July 14th, 2016 | 35 Entries

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35 Entries for “noise”

  1. You try to stifle the noise, clap your palms over your ears, but it only creates a cavern that amplifies the sound. You release your hands, but they’re still whispers in your head that you can’t shake.

    By Ashi URL on 07.14.2016

  2. sensory overload. chaos. distraction. loathe. every one is so preoccupied with noise they don’t stop and praise the silence. slow down

    By asr on 07.14.2016

  3. I hate noise. It is so loud and grating on my ears. It causes me a headache and greatly annoys me. I want peace and quiet. Unfortunately that does not seem to be possible.

    By Alicia on 07.14.2016

  4. too much noise
    all around
    need to calm the sound
    of cacophony
    readily available words
    but when noise is in harmony
    and a rhythm is found
    then noise turns into music
    and music turns into sound

    By Julia Thompson URL on 07.14.2016

  5. Turn down the volume in your head, block out the distracting noise bouncing between the brain cells. In the quiet moments, that is where you hear your guiding voice. The one that is never wrong. Call it intuition or your higher self. Much wiser than us. It is all knowing, all seeing. Listen and let it guide you to the best version or the clearest vision you have of yourself. Peace and love to you all.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 07.14.2016

  6. waffle

    By jan URL on 07.14.2016

  7. “All the noise is making me crazy!”-He screamed. What?
    “There’s no noise, man”- said a passerby following her path
    “What?” -He screamed again, noticing that everyone on the street was looking at him, like he was insane. They are the insane ones he thought, how can they not be bothered by it.

    Suddenly, it stopped. Everything was quiet and everyone was still looking at him. A teen asked him if he was feeling alright
    -“Did you not hear any of that noise?”- he said- “I feel like my head is about to come off”
    -“There was no noise, dude”-the kid said
    -“Someone should call an ambulance”-suggested an old lady

    He heard someone, something, else talk but couldn’t find the source. It took him a while to realize the voice was coming from his head
    “They are right, Jackie boy, there was no noise!”-It laughed-“We are here for you now, we are here to stay!”

    By Bramsy on 07.14.2016

  8. That is how i would describe my household. Noise. We always are doing something or listening to something. But it makes life interesting and i wouldn’t want it any other way.

    By Nobody. on 07.14.2016

  9. loud and I hate whtat it sis doing toe my brain. Why can’t It jsut stop. I amd spelling poorly and 60 seconds is a long time. What do I do next? I wish this would end and then Ic ould go back abe nbee quite . …….

    By Peter Pappas URL on 07.14.2016

  10. my neighbours have done so much noise since 2010,

    By leandra fernandes on 07.14.2016

  11. noise the noise all the noise I love dr. seuss and all of his books probably because it brings back memoires of my oldest and I sitting and reading every night before he went to bed and him asking “one more time please.”

    By Vanessa L Porta on 07.14.2016

  12. The noise was irritating and after a few minutes, it seemed to get into his bones. “Is there any way to shut that off?” he asked.

    “Sorry, boss, but it’s a malfunction in the engine. We have to stop to fix it.”

    “And if we don’t?”

    “The engine could overheat and the components could fuse.”

    Then we’d be stuck out in the middle of no where, surrounded by silence.

    “Go ahead and fix the beast. I’m going to get some sleep.” He lay down in his bunk and felt the strange tug as the engines stopped. The silence was wonderful at first, then terrifying when he thought of being stuck in the great expanse of ocean. He closed his eyes. And suddenly jerked away. The noise was back, but he knew that it didn’t come from the engine. It came from within himself.

    By chanpheng URL on 07.14.2016

  13. I heard a thrash as I was first reading the word, after a break of silence. Earlier, I had to turn the volume up on the television when Till and I were watching Power Rangers (1993) because the audio seemed to be softer than on previous shows, and the hum of the air conditioner affected the volume of the television and how we were able to perceive the sce

    By s on 07.14.2016

  14. It wasn’t a simple noise that I’d heard. It was loud and dangerous sounding. I wasn’t sure what i was supposed to do. Half of me wanted to leave the area and the other wanted to go see what it was that made it

    By cambion on 07.14.2016

  15. Everything he says is noise to me now. He can be telling me that the newspaper wasn’t delivered, just a simple thing, and it’s jarring, awful, ruining my life. He can be telling me that the saw a car that he liked; a woman he remembered, anything. It’s all I can do not to kill the man. I remember our wedding. Looking into his eyes and wondering if I hadn’t committed a terrible crime. The love in those eyes went through me: I had never seen anything so real. I knew then that I it would not be long before I killed his spirit, sapped the life out of him, made him think he wasn’t a real man. Because when you don’t love someone as much as they love you, it is always there. The knowing. The regretting. The wanting to apologize in those moments when you’re intimate and actually feeling yourself buying it, accepting it, thinking maybe this is the best you will ever get. Remembering when it really was.

    By ruby on 07.14.2016

  16. the noise in my mind is a constant buzz. it pesters and consumes me whole. I wonder if I smash my head against a wall will cease the noise

    By Vy on 07.14.2016

  17. “It’s too loud in this house!” Matthew shrieked, glaring menacingly at his father. Ciel looked at him, rather offended.

    “I’m not THAT bad on the violin! Now shut up and listen!”

    Matthew only groaned as the so-called ‘music’ continued.

    By shea on 07.14.2016

  18. I heard a loud noise, but I didn’t know what it was. A ghost? A man with chains? A man without chains? I would be disappointed if it were the latter.
    I miss hearing loud noises. Like the street. The cars. Everything is so quiet here. Everything is so stagnant. My father says I should appreciate these moments, but I appreciate the old moments more.
    What about you? Man without chains. Now I see you clearly.

    By Lauren on 07.14.2016

  19. The noise was unending and piped out at the loudest possible volume and it kept changing, too, so sometimes it sounded like Nine Inch Nails and other times it was Simon and Garfunkel and the worst was when it sounded like that Thievery Corporation song “Lebanese Blonde” for hours on end. Guantanamo Bay sucked.

    By Rebecca URL on 07.14.2016

  20. the noise in my mind
    is too great.

    i need some time alone.

    i need to sort through the mess
    of my thoughts
    and to find those which are
    true to myself
    and not an imitation
    of another.

    By Chrissie on 07.14.2016

  21. There is always noise around me. I make a distinction between noise and sounds. Sounds are distinguishable and associated with something that I am paying attention to. Noise is just the sound of voices murmuring, the chaotic thoughts in my mind, birds chirping, a fan blowing air. Unfortunately, there are too many things in my life which should be sounds, which deserve my attention, yet I treat them like noise. The conversation of people whom I love, explanations, lessons, stories. It becomes lost in the noise of the moment or gets lost in the noise of my mind.

    By khakicat URL on 07.14.2016

  22. It was loud. She opened the door and instantly covered her face from the bright lights. The experience was like no other- clubbing was truly a place where people lose themselves.

    By James Yang on 07.15.2016

  23. “Good heavens!” cried Sebastian. “What on Earth is all that horrid racket?”

    The noise that he was complaining about happened to be his twin daughter, Thelma and Velma, practicing playing their musical instruments for the first time. While Thelma twanged the strings of her guitar, Velma was huffing and puffing into an old silver flute that her mother had bought her, her face changing between red and purple as she attempted to make a sound.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.15.2016

  24. Noise is a form of distraction. You can lose focus when there’s noise around you. But sometimes it also depends on the kind of noise. Noise can be also a good thing. Like music, sound of the waves, a movie playing in the background. That’s what I like about it.

    By CJDT on 07.15.2016

  25. noise was loud, but it could also be quiet. noise could be the bustling streets of New York, cars honking and rain pelting windows, but it could also be a soft, sweet spring with birds chirping and delicate flowers blooming.

    By anthieia on 07.15.2016

  26. The classroom was bustling with activity, full of noise ,children shouting, laughing, chatting and what not. Just like the chirping of birds in the early mornings & evenings. The noise was shut down with one voice of the teacher , “SILENCE”.

    By rainbow on 07.15.2016

  27. We heard the noise while going through the empty building. We couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Maybe the ceiling or some crazy cats.

    By stef URL on 07.15.2016

  28. Make it your friend or it will control you. It isn’t going anywhere. Even in a soundless room you can hear your blood flow. Embrace the noise. Be Loud!

    By Gabriel Dahlke URL on 07.15.2016

  29. It’s unbearable. It’s screaming in my ear. I cannot even fathom how loud it is. It comes in a range of types; I hear whispers, I hear screams, screeching and gasping and hollow, shallow, shaky breaths. And then?


    No amount of covering my ears can cover it.

    By Amanda URL on 07.15.2016

  30. The noise was unbearable. She breathed in short, shallow gasps of air and tried to inconspicuously leave the room.
    She was in the hallway when she hear “Em!”
    Not as inconspicuous as she had wanted.
    “Hey, sorry, I just… I was trying to… I needed some air.”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.15.2016

  31. They barked so loud that I could hardly concentrate, these men going back and forth about whose ideas were best. What a meeting. And one point I burst into a fit of laughter, but tried to play it off like a sneezing fit.

    By ml on 07.15.2016

  32. What I need is noise. Loud banging insane noise which will stop my thoughts and help me go into oblivion forever.

    By puttu on 07.15.2016

  33. Hey what is that fuss all about?
    WHich one? i can’t hear anything. has this ever happened with you before? listening to nonexistent noises?

    By Kilo Byte on 07.15.2016

  34. loudness, quiet, whispers, clangs, bangs, din, clatter, snap, click-clack, clomp, clatter

    By spettengill on 07.15.2016

  35. why is there sound
    all around
    when yesterday there was non
    because of the stun of the gun
    of emotion that clouts
    and emotion to be used
    by the other when the beats
    connect and make rhythm
    mean more than feats
    of any man who dares
    to stare silence in the face

    By Julia Thompson URL on 07.15.2016