July 13th, 2008 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “occasion”

  1. it’s a fine occasion indeed when i happen upon something i really like. an occasion is pretty stretchy, much like the word frequent… occasionally is of marginal importance but An Occasion is very important. english is flip floppy like that. OH LOOK THE BAR IS UP

    By grayson on 07.14.2008

  2. An occasion can be something different to various people. For some, it has to be celebrated with parties and cakes, for others, it’s the registering of a precious moment fluttering in their heart forever, and taking the time to remember that moment for many times afterward. Some have to have pomp and grandeur, others just need their solitude.

    By Beth on 07.14.2008

  3. This is the best occasion, today right now celebrate it like no other, every breathe is a reminder of how special we are and how special this moment is so go ahead celebrate the occassion of life

    By Josh on 07.14.2008

  4. no way, 60 secs to tell you that I’m already taken over by the green bar, it goes too fast, Im full throttle , fifth gear and all fin gers activated, damn it’s red now, I’m cooked

    By Rilly on 07.14.2008

  5. “What is the special occasion” I’ve been asked that many times.
    “you got a hair cut, what’s the special occasion?”
    “Oh, i see you went to the party store, what’s the special occasion?
    “I see you have on a tie, what’s the special occasion?”
    and so on….sometimes i just do things for no reason at all, other than the fact that i want to do it. Who needs a special occasion?

    By Zach on 07.14.2008

  6. Occasionally I like to come to oneword and spend a minute writing.

    By jamon on 07.14.2008

  7. There are lots of different occasions.
    Like holidays and birthdays.There are alos
    more serious ones.Like test int the univesity.
    Some of the occasion you prepare fpr.

    By Roy on 07.14.2008

  8. occasions are remembered for our whole life and really become fragmented in our memories forever. they are what we look forward to, plan for and remember forever. its part of who we are. never lose a moment or regret or fail to remember an occasion. No matter if good or bad, occasions are part of life. they make the world go around…

    By James on 07.14.2008

  9. On occasion I like to write, but the occasion often never comes. It’s when I want to write–the oppertunity presents itself–that inspiration is most elusive.

    By chris on 07.14.2008

  10. occasion – still a big thing in my mind. Occasions are special events, ones that we look forward to either with trepidation or great excitement. Think weddings, parties, citizenship swearing in, Mum’s operations, they all are significant events.

    By sophie on 07.14.2008

  11. occasion can be happy or sad
    happy can be birthday, marraige, anniversary, good scores in exams, new job
    sad can be death, break off, accidents,

    By Appu on 07.14.2008

  12. it is a point of time.

    By billy on 07.14.2008

  13. asjkdhajksdnakn

    By A123 on 07.14.2008

  14. On occasion, I feel like I am actually interested in something.
    Amazing isn’t it? That I could be interested in something and yet so unhappy with the way my life is going?

    Of course, it is only on occasion.
    I wish it would happen every day.
    Sadly, it does not.

    Chin up, cheer up…

    By courtney on 07.14.2008

  15. As the occasion has it, I’m alone. And to tell the truth, I’m not the best company, even for myself. So, I guess, I understand why they would leave me out; not meanly, not intentionally, but just forget me.

    By Gezi on 07.14.2008

  16. good things come out in different ways from different people.
    might also come coincidently……..sometimes needs to be awaited for good reasons

    By tarka on 07.14.2008

  17. today I had the opportunity to do nothing, it was no special occasion, I had been doing the same thing all summer. It was time for me to get away from all the stress in life and there was no better time than now.

    By Han on 07.14.2008

  18. on this occasion id like to thank those who helped me achieve my success not only as ph d candidate, now culminating in my degree, but also as a consciencous and cutting-edge researcher. life is about opportunities. occasions are the wonderful way i seek to turn each of them into. congratulations to me

    By jlpresto on 07.14.2008

  19. This one time I was at this special occasion for my gardener’s neighbor’s cousin’s boyfriend’s brother’s son’s bar mitzvah. I got so smashed it was absolutely unbelievable. I felt like fuckin’ Moses, I saw the burning bush. I was later told I just knocked over a candle holder and an entire table went up in flames, and I told my lawyer look dude, just get me out of here, enough about that night.

    By Evan on 07.14.2008

  20. On certain occasions, she found it pleasant to visit the seaside resort where she had once lived. She knew that it was a thing of trifles, and that there were no people of real importance to her there, but she still liked being there occasionally — sometimes to think, sometimes just to while away her day.

    By coriolis on 07.14.2008

  21. I am going to get my green card very soon.
    I am so happy to see my prosperity in every field that I want to prosper.

    By Ramesh on 07.14.2008

  22. it was on that day, that i realized it was the best time to bring up the news to her. She had been wearing a long satin gown, straps covering her shoulders. I strutted up to her in a sort of noir way. She glanced at me from behind her locks of golden hair.
    “Hello”, I stuttered.
    “Hello”, she said, with a coy wink. I moved closer to her and wrapped my arm around her waist.

    We danced.

    By Bryan on 07.14.2008

  23. Now is a good a time as any, time to decide. Now or never I guess; will I ever be happy. Don’t guess anyone can ever be sure of their lives. Make a decision.

    By Tiffany on 07.14.2008

  24. lovely birthday party presents ribbons, pies party maybe, event family annual special happy

    By peter skippen on 07.14.2008

  25. An occassion is when I masturbate.

    By Ol Pol on 07.14.2008

  26. Something like Christmas. Something that differs from a regular day. An occaison… Hmmmm… Yeah- like Easter or a birthday. Something that makes a particular time special.
    Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, New Year are all occaisions. Special occaision and stuff.

    By Grace on 07.14.2008

  27. An occasion is something special — out of the ordinary that you take the time out to celebrate, or be with those whom you don’t have a chance to see. An occasion is stopping and taking time out of the ordinary to see and watch and be with those you love for a particular purpose. Occasions should happen more often! They are special!

    By Krista on 07.14.2008

  28. occasion, occasion, man this one is hard, well i dont know i sort of associate the word occasion with like a vacation, like a family occasion, that sort of thing. it really doesnt dredge up any emotional things with me, i cant really write about any occasions that affected (effected?) me. well this was my worst “oneword” yet. gosh.

    By nick on 07.14.2008

  29. The occasion was a sad one, mournful, and yet I could not but be happy to see your face across the room. It had been years, but the still the connection was there between us, deep, strong.

    By nmw on 07.14.2008

  30. ‘Tis the occasion to be jolly. Yes, I know it’s the season, but Christmas could also be an occasion, yes? And so could a birthday, or other holiday, or any other time we’re meant to be jolly. You should just try to be jolly as much as possible.

    By Chalky on 07.14.2008

  31. Occasionally ostentatiously i dream of being a cat bungler stealing the guarded hearts of beautiful women from the dangers of their own reality. A little conceited if you ask me.

    By dragonsontea on 07.14.2008

  32. the multitude of events and consequences in complex polyrhythms

    By monkenstick on 07.14.2008

  33. She tossed the paper in the air and danced around the room happily. Making a make shift crown out of pits of torn packing paper, she placed it on her daughters head and danced with her. The two year old didn’t understand the occasion, but anything that had to do with dancing, crowns and flying paper was just fine with her. They danced around the room singing “the last box, the last box, the last box is unpacked” and ended on the couch with giggles.

    By Morgan on 07.14.2008