July 30th, 2017 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “monsters”

  1. I’m counting monsters living under my bed. They’ve made a home for themselves between the lint and the shoe boxes full of postcards and marbles collected over time and collecting as much dust as the stuff in Father Time’s beard. They drink tea brewed from snags and splinters in the carpet, all while poring through my abandoned scrapbooks and laughing at the photos of me with the bad haircut I sported from first grade to freshman year of high school.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.30.2017

  2. A monster lives in his body. A grasping creature, wants to dig his claws into my life, wants to twist my head, wants all of me. The monster sometimes gets its way. That’s why I love him.

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.30.2017

  3. “I’m not so good with…monsters.” I muttered and saw her eyes in front of me get wide. She opened her mouth and pulled out her fake vampire teeth.
    “It’s a costume party! No one’s really out to eat you. You’ll be fine.” She assured me, but that didn’t do anything to fight the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    By blue on 07.30.2017

  4. Today is filled with monsters. I can’t even begin to describe the monsters I’ve seen in my minds eye. The world cannot exist without the darkness; those monsters are the path to happiness.

    By Ashley Marie Goddard on 07.30.2017

  5. So this is easy. We are surrounded by monsters. People capable of awful things. Mean,disrespectful things. Like I just feel numb. I am so confused that they are mad and they don’t really have a reason to be if they were honest with themselves. Then it hits me that these people are fine with lying to themselves and living a lie. I knew this before. I have seen it. But it continues to baffle me when I see blatant expressions of rage when something different and true threatens the scope of their lenses. I just don’t get it. I understand the thought process and I understand the weight that it can put on your soul. But when do you come to a point when you see you need to change. When you are a willing producer of the problem that plagues the world. Its not ok. And it is negligent on a human level. I am a person who operates with love surrounded by people who operate on fear. On hatred. On apathy. I hurt. I hurt for me. I hurt for them. I hurt for those caught in the middle. I hurt for those still recovering. I am so sorry. On behalf on anything good. I am sorry. It should not be so easy to choose to play active roles in being sacks of shit. I feel like the this whole fucking ruse is exhausting. I don’t need anymore pain from my relatives because its not really mine. It’s theirs. I don’t like being this house. I could go into detail. But I have outgrown my surroundings. I know I found the person who brings me joy. And I hope that maybe I can pretend just a little longer so we can go. I think I have to relearn being happy. I don’t think it will be the same as before. I know it will be better. I just have to play the role for a little longer.

    By tandapanda on 07.30.2017

  6. Monsters?

    She scoffed, there’s no such thing.

    Monsters were not some imaginary, ugly things that hid under your bed— they were every day people. She, of anyone, knew this well.

    By Mia on 07.30.2017

  7. Monsters are not real.

    At least, that’s what she told herself.

    Maybe she was wrong. Maybe she was a mentally hectic mess who didn’t know what she wanted, didn’t know what she didn’t want. But she most certainly did not want to trespass the frighteningly abandoned house with her god-awful, idiotic friends. And yet, those assholes persisted.

    So she whispered to herself under shaky breaths, again and again;

    “Monsters. Are not. Real.”

    By Mayang on 07.30.2017

  8. The space under
    the bed is too small;

    emerging, teeth bared,
    and searching for an ankle.

    By Pandatry on 07.30.2017

  9. Give a little monster a chance and it will bite your leg. I saw this on TV once and have always remembered the line. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for other aspects of life.

    By Robin on 07.30.2017

  10. i like monsters they are scary and can kill people no one likes them because of those reasons but i like them for these reasons. YOLO bvbukdvbudsvjguf.fbs

    By who r u on 07.30.2017

  11. The big hairy monster scared the little kid and the little kid ran away screaming like a scared pig.

    By Varsha on 07.30.2017

  12. Monsters are under my bed I know right scary. I don’t know how to get rid of them I am scared that they are plotting a plan to grab me in the night and take me to there secret monster village.

    By Eliza Trotman on 07.30.2017

  13. As the group of grotesque, humongous monsters truged towards us we were as frightened as a mouse.

    By Hee-Eun URL on 07.30.2017

  14. Monster are animals that scare children and they make them not sleep. Monster can be nice but they are mostly mean.

    By Burger on 07.30.2017

  15. Ok i am so scared there are monsters under my bed. There are monsters all around me they are just all there. Staring at me with there big evil googly eyes. They are making scary noises, more gurgling noises. I dont know what to do…i need some help, but everyone’s asleep. I roll over and start pretending to snore and they leave!. The snore is scaring them, they were waling at frst but they are sprinting.

    By IndiBee on 07.30.2017

  16. arent good and are scray and lay underneith your bed and you dont even know it but one day you will wake up and you will be dead and that will be bc of the monsters and then your mum and dad are the only ones to save you from the monster but the monsters will kill you and the end of the world will come and then your mum and dad will die and then you wont be able to come back to life and then world will come to an end and the monsters will take over and then the humans will lay underneither there bed and they dont even know it but one day they will wake up and they will be dead and that will be bc of the humans and then their mum and dad are the only ones to save their from the humans but the humans will kill them and then end of the world will come and then their mum and dad will die and then they wont be able to come back to life and the world will come to an end and the humans will take over………………………………………………………………….And the escavators still rule……………………

    By Leroy (The Escavator Driver) on 07.30.2017

  17. One day I found a monster under my bed and i got my friend Leroy to come and help me with getting it away. Leroy suggested to shoot it but I said “NO, use the escavator on it.”

    By Flynn on 07.30.2017

  18. there was a monster under my bed. But this was not a normal monster, this monster could talk to me. Usually I didn’t understand what he was saying, however over time I started to understand him.

    By CaseyC on 07.30.2017

  19. Sometimes i think there is a monster under my bed. i hear noises in the night. i imagine the monster to be big, hairy and green.

    By Layla Dale on 07.30.2017

  20. Bonnie stood in the unlit alley way scared almost to death. anything could happen, she treid to run but a large arm snaked around her neck, covering her mouth and pulling her into darkness. A fierce monster stood above her. growling.

    By Maddy on 07.30.2017

  21. in the night monsters emerged from my closet howling and making funny noises i layed frighted in my bed i felt a shiver down my spine!

    By Alicia on 07.30.2017

  22. they are not real and u wont die and they wont kill u so don`t be scared.

    By Jessica burns on 07.30.2017

  23. i woke to the sound of a chair breaking and a roar then a slimy and scaily monster apeared out of no were it was huge it had a purple wart on the nose

    By teleashag on 07.30.2017

  24. monsters are a scary thing monsters arent real thats what we think but they could be real but i don’t think they are they are made up things for story and movies

    By Lenny on 07.30.2017

  25. You’ll never be happy. You’ll never be successful. This is as good as it gets. Give up now. She doesn’t want you. He never loved you. You have nothing to contribute. They all leave you eventually. You’re worthless.

    Fuck off.

    By frankie on 07.30.2017

  26. My mother asks questions with no answers. A moment of trust becomes a moment of fear.

    My father blazes and burns, a single candle in the window. He will soon be but smoke in the night.

    My lover feels too much, too fast, too hard. Black and blue are the colors of love.

    We are but monsters in hollow skins. The hunger scrapes bone but settles in the heart.


    By frankie on 07.30.2017

  27. I know all about monsters. Sometimes you run, run, run. And hide. Still, be still, as a mouse. Breathe not, only softly. Sometimes you turn around, wield your sword. Bring it on. The hydra with the nine heads, growing nine more when you cut off one.

    By and& on 07.31.2017

  28. They said I must beware of the monsters in the forest but I am the monster. I a am.

    By iya on 07.31.2017

  29. There are all kinds of monsters. Strange ones, ugly ones, cruel ones, cute ones. And the worst of all: inside ones. I carry one within me. It talks to me at night, when I’m alone and sad and afraid. Sometimes, it even looks back at me in the mirror.

    By Pierre on 07.31.2017

  30. Under the bed? I always wondered when I was little but now I fear that there are monsters in far more unsuspecting places. Perhaps that beautiful girl over there has a monster in her soul, or else that teacher as he sits of there grading what I thought was my near perfect essay. The question that we must ask ourselves is of course not whether there are monsters on the bed, but whether there are monsters all around us that we are simply blind to.

    By Braxton Schieler on 07.31.2017

  31. Monsters come in many forms. Some come out of the closet, while some live under the bed. Some live in the darkness while some live in your head. I’ve got a little of all of them, running around instead. The worst of them is me, but I am already dead.

    By Marc S on 07.31.2017

  32. Eyes pressed tight together, she pulled the blankets up past her chin, the cartoon image of being scared of the dark. The noises were imaginary. They were imaginary. They were all in her head. And yet, she couldn’t get her brain to believe that.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.31.2017

  33. i hate monsters as im very much scared of them monsters are too ugly and shabby. monsters are very huge in size. it is very difficult for a common man to fight with the monster

    By ashwini on 07.31.2017

  34. betsy my techer the oter in my fett

    By elijah on 07.31.2017

  35. mom mom mom mom sully betsy

    By jl on 07.31.2017

  36. screeem! oh no! help! ahhhhhh! slash! rip! tear! avada kadabra! screeeeem!

    By jordan on 07.31.2017

  37. she wasn’t afraid of any monsters,
    emily told herself as she lay in bed.
    nothing like a monster under the bed could scare her.

    besides, her attention shifted to the steps she heard coming up the stairs.
    they sounded fast and unsteady.
    the door noisily swung open, and in came her father, reeking of alcohol.
    she had her own demons to deal with.

    By vanessa. p on 07.31.2017

  38. monsters are scary. I think of being a little kid and being afraid of the monster in my closet. I think of monsters being in the dark. Monsters are scary, there are no friendly monsters. Now I know monsters are humans, and humans are real.

    By unique on 07.31.2017

  39. There are so many monsters in the world. They look just like you and me. They don’t announce their monstrosity. They don’t say I am here to destroy and terrify your life. They are more common place, but they still prey on children, just like the stories of old.

    By jassy on 07.31.2017

  40. Monsters come from vastly different places. My monsters mostly come from a wild lemonthorn bush, waiting for the worst moment to jump put and carve into my flesh with their claws.

    By cup on 07.31.2017