October 18th, 2010 | 141 Entries

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141 Entries for “octopus”

  1. There is a train with its many routes, and tunnels, spreading to cities far away, this always reminds me of an octopus.

    By Mayra URL on 10.18.2010

  2. He wore a monical, it was brass and quite tarnished but it had made an impression in his sunken face so he wore it although the eye was glass itself. He was a dashing octopus.

    By Amy on 10.18.2010

  3. the octopus. it was the greatest moment of my life. there i stood, in the middle of the ocean, in my grandfather’s boat. it was something like what i imagine a kracken would look like. but it was only an octopus.

    By Lindsay on 10.18.2010

  4. I feel your anger wrap itself around me, more arms than an octopus can even fathom. You bring me down into the deepest of waters.

    By J URL on 10.18.2010

  5. Master of the deep, your tentacles arise from the deep and struggle with mine. Don’t take me down. Don’t me do it…

    By Leah URL on 10.18.2010

  6. The first time I took her to the Aquarium her eyes fell in love with the octopus. This little girl who had no patience for any of my childhood stories. She didn’t want to read books about people who never existed. What do you want to read? Books about the ocean and what lives there. She found out that first day when eight arms reached out and touched her.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 10.18.2010

  7. 8 legs, 1 eye? does that seem fair?

    By cathy on 10.18.2010

  8. There he was, standing in the rain without an umbrella. The stuffed octopus from the aquarium gift shop hung limp in his hands, soaking up the dankness of the city streets.

    By Christine R. on 10.18.2010

  9. put a seal

    By molu on 10.18.2010

  10. They’re basically the coolest creature ever. They’ve got eight legs that are really tentacles because legs would be useless for them since they live in the water, not land. They eat stuff and have beaks. Yeah.

    By Andy Kay on 10.18.2010

  11. as many people may know the octopus is a marine life form, but as many probably do not know it pimps squids out on its spare time.

    By Ryan Nethercutt on 10.18.2010

  12. A smile touched his lips as the memory played out on paper. “With the mirth of a child with a new toy, Stephen hoisted the octopus and claimed it to be edible. In the end, not pleasing to the palate, but quite the adventure. How does one eat a creature with suckers that won’t release the plate?”

    By Rose Wade URL on 10.18.2010

  13. Eight legged being. They are often shown as a raping thing in Japan. I cannot think of any reason the Japanese would make octopus a fetish. I’m trying to think of a similar thing in America. Maybe horses and dogs?

    By Asterios Polyp URL on 10.18.2010

  14. something that offers everything

    By parth on 10.18.2010

  15. He had arms like an octopus, a hand in every crevice. I pulled away, ducked to avoid his slobbering mouth. Yuk!

    By lorraine URL on 10.18.2010

  16. Harry Potter stared at the octopus. The octopus stared back. It blinked, and Harry pulled out his wand. The loser of the staring contest had to go shopping with Lady Gaga for designer underwear with flowery decorations on the butt.

    By yugimew URL on 10.18.2010

  17. 8 rubies for my baby sweet
    8 sandstones for a lady’s treat
    8 sprinkled churros warm and soft
    8 decks of cards held aloft
    8 honeybees heading west
    8 tablespoons of lemon zest
    8 bites she took of buttered toast
    8 times he said he loved her most

    By TheBess on 10.19.2010

  18. Ink. Squid.
    Blue irnged octopus.
    Octopussy :P
    Man mind block…. Deep sea, mysterious.
    Stuck on face?

    By bibimBAP URL on 10.19.2010

  19. On the seventh day of our journey, we had come upon the mythical beast that had terrorized our dreams. Thrashing, and malignant. Destructive, and furious. Not even god could tame such a deadly and mysterious beast.

    By Mike W on 10.19.2010

  20. “Batten down the hatches,” screamed Captain Knotbeard, thinking it was a coming storm that was shaking their galleon to and fro. Then without warning, a giant octopus climbed over the stern and quickly slinked down to the galley, where he was cut up into little pieces for supper. He’d been feeling rather depressed ever since he caught his girlfriend sharing ink with that squid in the Porsche.

    By richpee URL on 10.19.2010

  21. Cthulu is huge, startling even. Not just in size but in stature. Do people praise him because of how hugee he is? Do they praise him for a lack of something to love? This is all silly. I love being silly.

    By Angie on 10.19.2010

  22. blue nipples and my space suit alpha dog beta gamma sister please! Holy pants in my drawer, literally. Pies are good, but I’ve only had pumpkin.

    By Taylor DeSoto on 10.19.2010

  23. The octopus and i go back a long way. The eight legs are actually similar to the way my mind works. Convoluted.

    By Prashanth on 10.19.2010

  24. The simplicity of 8 arms doing 8 different things controlled by one brain is nature at its best. Nothing in the man man made world can be so convoluted AND AT THE SAME TIME so elegant.

    By Prashanth URL on 10.19.2010

  25. I swam deeper and deeper into the cold, dark blue sea. There were many sea creatures that swan smoothly past as if to show off their skills. I scowled as I moved further down into the deep depths of the ocean, the only thing keeping me alive is the air tank that is neatly attached to my diving gear.

    By Dinorawr! URL on 10.19.2010

  26. I had octopus soup once but when the waiter brought it to my table I saw it had a fly in it.
    ‘Waiter!’ I called. ‘What’s this fly doing in my octopus soup?’
    ‘The backstroke.’ The waiter replied disdainfully.

    By Kitty Littertray URL on 10.19.2010

  27. Well, a cute little colourfull and alien-alike animal living in the ocean, too bad that he (or is it a she?) ends up as our dinner too often. OK i admit sometimes an octy isn’t that little but let’s agree on something: it (he, she?) is a miracle in the ocean and deserves our sympathy. Don’t spoil our oceans, think of all creatures and the beautiful nature life there. Or think about the Beatles song, my favourite ‘Octopussy’s garden at the sea’. (Was it Mc Cartney? Definitely not Lennon but I can’t recall.) Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The message? Don’t spoil our nature! Look and explore (environmentally-friendly of course). We definitely owe it to the seas, to the nature, to the earth. And to the octopus! He was first, wasn’t he?

    By Anne Brackx on 10.19.2010

  28. If she were hungry, she’d dive in. But she’d already eaten earlier that night. A ham sandwich, french bread, dijon mustard. She belched quietly, tastebuds remembering that satisfying meal.

    By Sam on 10.19.2010

  29. A mighty octopus squigged through the ocean, shooting ink as it went, getting some sick sense of amusement out of it. This was rather strange behaviour for an octopus.

    By Stuart on 10.19.2010

  30. He needed arms like an octopus to carry all his gadgets for he longed to touch them. That need to touch went unfulfilled as long as they remained in his pockets.

    By gino on 10.19.2010

  31. An Octopus lived at the bottom of the sea, it’s a great and gigantic animal. Well known to be talked about in many mythologies. It inspired many books, films and perhaps songs. Some find it disgusting other admires it.

    By Jane on 10.19.2010

  32. Yummy. That’s what comes to mind as I sit in this Japanese restaurant. Patiently waiting for my serving of fresh octopus to arrive. Nothing beats having raw seafood on a Friday night.

    By Weng Yee Loke URL on 10.19.2010

  33. through the rest of the day,superior man goes about saving the day,saving a fishing trawler from a giant octopus,getting a cat out of a tree,lifting a child out of the way of a speeding car,putting out a house fire…you,know…the usual stuff

    By Dan URL on 10.19.2010

  34. Octopus are marine animals that live in the deep sea. They have eight tentacles which have suctions on the front, they eject black ink out of their mouths as some sort of defense mechanism or when in need of catching their pray. They are cooooool creatures of the deep sea, I wish i could see one in real life!

    By octopus URL on 10.19.2010

  35. i like octopuses. they are scary, but intelligent creatures. I envy them for living in the sea. I’d like to eat octopus salad once. They are purple or grey

    By Selma on 10.19.2010

  36. By carolyn hirons on 10.19.2010

  37. I love my little Octopus,
    he’s slimy and slippery too.
    I caught him when he escaped
    from the Sacramento Zoo.

    He plays with me and runs away
    squirting all his ink.
    I wish he’d get back in the tank
    ’cause that stuff really stinks.

    By cleany URL on 10.19.2010

  38. reply to wife’s birthday wishes

    By sreethi on 10.19.2010

  39. que eu queria agora escrever um e-mail para camila. que antes eu queria ter acordado nessa manhã com a larissa. que eu gostaria que a vida fosse mais simples, as pessoas mais doces

    By steffania on 10.19.2010