February 6th, 2012 | 197 Entries

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197 Entries for “orbit”

  1. space gum stars universe circle around a type of movement clean feeling no matter what
    own gravitational field

    By hannah on 02.07.2012

  2. spaceship, outer space, nasa, circle, sphere

    By Nathan Engelhardt on 02.07.2012

  3. around the moon……MOVING…….Insurance CIRCULAR

    By Zach on 02.07.2012

  4. The earth orbits around the sun, its a rotation type of thing. It deals with outer space. Orbit gum is amazing

    By Justine URL on 02.07.2012

  5. space; the earth is in orbit around the sun; i think of orbit gum

    By Cameron on 02.07.2012

  6. the sun orbits around earth all the time. its amazing what the word orbit means.

    By chris on 02.07.2012

  7. As in orbit the sun

    By Evelin Gonzalez on 02.07.2012

  8. I think of television and how spaceships orbit around the moon and the great tasting gum that i can’t have because of my braces

    By Robert Rynard on 02.07.2012

  9. . space.
    nothing really comes to mind

    By josh patton on 02.07.2012

  10. The suns and planets orbiting our earth, also with the brand of gum. Stars, asteroids, comets, and all other items and mysteries out in our universe.

    By Robbie on 02.07.2012

  11. something that floats in space. its outside the earth. big and with out gravity. technology.

    By kenyalee jeknins on 02.07.2012

  12. What I think of when I see the world orbit is the world and how it orbits around the sun and so do the other planets.

    By Jusitn Gonzalez on 02.07.2012

  13. around, rotate, space,gum, rotation.

    By Jessica on 02.07.2012

  14. the planet turns around slowly and its minty freshness lingers. To what is this force up to? its prowess yet to unfold as the turning of the tides beckons us to change and in this orbit we fall behind.

    By jed on 02.07.2012

  15. I float in your orbit and i can’t unsnare myself yet. I don’t want to. Though I have to learn to spin around myself, to treat myself as the center of my own world I bounce around from orbit to orbit of friends, lovers, causes, strangers, even those that hurt me- and i can’t (don’t want to?) break free.

    By miga URL on 02.07.2012

  16. I orbit around your sun,
    our dueling lights make the night shine brighter, i guess. But what we are must be more than that
    I have to untangle myself, because you untangled from me.

    By mieko URL on 02.07.2012

  17. The orbit of the eye was rounded, but not nearly so much as a human eye. Whatever this piece of bone had belonged to was not human, not at all. A horse maybe, or some kind of elk. Whatever it was, I couldn’t pinpoint out here in the field. My supervisor might though.

    By Jessica on 02.07.2012

  18. We are out of orbit.

    My atmosphere has combusted.

    Truly apart.

    Circumnavigativing my own despair.

    By jenna URL on 02.07.2012

  19. I do not orbit around you. I will not. I am on my own orbital path in this life. Focus on that. I want to see where my path leads and not follow along blindly in yours. I am my own person and I will be that person. I am enjoying my ride. Are you?

    By ShannonC URL on 02.07.2012

  20. As the giant asteroid slammed into earth, the moon was thrust into orbit.

    By just582 URL on 02.07.2012

  21. A lot of things orbit. Moons orbit planets and planets orbit the sun. The sun orbits a giant black hole. No one knows if the black hole orbits anything, but it probably does.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.07.2012

  22. orbit is awesome, our sun as it and so does every planet. u can put satelites up there

    By chris on 02.07.2012

  23. The round object orbited around the Statue of Liberty. The little boy looked up in wonder at it.

    By Smile your alive! on 02.07.2012

  24. I circle around you,
    You move around me.
    The distance between us constant
    So we never touch.
    Push, pull
    round and round
    Ebb and flow.

    Together, yet apart
    Renewing with each path
    We are as one.
    Yet separate.
    Not alone.

    By cafo URL on 02.07.2012

  25. as I launch myself through the galaxy, kissed by orbits and nurtured by milky ways i can only thank the universe for its motherly tenderness. love to some is no more than a trip.

    By Jay on 02.07.2012

  26. one day a young alien jumped too high and started to circle around his planet, he died and became a sphere and now he is a moon, the end.

    By robotm on 02.07.2012

  27. And the dance of his eyes was made around her, like an orbit, like it was too strong to leave that place.

    By Ricardina Minerva on 02.07.2012

  28. Troop transports unloaded out of the aircraft carrier heading to land spotted earlier from air scouts . Once the troop transports stopped in shallow waters the soldiers disembarked and slowly made their way onto the white sandy beaches. After resting for a minute the soldiers stealthily maneuvered their way through the tall tree thriving forests. ” Delta leader to spectre move north west. ” the overall company leader.

    By Allen Hawk on 02.07.2012

  29. I thought I’d never come down, didn’t want to come back down, this feeling was amazing. So I decided to remain high, tuned in to the joy frequency, letting myself remain in orbit around the giant love center of my heart. This is life!

    By Alison on 02.07.2012

  30. Orbiting unceasingly around the Sun, Earth wondered what it might feel like to break away. Saturn sounded nice this time of year.

    By Roma URL on 02.07.2012

  31. I walked down the brick pathway looking at all the faces of those that surrounded me. My world was opened, I saw new opportunities and things that brought me pleasure. It was after I ate my first piece of orbit gum..

    By Jennifer Whitcomb on 02.07.2012

  32. the moon, the stars, planets, ships, and the magic school bus. A good cartoon back in the day. Oh, and that crappy software.

    By John M. URL on 02.07.2012

  33. In space, planets orbit our earth as large masses. This is as a result of the laws of gravity developed by old physicists. This can be attributed to Newton as being one of his major discoveries. In addition, the same principle applies around atoms, where electrons orbit the atom in a shell type matter because of the mass of the nucleus.

    By Peter on 02.07.2012

  34. melancholia was right. as she sits and spins she wonders what it’s all for. sex. men. this is an afternoon tryst. a dirty floor. her shirt pulled up, her pants pulled down, her skin the cream between the oreo of her clothes. too many other things to do. it’s hard to concentrate. a paper due thursday. a test friday. 5 hours of work today. 9 hours of work tomorrow. what was the name of that song? the one with the girl who runs away. ahh she hasn’t written yet. she’s got forty-five more minutes left unless he cums earlier. spin. spin. spin. exhale. she’s hungry. she wonders if the banana is still good, if she can cut around the bruises to make one last nutella-peanut butter-banana sandwich. sometimes she thinks she’s not busy enough, sometimes too busy. she wants to move. away. from everything. a degree then nothing. no masters. no grad school. a quiet room. an internet connection. a view. a friend like a modern virginia woolf. an orbit she can follow.

    By becca Loo URL on 02.07.2012

  35. I’m launched into space, free from the binding chains of doubt and fear. I want to experience the feeling of my heart in my throat, begging to leave my body as if about to launch into adventures on its own. I look back and the earth, my troubles, my fear behind me weeps, I am gone. No one can hold me back now. I am in orbit.

    By Ethan on 02.07.2012

  36. we circulate concentric, around the laughter from the kitchen. when we take too long to think we miss the message they were sending. time it seems, may very well be up.

    By A. Yayo on 02.07.2012

  37. immediately my brain turns to space, the regular irregularity of the movement of planets around the mood in an elliptical orbit. then my mind jumps to gum- orbit gum that takes care of dirty mouths, promoted by a sassy woman with a accent i can’t place- and gum finally brings me to you. not sure how it began, but somehow it reassures me, your constant offering of gum when i’m down and nothing really can be done- it’s better than nothing

    By rosa URL on 02.07.2012