May 20th, 2016 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “mezcal”

  1. This brings me back to spring break 2016, in Mexico. Tequila, limes, all the Fijis, hiking in the waterfalls, Mandala, exploring, and dancing, skinny dipping, and taking cabs with Daniel.

    By natalie ca on 05.20.2016

  2. Berta had alcohol poisoning. She had broken up with her boyfriend- we all understood her distress. He had been her first serious love. It was no wonder that she got a little carried away with the margaritas that night. None of us really knew what to do for her. We held the bucket while she vomited, poor girl. But when she started hitting herself, and fell off the bed sobbing, we were all a little scared. One of the boys called 911, and they advised us to keep her walking, drinking water, and to not leave her alone.

    By Renee on 05.20.2016

  3. Russia was an interesting place, but to Annie, it was home. The centuries of the past brought wars and many terrible leaders. But nothing would prepare this country’es people for what would come next: mezcal.

    By Hannah on 05.20.2016

  4. This is the best drink ever. I wish I had one in my hand while I sun myself on a tropical beach with a nice breeze blowing over me and my forever love by my side. I can just see the crystal blue waters and hear the sound of the waves on the shore.

    By Julie Kellogg on 05.20.2016

  5. This is a wonderful drink. I wish I had one in my hand right now…while I sun myself on a tropical beach with a nice breeze blowing over me and my forever love by my side. I can see the crystal blue waters and hear the sound of the waves on the shore in my mind.

    By Julie on 05.20.2016

  6. The drink was colorless, it looked like water. She had been dancing half the night and she was really thirsty. She reached for the water bottle and lifted it to her mouth and took a big gulp of the liquid. Then she spit it out, realizing, too late, that it was pure mezcal that someone had poured into the water bottle. Tears came to her eyes and she wanted to vomit, but she looked around the table, at the men laughing at her. She stood up and said, “Wow, that was really delicious” before fleeing the wedding party. In the parking lot, she stood by a tree, watching the moon and stars, feeling very giddy. She had never felt this way before, everything felt fine now.

    By chanpheng URL on 05.20.2016

  7. There were many people affected by this disease. Many people called it by its technical name: mezcal. Others called it DEATH. That is what it caused after all. Nothing but death.

    By Hannah on 05.20.2016

  8. Go to Florida and buy a few banannas. Florida is where Mezino was born. Mezino lives in my pocket and tears my underwear sometimes. Mezino doesn’t mean to hurt me but he does. I never thought I would go to Florida; I always thought I would go to Iceland. We were supposed to live there in a month after dating for two weeks. Go.

    By Kimberly Stetler on 05.20.2016

  9. Diabolical liquid. Expensive. Acid reflux. Hangover.

    By mike on 05.21.2016

  10. He threw back a shot of mezcal, feeling it burn the back of his throat and all the way down to his stomach. Across the table the blue eyes of all the others watched him, evaluating his reaction.
    “Another,” one of them said quietly, and the man reached for the next glass on the table, the 5th one by now. He didn’t feel anything other than the warmth in his stomach, but he suspected when he stood he’d be hitting the floor after taking the first step.

    By Jessica on 05.21.2016

  11. Mezcal is the worst liquor i can think of – I know this because I was out one night a i drank some it did not taste good – I told jenny that but she wouldn’t listen . now she’s dead ,now she cant listen. Anyway – forgot I hated mezcal , bought some mezcal . now I have so much mezcal

    By Mary Winslow on 05.21.2016

  12. I had finally gotten the courage to ask Melissa out to a bar in West End this Saturday. Today was the day and the bar looked bad. I went in and ordered the hardest drink I could: the mezcal. She became much more beautiful after that. I on the other hand, a bit more ugly.

    By Ali Malik on 05.21.2016

  13. well to be very honest i dont even have an idea what that word means. what it looks like to me, it doesnt even seem like a real word. i think this is just made up to see my reaction if i can come up with someonething unique to expalin the world. me is calculating that could be the unabbreviated form of the word

    By M on 05.21.2016

  14. “Mezcal.” He said simply, slouching over the counter.
    “We don’t serve that…” The woman behind the bar replied, tense. There was a tension between them, like sand compressing and burning into glass. He looked at her slick hair, drooping down in a bun-ponytail.
    “Do I know you–” His hand raised like he was about to point. Her eyes were like coal, about to burn off to smoke; glazed.

    By Linn P. on 05.21.2016

  15. There once was a great pig named Mezcal. He was a grand king over the universe of Hollywood, but his grandest made him greedy as a pig.( Haha, get it) He stole from the villagers and bankrupted the kingdom with his debt.

    By Daniela on 05.21.2016

  16. It was a game we both agreed to, and when we decided that we no longer wanted any part of it, here we are. Too dead to want anything else.

    By D on 05.21.2016

  17. I Havent heard about it at all,
    looks like me sleeping and gaining calories
    hence me – z- cal

    By ram on 05.21.2016

  18. Young Guns! Is that what the bottle is? Mezcal and the Rough Riders, deciding the last hours before the storm comes down on them? The Blackbird Trail sounds so far away.

    By daniel URL on 05.21.2016

  19. Mezcal sounds like a medicine.It is what patients might take and the wierd name to cheer up patients. MEZCAL the secret douse,the magical ingredient to clear up everything,all the blockage in your body.
    I wonder if that is why this particular name was choosen

    By Shubhra on 05.21.2016

  20. okay, i don’t know much about this word, I feel like may be its not even a word. Seems like may be its related to medicines, but then no. This is something weird.

    By Rajeswari on 05.21.2016

  21. Look into his eyes. There you shall find the purity of intention, the sheer metal of his will. He inhales before he places his firm hand around my waist, waits for a second, then inhales and drinks.

    By WM on 05.21.2016

  22. Many times in the past I have wondered about certain words and this time is no different. There is certainly some things in life that is not worth knowing about and, in my book, mezcal is just one of those words. Needless to say, I may think to go and find out about it, but right now there are more pressing things to occupy my mind.

    By Murray Ingram on 05.21.2016

  23. mexican wine or mescal in a musical sense is just a mediorcre type of drink that is being “spiced” up as something special, endearing and actually nice.

    By Rye on 05.21.2016

  24. An element that hasn’t been discovered yet.

    By Nicola on 05.21.2016

  25. mezcal. misery, reserves, comical ;misery because youre all alone now, reserves of your happines and your body weight, comical because this is what your life is now

    By Jocelyn Prieto on 05.21.2016

  26. mezcal. a combination of misery reserves and comical. Misery is how you explain your state of being. Reserves as the reserves of your body fat your living off of because you have no motivation to eat. Comical because you laugh and cry and choke on your sobs and the laughable realization of what your life has become

    By Jocelyn Amala on 05.21.2016

  27. i need a drink;
    she said
    as she poured the last vestiges of a sober night down her throat
    if you need to ask if you’re drunk
    you probably are
    las perlas; probably the best of them
    like a wet kiss
    no memory of the night
    just like the others
    drown in a river of apathy

    By matt m. on 05.21.2016

  28. mezcal

    By Vald on 05.21.2016

  29. mezcal is a word I don’t know
    I didn’t know you when I say down next to you in class
    I did not know your hair or your short springy loud form
    I laughed through Biology as we laughed at our teacher
    I did not know you then
    I do not know Biology
    now school is over and boy do you know me

    By Eliza on 05.21.2016