August 23rd, 2013 | 58 Entries

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58 Entries for “narrative”

  1. A good writer know how important it is to provide a good narrative when writnig a book or essays. It’s all about being good at what you do and presenting proper work for the public to read or purchase.

    By victor URL on 08.24.2013

  2. The narrative of that story had always been rather eak. The narrator seemed to think it a hood idea to alienate everyone he’d ever met, which… perhaps for some people, was a good idea. To him, it was rather ridiculous and a bit strange. Perhaps, to some people, it would have been a good idea for him to start thinking before he spoke, but the narrator had never thought of anything he ever said as rude.

    To give one an example:
    “The dog was being stupid in barking, but Rod thought he was even more stupid than usual, so he blew a horn into the dog’s ear.”
    Rod, of course, never did any such thing.

    By Maria URL on 08.24.2013

  3. A long long time ago, I remember meeting a man in the park; he was older and stooped over and I noticed he seemed lost and lonely. I quietly

    By judy URL on 08.24.2013

  4. “We need to rewrite the narrative, so that it looks like we knew this was going to happen all along.” Ted paused, thinking about what his boss had just said, and realised, there was a lot more wrong with this company than he had first thought.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.24.2013

  5. You write your own narrative. A set of circumstances may present themselves to you, but you get to decide how to respond, how to act. They say all the world’s a stage, and you get to write your own script. And even if you do, you’re not tied to it word for word, verbatim.

    By Ashi URL on 08.24.2013

  6. An orgami swan, made of words. Fold and unfold words in real time. You can’t touch time, it’s beyond your reach, but your words can shape it, tie it to human beings and the places that they live and the things that they do.

    Do it right. Be invisible. It’s the swan they want. Not you.

    By amygdala URL on 08.24.2013

  7. A list of talking done by one person who never stops talking. I think I have kids in my class who are very good at narrative. They just need to learn to write it instead of speaking it.

    By Alicia on 08.24.2013

  8. If a narrative begins with “You’re not going to believe this, but…” or “It was the worst day of her life…” or “It was a day like any other…” – it’s pretty much guaranteed that I won’t read any further.

    By mrsmig URL on 08.24.2013

  9. She was a storyteller.
    On our first date, I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.
    On the second date, it was the same, and my smile burst from my face, and I was happier than the joker.
    On the fifth date, I knew it was true love, truer than I ever felt before, and as she clasped my hand in hers, I knew that something special was to come.
    On the fiftieth date, the stories continued, but started to seem false and forced.
    On our third wedding anniversary, she showed up late, with a story about work that I knew was false, because I had called, worried she had gotten in an accident.
    She was a storyteller.
    It was always in her blood.

    By Siege URL on 08.24.2013

  10. but it wasn’t our story
    and we didn’t have to survive

    By h. b. URL on 08.24.2013

  11. It all starts like this. Lucy thought to herself. What’s the plot? The punchline? I hadn’t have a clue. I am stuck in this few lines.

    By coffee-anarchy on 08.24.2013

  12. I am writing the narrative for the art work I’m going to display at the gallery. My art is better than my writing though.

    By Alexandra URL on 08.24.2013

  13. You told me stories, epic narratives conceived in a small shanty on the outskirts of town, trees on all sides but the top. We cuddled up in a little brown hut made of sticks, and as you wove your fingers through mine, you wove your words through my mind, raking them through my memories in a fantastic disturbance of color and variety. I never believed in magic until I met you. I never believed anything could be so good.

    By Sarah on 08.24.2013

  14. The blank screen stared at her. A former friend, once offering daily opportunities to explore together, to play together, it was now hostile. They no longer understood each other–the writer and her medium were estranged.

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 08.24.2013

  15. narrative? I guess this means my personal narrative? well, I’m just a girl who is trying to figure out what to do with my life.. I guess that doesn’t make me any different than any other typical college student.

    By McKenzie Gearheart on 08.24.2013

  16. hope
    great food
    how long do I have to do this?

    By Julia on 08.24.2013

  17. Narratives are the stories of our lives.

    People play them down, but every story is another story upon another. Eventually that adds up to a life. Whether it’s something fictional or something “real” (what does that mean anyway?)- narratives become the remnants of what we leave behind in the world after our deaths. I hope mine is full of laughter and joy.

    By RSI on 08.24.2013

  18. God, I hate essays. Really, I mean, what do they measure? If you’re going to become a writer, will you really need your great novel to be in MLA format, 12 point font? I didn’t think so. “Personal narrative.” Really? What am I learning from this? Give me poetry – not rhyming, just good.

    By M. Barratt URL on 08.24.2013