July 4th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “modem”

  1. The phone modem is ringing ringing ringing. It’s the police. “yes, This is she” But it isn’t the police.

    By Sara on 07.04.2012

  2. He frustrated me sometimes.
    He was so passive, so unemotional, that it dove me craaazy. I never thought I see the day where I just wanted to wrap my hands around his neck and squeeze. But I loved him too much to do that.
    And besides, the kids would kill me if I did.

    By Lyric on 07.04.2012

  3. I’m renting a hotel room in Rome.I’d really like modern amenities but I know I should want an ancient structure, hundreds of steps up, no lift and a gret view of rooftops. But I still have to drag my modern heavy suitcase up those steps!

    By Nushia on 07.04.2012

  4. This little box is a mystery to me and has the power to spoil my day by not letting me connect to the Internet.

    By Jules on 07.04.2012

  5. in this house we have several modems in a dormant stage.
    one day they will rise up and release their data to the world.
    for now, it’s a mega secret.

    By Robin on 07.04.2012

  6. its my brain, directing every electrical wave, every tiny spark and whir, every electronic thought. my possibilities are endless, or perhaps they have an end just like these 60 seconds.

    By imagineme23 on 07.04.2012

  7. I adjusted the modems postion. I was losing connection, and fast. Her face was coming forward in static. “Polly, I have to go,” I spoke the last words I wanted to speak to her.
    I could see the shattered look in her pretty hazel eyes, “All right,” her voice came, but not her face.
    I hit the power button. Little did I know that “All right” were the last words I would hear from Polly for four whole years.

    By Lola on 07.04.2012

  8. She was thoroughly modern. Her canvas was a chrome photo, her professional glint of the teeth and the eyes. She wore suits, she had a briefcase, and my friends, it doesn’t get more modern than that. She straightened her hair every morning.

    By Anon on 07.04.2012

  9. She is the greatest creation. The nerd’s best girlfriend, she will do anything you want her too, She cooks, cleans, entertains and fixes everything. You name it this robot does everything.
    “Why doesn’t mine do anything?” ask James looking confused.
    “You have to configure her to work with your modem first!” Exclaimed Gary.
    “Why does this story sound perverted?” James asked jokingly.
    “Well that’s because all the writer could think about for this word was Chobits.”

    By Luke URL on 07.04.2012

  10. Das Modem summte leise. Das Spiegelbild der Stehlampe reihte sich in die Lichter der Stadt ein, die sich vor dem Fenster bis zu den Bergen ausbreiteten. Der Himmel dahinter nahm langsam Farbe an, die Sterne verblassten, als ich wieder in den Schlaf zurück fand.

    By Lisa URL on 07.04.2012

  11. some aspect of a computer that i know nothing about. it must be important…but to me it has no relevance… just something plain that looks like the word modern which actually does mean something to me,,, my life, people’s life its all modern.

    By Jackie on 07.04.2012


    By ROOPAM on 07.04.2012

  13. i don’t really understand this word. i guess it goes with technology like the internet and i guess i don’t really know what it means, but i’m totally used to hearing about it all the time. weird, that i never paid attention to it. i guess i should probably know what it means by now but i really don’t. i don’t really care. i’ll do it.

    By roux on 07.04.2012

  14. I stepped on the modem and broke it into pieces. For something so high tech the design was a piece of shit. Next time, I’m buying a titanium-armored, 30 lb. modem, so that I will never again have to worry about the physical world interfering with my internet connection.

    By dan URL on 07.04.2012

  15. modem is the connecction to the new world. without a modem where would we be? what would people to in their free time. just minutes a go the computer guy came to fix the internet and the internet was out for a few minutes i dint know what to do with myself. was i meant to talk to my roommates? instead i just played around on my laptop. sorting through files. as long as im staring at the screen ill b ok. thats what i kept telling myself in this breif moment on unknown.

    By zulu on 07.04.2012

  16. The funny thing about a modem, is that while I know what it is, when I hear the word I have absolutely no mental image of a modem. I really don’t like the word at all. Maybe because it has ‘mode’ in it which I always associate with the dark, snobby world of haute couture. Interesting. I have absolutely no idea where this is going.

    By Victoria on 07.04.2012

  17. The modem kept clicking in the background. Then, it would break. I would have to start it up again. I hated this stupid camp. I have friends other places, I actually had things to do this summer, and instead I’m stuck here in the middle of nowhere where I almost would rather not get on the computer because it makes me even more aggravated than the camp.

    By Rena on 07.04.2012

  18. The buzzing finally ceased and the device was active. I remember when a modem used to simply be a 90’s device that got you on the internet slower than your grandma could chow down a big mac. But now no more, a modem these days got you into… another mind.

    By David Johnson on 07.04.2012

  19. I jab at the modem in frustration. My Internet has been slow the past two days and I wonder mindlessly if this could be the issue. I sigh and scoot away from my desk and fall back onto my bed. I keep thinking she’ll come sweeping into my room, accusing me of wearing her new pink sweater. But she doesn’t. Her door stays shut tight and an eerie empty feeling weeps from under her door.

    By ClaireEliseEdgington on 07.04.2012

  20. It was something he couldn’t quite comprehend, the idea that newer is always better. His seven-yet-old microwave worked absolutely fine, so why should he invest in a new one? Modern appliances had little function these days.

    By Madeleine on 07.04.2012

  21. I had to find out what my modem was all about after it failed me some fifteen years. ago.
    First of all, modems were never internal when I first played with computers,

    By Dean Pepin on 07.04.2012

  22. A modem is a computer thingy, right? Oh gosh, I hardly know. I’m not very good at computer things. Internet things I’m decent at, and I have technological common sense that the older generation seems to lack, but I’m not very good at these sorts of things still. Oh gosh. This word, I hav very little to say about it. I thought it was the word “modern” at first, which I would have preferred greatly.

    By magdelina URL on 07.04.2012

  23. “Garcia!” JJ all but hollered through to her partner. “The internet’s broken.”

    Typical, an FBI agent in one of the hardest units and she was technoogically incompetant. Garcia sighed, pausing the tv and stumbling through to the office – the few cocktails she had drunk kicking in as soon as she got to her feet.

    By Lauren Stark on 07.04.2012

  24. We are in a modern world. However the word is ambigious. I am not sure what it signifies?

    By Deb on 07.04.2012

  25. When Gary wanted to buy a brand new modem, he went to the largest corporate store to get it. But when he got for about forty dollars, it wouldn’t connect properly. And when it wouldn’t connect properly, he called the corporate tech support. When he called the corporate tech support, he was greeted by a low, silky operator’s voice, and he promptly fell in love. And after he fell in love, he found the tech support vicinity in Houston, Texas and asked the stout woman out for dinner.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.04.2012

  26. Modern was New York City: sleek sky scrapers grazing the clouds, and the ever present sky. The town-country motif was ever present in English class, the town representing laws and modernization and the country, in the case of Midsummer Night Dream and many other stories was mischeif and magic.

    By Alikandra on 07.04.2012

  27. Modern. The world we live in is modern, isn’t it? Shouldn’t that mean that no one cares when we hold hands in public or when she kisses my cheek, a virtuous kiss by her standards. Shouldn’t that mean that no one has an issue with it? But it doesn’t. They still glare. We still stand defiantly. If we’re so modern, why can’t we move past such prehistoric prejudices?

    By Emily URL on 07.04.2012

  28. I am not really sure what a modem is. I think it has to do with a computer… I really no nothing about computers. I am a disgrace to all people within my generation. Modems are what make computers run, right? Whatever I don’t really like technology terminator freaked me out about robots… they are going to take over the world.

    By Elaine on 07.04.2012

  29. modem is something used in technology or to do with people or something. i don’t really work under pressure. oh shit, i know what it is. it’s something that connects you to the internet. some sort of thing to do with the internet. i definitely do not sound dumb in my previous statements.

    By sarah on 07.04.2012

  30. blink blink blink
    A friendly white page to great you
    “Why hello there!
    We are so happy to have you!”
    It’s difficult not to smile at the irony
    Of a silent recorded message
    Though many understand it,
    None know quite what it means

    By StarlitSunrise on 07.04.2012

  31. I bought a modem to enhance my internet experience. However I didn’t know what I was doing, and was suckered into buying modern….art. Some fonts make the “rn” look like an “m” so I assumed this beautiful painting would help my internet go faster, somehow. I was wrong. So, so wrong. But now I have something nicer than the internet to look at. :)

    By Kelly on 07.04.2012

  32. The modem stored all of his secrets. Letters he never sent, songs he never sang, the silly paint drawings and power points he had done as a teenager, lusting over some emo chick famous for having red hair and wearing thigh highs. The modem, its history, they were him, all of him, since … forever.

    By Annie Godefroy URL on 07.04.2012

  33. An endless world
    A limitless universe
    That’s what became available
    When I was young, it seemed so massive
    It still seems massive
    It IS massive
    There is more there than a mind ca comprehend
    More to read
    to watch
    to listen to
    to experience
    all through this portal
    this window
    this modem

    By Landon on 07.04.2012

  34. im not sure what modem even means, so ill talk about cats instead. cats are wonderful creatures :D ther cute and fluffy, cuddly….when they choose to be. but they can be loyal…i think. you know what, cats are mean >:( and selfish.

    By tiffany poore on 07.04.2012

  35. oh.modem.modem or mode.i dont know.but what do i have to know about a modem?I can talk about the colour,or the shape or the weight.

    By marina URL on 07.04.2012

  36. modem. looks a lot like modern. Means ?.
    People might right it as modern if they only glanced at it.
    Examine it.
    Is it a word?
    Who knows?
    I don’t, that’s for certain.
    Do you?
    Modem. Maybe like modern. Reminds me of it.
    Looks modern.
    Like the Tate modern.
    Museum hold secrets, words, so many things…

    By Stella on 07.04.2012

  37. its in a computer, and it used to connect to internet. or other networks.
    It is used by all internet providers. You can even manipulate it to get faster internet speed.
    Its an english word

    By zianne on 07.04.2012

  38. I don’t know what modem means so I don’t know what to write. This is weird and I have no clue what the heck I’m doing. I think modem is something to do with technology. -___- uh this is a strange thing to write about in 60 seconds or whatever

    By Brit on 07.04.2012

  39. Angie: What does modem mean? I would look it up but I’m on a time limit of 60seconds here. Someone help me?

    Dess: Wow… Really wow…. You seriously don’t know what modem means? How old are you again?

    Angie: Shut up!!! I don’t like you now…

    Dess: Not that I really care but wow.

    By Angelica on 07.04.2012

  40. Trying to remember the days of my youth, I recalled a day when mother gave me a bag of potatoes to go and sell at a market. We were poor then, not having much to call our own. I must admit, though, I enjoyed those days. To an extent, at least.
    Sometimes, I long for them again.

    By stefan on 07.04.2012