April 12th, 2012 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “nourish”

  1. food health water vitamins oil cream

    By lis on 04.13.2012

  2. I feed. You feed.
    I eat. You eat
    this milk cannot remain in my body
    It will kill me by night

    Drink baby

    By mpenzimtenzi URL on 04.13.2012

  3. nourish your soul, whenever you can, otherwise you end up finding yourself nothing to turn to. what you can turn to lies within, not outside. if you nourish yourself enough to create something to turn to within, then, that make a huge difference in life.

    By kaorita on 04.13.2012

  4. Nourishment takes different forms. I like to get physiological nourishment from smoothies. But there is also nourishment of the mind. For that, there is nothing as simple as a smoothie. It takes years and a passion for learning to give the mind the nourishment it requires.

    By Andrew Bowen on 04.13.2012

  5. to nourish is to provide with the energy, minerals, and materials that the body needs in order to survive. There is no way that you can go to long without proper nourishment. Crocadiles, on the other hand, can go months without food.

    By Jackie Lily Murple on 04.13.2012

  6. The sunlight filters through the leaves just like it would filter through stained glass. Funny that I still think of churches when I think of light. Of the rich nourishment of light, of things that can give life. Like egg yolk, placenta, manure.

    By kate on 04.13.2012

  7. I don’t always feel hungry. Sometimes I eat because I want to eat. It doesn’t matter. It’s not necessarily for the hunger or the boredom. Not even the nourishment. I get my nourishment other ways. Eat, pray, love, right? Isn’t that nourishment enough?

    By Simon URL on 04.13.2012

  8. The nourishing fruit tasted delicious. It was green, orange and yellow and tasted like a mix of apples, oranges and watermelons. It was the last thing Jack tasted before the bullet split his head like a coconut.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 04.13.2012

  9. Nourish? I guess all I can say is that this word reminds me of a mother holding a child in her arms. She nourishes him with food and love… but not always. I mean, you get shitty mothers sometimes. It’s not always their fault – there’s social issues at play – but some kids end up not being nourished at all.

    By Ashi on 04.13.2012

  10. Water gushed into the bottle green can. Methodically, the bespectacled, hunched figure poured water over a battalion of plant pots, guarding the windowsill. Nourishing life- water splashed into the desolate brown soil, reviving the weary, withered shoots once more.

    By Jacklin on 04.13.2012

  11. nourish is when your body is healthy and fully nourished.

    By elizabeth barron URL on 04.13.2012

  12. What is the point? This will not nourish the soul or bring joy. The task is effort without fire or passion, shackling me to my desk and the typewriter, while the objectives are wreathed in a haze, obscure, almost mythic.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.13.2012

  13. Food nourishes someone but you Can also nourish some one with love and
    Music and other things. It’s all about helping someone grow be that physically or emotionally.

    By Steph Satchell on 04.13.2012

  14. To feed oneself is a necessity, much like breathing or playing golf when you turn 40.

    By Oliver Smith on 04.13.2012

  15. Over the years, he thought he had finally tamed his hunger, but after his 18th birthday it seemed everything had intensified. Especially the hunger. It had finally become too much. He opened his eyes and noticed his lips wrapped around her shoulder, blood slipping into his mouth, nourishing him like he needed.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 04.13.2012

  16. um like taking care of someone like the mother nourished her child …….i think

    By harhodes on 04.13.2012

  17. Come…let’s go nourish ourselves as we worship the “One, true living God, Jesus Christ” in the house of the Lord.

    B.Y.O.B. – Bring your own bible.

    God bless you all.

    By URL on 04.13.2012

  18. nourish to be nourished.

    By URL on 04.13.2012

  19. The doctors had to nourish the little boy back to health. When you nourish somebody you make them better.

    By Laurie URL on 04.13.2012

  20. I know how to nourish plants. Water them, give them sun, have he right fertilizer.

    By Steven URL on 04.13.2012

  21. They’re many people willing to help nourish other people to feel good.

    By aiyana URL on 04.13.2012

  22. This is a word that i have no comprehention of if i knew id probably write about it.

    By Trystan URL on 04.13.2012

  23. They had to nourish the girl back to health since she has been sick for a couple days.

    By Earthly URL on 04.13.2012

  24. i think nourish,i think nourish means irish people

    By wes URL on 04.13.2012

  25. I don’t know what the word nourish means.

    By umberto URL on 04.13.2012

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    By Daymon URL on 04.13.2012

  27. to give some food or something that can benefit to health of an individual that will provide him an energy to do the activities of daily living. to provide essential elements derived from food or anything nutritious that we eat.

    By josie on 04.13.2012

  28. I was trying to breath energy into the soreness of my thighs. But try as I would to blank the pain from my brain, it would do its best to remind me how much the mind does rely on the body.

    By Ruben URL on 04.13.2012

  29. The nourishing sand seeped in between my toes and then the water came washing up onto the shore. I could hear the nourishing sound of the birds above and the little kids playing in the water while screaming and jumping. A boat passes by and the waves get bigger and bigger and finally slow down again.

    By Mackenzie on 04.13.2012

  30. Frigid and shaking, standing on the border of that little line where sand meets water. The dry versus the nourished.

    By ashbran53 on 04.13.2012

  31. to nourish one’s dream
    is to heal one’s heart
    to nourish is not just about food..
    but to heal what’s inside..

    By Genderless on 04.13.2012

  32. Nourish the roots of the plant with care, love and time. It’s what formed first, what supported it from when it first touched Earth, and without the roots, the plant would be a piece of withering grey. That plant is your family, your parents – that’s what made you who you were. Be it whether you’re born with a silver spoon or into a broken family, that decides what you become. Your life revolves around it too, so don’t forget where your heart is. Home is where the heart is, even if that home is crumbling apart right in front of your eyes. Even if it’s not something you can fix.

    By Zeoru on 04.13.2012

  33. i do not no this word






    By colby on 04.13.2012

  34. to feed. yourself animals and even dead plants! and tori

    By sbindley URL on 04.13.2012

  35. Nourish means to feed. The fat kids nourish’s himself all day because he is sooo fat.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 04.13.2012

  36. to care for.

    By diamondsss URL on 04.13.2012

  37. to feed yourself!

    By tperkins URL on 04.13.2012

  38. Jacob mills gets to nourish himself when he eats pine cones with his grandma.

    By lustgraaf112 URL on 04.13.2012

  39. I nourish myself with art, devour it, in order to grow and expand like an ocean under an unstoppable rain. Art touches my center with a glowing, golden touch and leaves my ribcage opened wide – welcoming sensations and observations.

    By Kirsty URL on 04.13.2012

  40. i dont know what that word means but i think it means a pink hippo

    By jdogg URL on 04.13.2012