun-bleached compared to the black sky. The stars were dull, grass tinted blue in the dark. The wood floor was warm, still cooling off from the remanants of sunlight. Putting her earbuds in, she jogged across the shoreline. Moist sand stuck to her feet as she ran.

    By Linn P. URL on 05.23.2016

  22. the outfit was black and had a weird bloody tint to it. people made fun of the outfit. but the outfit ate people. this was not an ordinary outfit, but it was extraordinary. consuming more lives thsan hitler.

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.23.2016

  23. I stared down at my outfit. a rose-colored top with a lacy back, light wash denim shorts & ankle boots.

    By Annie on 05.23.2016

  24. They were still talking about outfits. Finette rolled her eyes at the endless prattle. Black tights, blue, tights, boa constrictor up to the boobs tights. Who the hell cares? She reached into her bag and pulled out a cigarette. She lit it up right there in the Zara change rooms, not caring about admonitions or fire alarms. “Jules” she said, “you look like a toad. Lets get outta here.”

    By bb333 URL on 05.23.2016