August 17th, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “misty”

  1. Morning fog, that leaves a dew sort of mist that floats above the grass. The cool things at the grocery store that keeps the fruit and vegetables fresh. I used to stand there as a child, waiting for them to go off. The way little drops of water splash you as you ride on a boat. The way the rain falls oh so gently, not even providing enough water to make use of your windshield wipers. Spraying yourself with a water bottle on a hot summer day, the gentle mist making the biggest difference in your temperature

    By rochelle witzel on 08.18.2012

  2. misty was a girl who had dark eyes but white hair. she looked like a dream. but, nobody liked her because of that… she was different, very different from other people. she had this energy flowing from inside her soul.

    By Ena on 08.18.2012

  3. The dew settled on my eyes as I finally opened them. Night was long gone, but the youthful exuberance in my veins was still thick. One last flick of my eyelashes erased the sleep from my eyes. The night was misty in my memory at last.

    By B McElroy URL on 08.18.2012

  4. Every day here was nothing more than mundane. The climate was so frustratingly repetitive, it could only be described with one word. Okay, maybe more than one. Foggy. Cloudy. Dark. Wet. Uncomfortable. Annoying. But those were the words I would use when I initially arrived here. So, when Rebecca called to do her daily surveillance on me and she asked how the weather was today, I shocked myself by responding, “Nice, actually. Just a little misty, that’s all.”

    By imani on 08.18.2012

  5. there’s a mist in the corner. The children run through it, but never return they’re all trapped and need to find their way out. Defeat the monsters which hide within the dark. Getting loose from the darkness would mean death.

    By Katie URL on 08.18.2012

  6. I had a cat called misty, he died a couple of years back. I remember he was in the car with me outside UL, so sunny and skinny! oh he was so skinny and I felt so sorry for him. He was scared and lonely and I remember holding him like I did when he was a baby.

    By Tamara on 08.18.2012

  7. Things are not looking good to my trip to Scotland. Instead of the usual middle summer, with some misty morning, the weather man said to expect heavy downpours and chilly nights for the coming week…. Well, a good excuse to spend the day at the whisky bar.

    By Nuno on 08.18.2012

  8. It was a dark and stormy night. A mist was slowly rolling in. Lily knew something was up. She was a detective and was the best around. Some compared her to Sherlock Holmes.

    By Dr.Who on 08.18.2012

  9. Misty bathroom. Yeah, a nice misty bathroom with a girl named Misty. LOL. Some people’s thoughts are misty. Like mine right now. Things just aren’t clear.

    By Joseph Diman URL on 08.18.2012

  10. it hits me like teargas;

    it’s quick,
    and it stings,

    but i can’t wash it away.
    i’ll smell like i miss you
    for a long, long while.

    By isa on 08.18.2012

  11. misty was a twisty little lady

    By Megan URL on 08.18.2012

  12. misty is when the air is watery and you feel like a rainbow of water and stuff and then you get cooler if you are hot so its good to have mist in your backyard or wherever because it helps when its hot.

    By sammie on 08.18.2012

  13. She walks down to the lake, her mind struggling to find peace. She’s thinking about all the things he said to her, how he hated her, how he wished that she was dead. The misty water looked back at her, mocking her and laughing at her.

    By Park on 08.18.2012

  14. Here in Sweden, the mist is thicker than pea soup. People think, “Oh well, someplace fun to go in Europe, Sweden.”, but unless you’re really lucky, you can’t see a thing. That is, until he can along. The black hair, the green eyes, he looked like a fairytale prince in the middle of some murder mystery. And actually, that guess was pretty close. He was magic. He could control weather. Well…. Almost anyway. He was in training. He was sent to Sweden to get rid of the fog. To this very day I still don’t know that young boys name.

    By Dr.Who on 08.18.2012

  15. the misty river I was swimming in was holding me back as I tried to go out of it. It seemed to be controlled by some god, who wanted to keep me from reaching the end of my journey . How misty.

    By caroline on 08.18.2012

  16. in the misty morning fog
    our hearts jumping and you
    my brown eyed girl

    of chincoteague

    By ilovenyc on 08.18.2012

  17. the mist engulfed the harbor as i stood on the foot worn dock waiting for the ship that would never return. that would never bring my love back to me. i could not tell wether the moisture slowly gathering on my face was the water from the fog or my tears

    By Dani URL on 08.18.2012