July 29th, 2011 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “muse”

  1. andy said,”i too,muse over this.”
    “ruff,” barked d.o.g.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 07.29.2011

  2. Muse is a magazine. In fact i like this word a lot. it means to think or wonder a great word really. Muse. Fun to spell. Yep. Love it.

    By Yodawg on 07.29.2011

  3. My muse is gone right now.

    She sleeps away on her bed of clouds, instead of helping me get out the feelings that are hiding inside my heart.

    Wake up, you lazy bum!

    By Isabel URL on 07.29.2011

  4. I hate this word because I hate this band and I hate the idea that someone can be your muse and inspire you because I think you learn how to do your art, which in my mind is writing because that’s the way I’m thinking right now, from experience and from reading. Of course, you can’t be reading all the time because then you’ll never have any experiences worth writing about. But that’s just one of the ironies of life, isn’t it?

    By Natasha URL on 07.29.2011

  5. I often find myself musing on the strangest of thoughts. How I love those moments. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course the first thing that came to my mind – (really, it was music and not words; cue: the intro to the songs Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome, and so on)- was the band Muse!

    By Abrar URL on 07.29.2011

  6. I will not be your muse. This is what I think of. Stupid boys wanting girls to be their play toys. Well let me tell ya – I’ll give you entertainment if that’s what you want. But I will not be your muse. Jokes on you buddy. I am amusing, not a muse.

    By Christy H URL on 07.29.2011

  7. The word ‘muse’ always excites me.

    As a verb, muse means to think. I like thinking. That, and it’s a fun word to say. Muse.

    That is all.

    By Land of Dave URL on 07.29.2011

  8. a popular rock band. deccent music.. or a word for an object or person used as an inspiration while creating.

    By bails URL on 07.29.2011

  9. the band. its what i feel like i do every morning as i drive to work, hashing and rehashing the thoughts in my head, trying to make sense of them. if i’m not careful, i’ll lose sleep in this fashion. i need it though.

    By Ryan on 07.29.2011

  10. I am left to look at you from afar. You are simply the muse for my broken-hearted words now…

    By Kirsty URL on 07.29.2011

  11. She sang to me, Calypso. A muse to my heart and my soul and I could do nothing more than sit and listen. Though she urged me on to do great things, wonderfully terrible things of which I yearned to do, I could not. My legs would not work no matter how my muse screamed and the hot tears streaking down my cheeks answered her song.

    By Shnlynne URL on 07.29.2011

  12. My muse has been absent lately. Don’t know why; maybe she got tired of my brain and decided to take a vacation. I don’t blame her. But I would really love it if she came back soon. I miss my muse. She was gorgeous. She always evoked the most thought provoking adjectives. Oh, my dear muse, come back to me.

    By Liz on 07.29.2011

  13. muse is inspiration. lately i’ve had no inspiration. my mind is empty. like a cardboard box. you could shake it as hard as you can. turn it upside down and pray for anything to fly out but nothing will. in fact you’d probably get sucked in. into a depression. you’d feel like noting is worthwhile and that creativity is a lie. it doenst exist.

    By karolisha URL on 07.29.2011

  14. Fuck my muse. She is dead, she died with all of my friends, with all of my innocence, with the adventure and the enjoyment and the meaning. She exists now solely as a slave to my narcissism.

    By Mickey Love on 07.29.2011

  15. cheap new word. Amuse.. ugh

    By Shannon URL on 07.29.2011

  16. Kitties go play in the night. But kindred spirits play forever. His soul was placed into my soul, and we took off into the wild. Our God fearing parents said we’d never last, but here we are 8 years later. My darling, you are my one and only muse.

    By missroman URL on 07.29.2011

  17. have I seen this word before? It’s a glimmer, a feeling, a shadow out of the corner ofmy eye. I pay attention mostly when it calls. . . not always writing in response but I try to always respond.

    By dru on 07.29.2011

  18. muse…obviously not all of us have one. or maybe we need to steal muses away from the ones they were sent to or are attached with if we seek to be creative and are not. i’m going to go hunt me a muse.

    By sonobe URL on 07.29.2011

  19. Really? Muse? I guess it’s not totally unoriginal if it’s the first time you guys used it, but as a word (and a concept, really), it’s just so overused.

    By aperson on 07.29.2011

  20. She stared at me and pointed the gun promptly at my temple. “Write.”

    Well, I have to say. She has pretty good ways of inspiring me.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 07.30.2011

  21. “It’s only natural, that I should love you.”

    His hands drift over the sculpture’s arms–arms he himself has molded from earth and clay.

    “I made you. Isn’t that right, Galatea?”

    She does not reply; her tongue is marble, cool, immobile.

    By Danielle URL on 07.30.2011

  22. I love the band named MUSE!! I am in love with them. I went to they concert and they gave me ann autograph of their whole ban. It was a fantastic day.

    By Crystalhorse URL on 07.30.2011

  23. what to write about MUSE..
    the word i remember is muse
    it has music i think
    what to do..
    i wonder why my mam told to visit this site
    just one word to write about in 60 seconds

    By sankari on 07.30.2011

  24. Pondering this thing, deep within, trying to figure it all out.

    By Jeanie URL on 07.30.2011

  25. what to write about MUSE..
    the word i remember is amuse
    it has music i think..
    what to do..
    what to write.
    what to think..
    just one word to write about in 60 seconds
    the word muse is amusing..

    By sankari on 07.30.2011

  26. I’m not supposed to muse over this, just write what comes into my mind. Well, here is what has come into my mind. I’m sure you find it ecxeedingly fascinating. Now I’m annoyed because little red lines appeared under the word exceedingly and now I will have to use spell-check. Also, because I spelled it right just now and so I’ll have to work out what is different each time. Wow. I put the c before the x. Ya know what? I’m not gonna use spell-check. Darn. Times up.

    By Sarah URL on 07.30.2011

  27. poetry is our muse. sleep is mute when poetry arrives. we court her all night, reciting our favorite earthy mounds from her country.

    By Lylah L. on 07.30.2011

  28. poetry is our muse. sleep fades mute once poetry comes through the door. we stay up all night, reciting our favorite peaks and mounds from her earthy country.

    By Clarity URL on 07.30.2011

  29. These days i’ve been looking for a muse
    something to spark a flame
    I need a light.

    By Kathryn O'Guinn URL on 07.30.2011

  30. I honestly don’t know what is muse.

    By saar on 07.30.2011

  31. Muse? I guess that super duper great band that really sings their heart out on like things people feel about. Things we go thru.
    Other than that, we muse about many many things too.

    By Melissa on 07.30.2011

  32. the way we know to muse is how we feel about musing. if our muse is good we feel a sense of musing which works well with moose. sounds similar in sound not necessarily meaning

    By Chike on 07.30.2011

  33. I sit silently and muse, sweat dripping down my forehead stinging my eyes. I wipe it away with my big coat jacket. Why am I sweating when it’s freezing out here and everything underneath my jacket is almost icy? Because the words coming out of the headphones are haunting me, and I can’t help but sweat the guilt out until I hear my name.

    By Meg Murray URL on 07.30.2011

  34. There was Muse playing in the living room and the entire place stunk of nicotine and marijuana, but he still couldn’t find the stupid asshole in the midst of all the smoke and noise. He heaved a sigh and ran up to the bedroom to the tune of ‘Our Time is Running Out’.

    “Perfect,” he thought. The fucking editor would have his dick, he knew.

    By Anya Marina URL on 07.30.2011

  35. I ridiculously hope you are not a cat

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.30.2011

  36. He was her muse. The one who inspired everything in her, but not the one she loved. Far from it. He was old, evil and grey. Grey in color, grey in his heart and soul. She didn’t want him to be her muse, didn’t choose him. If she had picked her muse, it would have been me. Her one true love, her confidant, her lover.

    By annes URL on 07.30.2011

  37. Every famous artist, or anyone with a creative outlet appears to have a muse. Someone to bring their visions and creations to life, someone unlike any other. But maybe a muse can also be your love. Or I could just be musing about the word muse, I don’t know.

    By Ellie Sparkle URL on 07.30.2011

  38. Thoughts of today’s events entered my head, but I was not prepared to tackle them, I just was not muse ,or just did not have the mental strength to do anything at all.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.30.2011

  39. you purrs and you mews and you doos sings like that
    i ridiculously hope you are not a cat

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.30.2011

  40. I need a muse
    to amuse
    otherwise I’ll blow my fuse
    cruise cruise

    By JoRo on 07.30.2011