August 17th, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “misty”

  1. That one chick from Pokemon, She was pretty cool. I remember her red hair, ponytail and I think a green tank top.

    By Mel on 08.17.2012

  2. rainy day. dim city lights. sparking drops in the grass. dew. cigarettes. A girl. getting cooled off on a hot day. six flags misting machines.

    By b on 08.17.2012

  3. rainy day. dim city lights. girls name. cigarettes. dew drops. six flags misting machines. sparking rain drops.

    By B on 08.17.2012

  4. the fog grew heavy accross the lane where she peered longingly for him. her stomach tensed as she waited, willing him to appear out of the mist, to walk towards her and make everything ok again, just being there, knowing her.

    By Catherine on 08.17.2012

  5. misty mornings waking from dreams
    encircling memories shroud my mind…

    misty nights rousing my imagination
    stripping me naked of limited reality.

    By gypsypriestess on 08.17.2012

  6. It was a misty morning when I saw her standing there. Her hair was wet from the weather and glistening in the early morning light. She looked stunning while she stood there not noticing me noticing her. Her face had a look of lovely day-dreaming about it.

    By Kendra on 08.17.2012

  7. It’s the opposite of misty today. Today the world woke up in High Definition. I swear. The sun has not shined brighter in weeks. The white sky has put on her blue dress again. The wind never left though. That cold bitch is still howling in my windows reminding me why I can’t go out and enjoy the day, even with the sun smiling to the world.

    By Pigeon37 on 08.17.2012

  8. “Misty!” The voice echoed around the cave. She stood on a rock, looking down into the depths of the water below. Somehow, the glint of her eyes was visible through the dark. She sighed. “I can’t do this anymore.” I shook my head angrily.
    “What are you talking about?! Why are you doing this?”
    “Because my mom named me after a Pokemon character…”

    By Kayci on 08.17.2012

  9. The air was misty as they made their way to their destination. Everything was foggy with tiny water droplets that cooled their hot tired skin. The group quickly walked down the street with their heads down hoping not to be noticed amid the drizzle.

    By Kathleen on 08.17.2012

  10. The morning air had seeped into my lungs. I was sure of it. There were electric static in all my nerves (or was it nerve endings?). I must have trembled through breakfast. The hillsides were misty and my head felt like a balloon hovering inches above my body.

    By teevee on 08.17.2012

  11. misty, wide eyed, vulnerable love. I’m open to you. crush my heart like its a tin can, or let it flourish into a rain forest of lush vegetation.

    By Kim on 08.17.2012

  12. The old woman on the bus stop had hair like a misty fog or white smoke. What burned so that the smoke became white? I pondered this as I smoked, thereby singeing the tail of her winter coat. The next time I saw here again, the singe marks were still there…

    By teevee on 08.17.2012

  13. Misty…my mind during the morning after the dark. The mist is the wall that blocks out all of the bad stuff, it’s comforting and warm. The mist. I wish it would stay throughout the day. The mind is not so delicate it seems.

    By Danaé on 08.17.2012

  14. Misty is the name of my cat. My brother wanted to name her smoke, but I thought that it was a boys name. The colour of her fur looks like mist, so I believe that her name is appropriate and wonderful. She is a wonderful cat and I love her. She is my cat and no one can take that away from me.

    By Kelsey on 08.17.2012

  15. I take the furniture outside, staring off of the balcony onto the building tops, clouded in mist. I breathe it in, grinning to myself, adrenaline shooting through me.

    My vision shoots down to the roof below me, the pebbles where I know my hands and feet will crunch a second later.

    I climb over the railing, waving back to the empty apartment, launching myself off of the rooftop. And the mist clouds around me…

    By Equals Dee on 08.17.2012

  16. The air was misty. It was about to down pour you could feel it in the way the air felt against your skin. thick and dense. The skies had been black and were ready to open up and let down their showers.

    By Liz Vos on 08.17.2012

  17. It seemed a little misty outside as she peered out the window into the yard. It had been weeks since she left her house. There was no good reason for her to step outside the front door and into her fears. She felt safe within the four walls. Her mood had not changed and the black cloud that seemed to have followed her into the new year was still hovering over her head. She could not remember the last time she smiled, laughed or even thought about either. The thought of getting lost in her darkness now over took her mind and she was not sure where to go from here.

    By Cris URL on 08.17.2012

  18. I thought I saw your face, in banks of the misty night. It all seemed so clear to me when in fact everything was not what I had perceived. Where are you?

    By Bekah on 08.17.2012

  19. The fog crept over the hills. An absent grey filled the atmosphere. Life of the surrounding high grass gave off a beautiful scent, of presence.

    By Viviana on 08.17.2012

  20. Misty reminds me of my childhood. I used to wake up and watch Pokemon at 6:30 am before school everyday, and Misty was the name of a main character on the show. I had such a lust for life then. I want to get that back.

    By Steve URL on 08.17.2012

  21. A cool mist clung to the mountains. This early morning walk, invigorates my senses, as I feel the dew from the freshly awoken grass graze my legs while I walk through the field speckled with light, dainty white flowers. I take a cool, deep breath and feel alive.

    By Jaqs on 08.17.2012

  22. The lady flipped through the album slowly, tears running down her smiling face. Suddenly she stopped, her face falling as she moved a trembling hand over the picture, and said, “That’s her, Misty. That was your mother. Wasn’t she beautiful?”

    The little girl leaned over to get a better view, to see the mother she would never know.

    By Sky on 08.17.2012

  23. the fog rose through the morning as the world was waking up.

    By bennibennasi on 08.17.2012

  24. It was a misty morning in May much to the dismay of many a hater of folk songs. However, one cannot escape the weather and so as Marigold Pond wandered aimlessly down the country road, her basket at her side, she did not consider the portentous nature of the day’s environment. Life has a way of going funny on a gal when she least expects it and so it was that as she approached the young man by the side of the road she only tipped a polite greeting and made to go onward.

    By Mairead URL on 08.17.2012

  25. Sammy got misty-eyed as he looked at the picture of his wife. Snowy hair, frosted pink lips. She was posing with her hands on her hips on a small sailboat sailing on the Pacific. He handed the small framed photo to me.

    “She left me,” he said, “twenty years after we married. Yet she never filed for divorce. And that, to me, is more painful than her actually untying the knot once and for all.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.17.2012

  26. Misty could be a person or it could be the state of the weather. I tend to think of a horse when the word misty comes up. A small pony on an island in a book that I read when I was a child. It was an excellent book. At least I think it was since I don’t really remember much about the story line. I also think of waterfalls. They are misty at the bottom. My favorite place to sit is at the bottom of the waterfall where I hear the roar of the water and feel the misty air current.

    By Aly Mecham URL on 08.17.2012

  27. The field was misty as I wandered about, trying to find my place. A fog unlike any other, slowly growing, covering everything, including my despair. Through the mist, the moon began to shine, lighting my way, to my future destination. I knew then, because of that mist, that I would be okay. My soul awakened, all because of a mist, a fog, something that covers all, yet, somehow, awakened the light.

    By Mariah on 08.17.2012

  28. She sat down on the log while her dark hair swished with the wind, as she gazed upwards at the misty sky with her dark, large eyes. A small smile danced on her face, it was a playful smirk, “They’re coming,” she whispered, “I knew they’d come…” she mumbled to herself.

    By Aisha Momand on 08.17.2012

  29. it was a misty day, moist and foggy and dank. she walked home, alone, the rain made patterns of resentment around her. it felt quiet but in reality it was loud. the ever-bustling city did not stop for her frustrations. her rainboots made soft splashes in the puddles on the pavement as she tried to reason with herself.

    By Heather URL on 08.17.2012

  30. I know a Misty. Have known a few in my time. Never have any of them been the same. Never have any of them been ethereal and wispy either. Misty. False advertising I say.

    By Michael on 08.17.2012

  31. That coolness on a fall morning when you look outside and there is a light white cloud setting in over the pond. Misty. It’s cool and calming and as you walk through it you find a sweet clarity as your senses and refreshed.

    By Natalie Minor URL on 08.17.2012

  32. Whenever it’s misty outside I always think of a horror movie, or of a scary scene. Or maybe it could be more of a mystical place in my imagination. Or is misty just a fancy word for fog? Then you think of all the kids that are wishing for a bus delay because of it. Perhaps a unicorn will appear from behind that tree over there, emerging from the mist!

    By Alayna Simpson on 08.17.2012

  33. “I’m not crying,” she said as her little hands formed a fist, play-punching me for teasing her about getting emotional over a silly romantic movie. “I’m just naturally misty-eyed.”

    By stephaniewrites URL on 08.17.2012

  34. As I watched them together, both smiling, I felt the familiar hurt of wanting something you can’t have, and had to play it off as something in my eyes when he asked why they were misty.

    By Kat on 08.17.2012

  35. The misty, cool, morning air is heavenly. I love mornings like this. If only I could just abandon the rest of the world and live in this moment.

    By Creativity is my middle name! on 08.17.2012

  36. Miss misty was a nice lady. Miss misty was a kind lady. The one they all loved. Miss misty did not yell, nor did she cry. Miss misty was the coolest, I swear it’s not a lie.

    By jade on 08.17.2012

  37. i jumped through the winow, when a misty sight caught my eye. there was a stunning young blonde in front of me. when i asked her name, she replied with misty. i will never forget her, for her misty presense overwhelmed me

    By Logan Husain on 08.17.2012

  38. Her eyes grew misty when she heard her voice. She hadn’t heard it in awhile. She missed it. She choked on her tears and replied, “Hello.”

    By jade on 08.17.2012

  39. I adore all forms of water. Hurricane weather is invigorating. Humidity is my skin’s best friend and my hair drinks it (nappy works that way:) and misty is juuuussssst right on a cool morning.

    By Clarity URL on 08.17.2012

  40. I had a torteshell cat once named Misty. It wasn’t really my cat…it was my boyfriends cat. It was quite sad really because the cat had leukemia because of cat AIDS and eventually had to be put down, but I do remember being fond of this cat. My boyfriend and I had been laying in bed.

    By Tara on 08.17.2012