August 22nd, 2013 | 70 Entries

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70 Entries for “national”

  1. Within the boundaries of a nation are beauty’s that only prove to be a part of our identity in relation to our land, but nature is within us all. One nation under God means we are all God’s and Godesses, we are nature.

    By Michelle McLaughlin on 08.22.2013

  2. “…and, of course, everyone knows it’s the most beloved sport in this godforsaken country.” he continued authoritatively, his accent grating on my already exposed nerve.
    “Football is not the bloody national pastime, you halfwit.” I snarled, throwing him a powerful glare from my place on the opposite side of the table.
    Catelyn gave me a look, THAT look, from her place by his side but, despite that, I couldn’t find it in myself to be sorry for saying it.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.22.2013

  3. His face contorted into a sneer of nationalistic pride. “Oh, so you’re one of them?”

    By WearyWater URL on 08.22.2013

  4. To enter the stage in a new country was mind shattering. I no longer understood what the yelling behind the rail meant. They could have chanted my name and yet it sounded like white noise. I flashbacked to my adolescence; falling asleep at 3am with my father’s dead eyes on the screen. My opponent looked dazed at my expression, but I couldn’t shake it off. This had to be a dream.

    By Ruben URL on 08.22.2013

  5. Widespread and traditional,
    scattered from sea to sea.
    This world I have in my hand was
    strewn upon me.

    By Marissa on 08.22.2013

  6. I don’t believe in unity anymore. I believe in discord and madness and the color grey.

    By letusbelennon on 08.23.2013

  7. Indonesia has around 20 national airports.

    By Fenny on 08.23.2013

  8. “The national is the only race that is big enough to pull it off, but that means we will need over a million to even get started.” Jerry paused, waiting for the Don to react. “And the return will be?” 0 he stared at Jerry through the smoke of his cigar. “Twenty percent; more if we go higher.”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.23.2013

  9. National statistics for freezing in the meat locker of your own butcher’s shop probably indicated one in a billion deaths.

    My mom always told me I was one in a billion. She told me billion because she thought million was over-used, and because it wouldn’t mean anything otherwise.

    Mom, you were right.

    By Maria URL on 08.23.2013

  10. The news went national soon enough. At first Jeremy thought that no one would listen to Lisa Marie, but he was quickly proven wrong. The “crazy girl next girl” new how to tell a lie.

    He was scared. He was scared for himself, and scared for Jonathan. They had done nothing that was wrong in any way(or that’s what he kept telling himself) and they didn’t deserve to have the police knocking on their down and to be taken in for questioning.

    Lisa Marie was a liar. It had always been that way for as long as he could remember. Jeremy had even warned Johnathan about her when he first moved into Mugwump, and the two had taken a few precautions to avoid her when they were causing their daily mischief. Unfortunately they had gotten caught and Lisa Marie thought it wise to make their little prank public.

    ‘Cause that’s all it was. A prank. Jeremy had no idea why the police were treating everything so seriously. Perhaps it was they who needed to get their sanity tested.

    By Brandi on 08.23.2013

  11. National. Dry word; dry as a bone. National bank. National debt. National anthem. It makes me yawn.

    By mrsmig on 08.23.2013

  12. Singing the national anthem
    this is my anthem
    this is my attraction
    my adoration for such a nation
    that the words escape me

    By B.Crazy on 08.23.2013

  13. flag, country, nationality, true to your country, national national national this word doesn’t mean anything to me i’m not quite sure what to say about it but i don’t want to not write anything in these 60 seconds … and why doesnt national mean anything to me? do i not have pride for my country? is there another definition i should be thinking of ? i feel the stress of these 60 seconds impending on my thoughts!!! i need more practice : )

    By Pamela Kalechofsky on 08.23.2013

  14. “Where is your pride, anyway?” he asked

    “Closest thing I have to national pride is in my passport,” she replied. They flipped through the pages, a stamp on every one.

    “That’s a lot of countries, but what about the one on the cover? The one you’re a citizen of.”

    “That’s where I’m from. I’m grateful for that. But it’s not my life, and it’s not where I’m going.”

    By Anthony StClair on 08.23.2013

  15. national is a word used a lot of times. National tv, national news, and so on. Well national stands for soemthing that belongs to a nation..

    By tit on 08.23.2013

  16. you set strict borders around
    your stolen land

    that it would costs an arm and
    a leg just to visit

    so how come you’re waltzing
    back into ours

    with such entitlement, like you
    think it’s still yours?

    By h. b. on 08.23.2013

  17. everyone is proud of their national flags. and they should b, those who aren’t are infact pretentious fools. national flag represents the history of that nation, the valor with which they fought to protect n safeguard it’s identity .

    By Pooja on 08.23.2013

  18. I feel like we are all nationals of a whole different universe. I can’t place you. You can’t place me. We are so different but so alike. I am a national of the world. I am me. And so are you, but in a completely different way. I love how we have the same features but you’re face shines with a different light. I love your colours and your name and what it means to be you.

    By Beka on 08.23.2013

  19. Coast to coast, Marion had wanted to see it all. She wanted to put her feet in the Atlantic, the Pacific. She wanted to eat lobster in Maine, try Chinese food in San Francisco.

    she thought
    looking at a brochure for the Great Northern Railways.

    She put it away and went down to help her mother with the laundry.

    By GloriousClio URL on 08.23.2013

  20. Robin was growing to hate this country. His resolve against alcohol melted as he instead fought against the corruption it left in it’s wake. He’d been shunted from coast to coast, trying to prevent the sale of alcohol…

    Trying to prevent the further decay of this once great nation.

    He’d rather be a gin drinker than a prohibition agent, now.

    By GloriousClio URL on 08.23.2013

  21. Guy had grown up loving America- how could he not love it, when grandfather had come over as a 48er (in a pickle barrel, no less). Guy had been born and raised in Minnesota, on a farm outside of New Ulm, and it had all been well and good…

    Until war had broken out in a country he had never been. The only things Guy had known of Germany was the food, the Catholic faith, and a little bit of the language that was only spoken in the kitchen.

    But his loyalty to the American government was put to the test, and instead of making him more loyal, he became less so, pushed away and distrusted by a country he had loved so much.

    After the war, the crop prices dropped, and the only he could make any money was from moonshine,
    and then they, the Federal Government in their all knowing goodness,
    made that illegal, too.

    By GloriousClio URL on 08.23.2013

  22. England is a pretty place, especially in the north, rolling hills and castles and countryside. but this isn’t the national norm. That’s why I love England so much, the diversity.
    The worst thing is that diversity and division often go hand in hand, the north/sounth divide is something we hear of a lot but that’s because of the vast difference between the largely rural north and the more industrial south.

    By Katherine on 08.23.2013

  23. She looked down at the burning earth below, the hundreds of nations that would die, billions of people. why was it her that was chosen to live.
    “Annie” her mother called from behind “the queen is making her speech, hurry up”
    Annie tore her eyes away from the ship’s window and left her earth behind.

    By Erin on 08.23.2013

  24. A national tragedy is the fact that the same issues arise again and again and we pacify rather than solve them once and for all.

    By Jacqui on 08.23.2013

  25. Countries divide much from each other
    The oils from diamonds
    Nuclear proficiencies
    And compassion
    Yet I know it is no country
    Dividing me from you
    Shock lightning down the centre of us

    By Saudade on 08.23.2013

  26. National, irrational, causational, improvisational, sensational. Imagine there’s no countries.

    By HB URL on 08.23.2013

  27. I don’t even know the words to my countries national anthem. Haven’t uttered those words of pride since elementary school, when it was mandatory every morning to sing along with hundreds of other students and the recorded voice on the PA.

    By Blah on 08.23.2013

  28. It’s a national crisis! Just kidding it’s just me being stupid.

    By Jason on 08.23.2013

  29. The national day of fun! I already missed half my time talking to lance. It’s crazy, I didn’t mean to click on go! Oh well.

    All around the world, nah nah mah, I”m making it better!!! All around ther world nah nah nah.

    By Shar-Bear URL on 08.23.2013

  30. Deep breath.

    It’s about to begin.

    The referee is talking to both team captains, going over the rules once again.

    You notice that they both have their arms crossed. Their faces are passive and they seem a bit tense.

    The referee finally stops talking and he makes the captains shake hands. They size each other up while doing it.

    Your captain comes back and he makes you guys go into a huddle. No other words are said as he puts his hand in the middle. You all pile yours on top and shout your team name.

    You line up and the go signal is given.

    Deep breath.

    It’s time to win nationals.

    By Rio on 08.23.2013