May 13th, 2009 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “meter”

  1. though i always wanted to be an astronaut, travel the stars and reach the pinnacle of mankind, i found that it will be much more pleasing to my imagination to write bo

    By k on 05.14.2009

  2. wut means meter..

    By Stephen Anglehoff on 05.14.2009

  3. meter measure dont i hate time nooooooo why do i do this to myself i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed another meter of creativity omg g g g g g g g g g g g gg g gg g g do it or dont do it or dont i just blew my headsets aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhdhhhhdhdhdasfadsfadsjfladsfjsfjadsfkadjfkfadfjadfsadfjakfadjfka faprocrastinating again i always do this wasting time

    By luke on 05.14.2009

  4. I will meet her in the morning. She is beautiful and she smells like daisies. My earth shakes when I see her smile. Its an intoxicating smile. She likes to hold my hand and cuddle up close.

    By Danielle Dobies on 05.14.2009

  5. I will meet her in the morning. She is beautiful and she smells like daisies. My earth shakes when I see her smile. Its an intoxicating smile. She likes to hold my hand and cuddle up close.

    By Danielle Dobies on 05.14.2009

  6. I clicked the damn go button and all I got was this stupid box in which I wrote about the above word meter. I though this was going to be exciting and cool, but now I realize this what I get for dicking around on the internet at 11:30 P.M.

    By Chris Petruccelli on 05.14.2009

  7. the meter was running out…just like my life was running out on me. who would rescue me this time? no one but me thats who…my meter is running out, and im done now. so i dont think this shop is open for rescuing.

    By ecraft on 05.14.2009

  8. not american, long, yardstick?, driving in cars, measuring distance, rulers, foreign, parking meters, notion of time consumed, time

    By alyssa on 05.14.2009

  9. it’ll be the death of me. why? because i always thought it was unmeasureable and it is. she doesn’t love me nearly as much as i thought she did.

    By roger rabbit on 05.14.2009

  10. Meter stick, CM, meter of cola,

    By isabella on 05.14.2009

  11. I ran out of money to put in the meter. I ran out of a lot of things today. Luck. I want to run out of reality.

    By isabella on 05.14.2009

  12. Meter measures, meter stick, meter maid, meter, meter how does it tick? tock? the sound of a metronome, beating inside, a heart alive with love…meter

    By annie on 05.14.2009

  13. a meter isnt a far distance. unless its the distance between us. then its forever away

    By B on 05.14.2009

  14. the meter was empty. I rummaged for change in my pocket, but I’d just spent my last bit of change buying a chocolate ice cream cone. It was hot and my cone was melting.

    By Clarissa on 05.14.2009

  15. What is a meter ? A meter is equal to 100 centi meters . thats all for now .bye.

    By caris on 05.14.2009

  16. A meter is way to long. It’s a measure of music. It’s the way you measure track competitions. I hate paying at the parking meters. They’re so annoying. I’d really like you to “meter” tomorrow night at the party. Meeeeeean it. Meter sticks are just retarded. There’s no such thing as meter sticks

    By Erica on 05.14.2009

  17. once a meter is along time
    the meter tells you when to go
    i will pay you with my dimes
    find a penny pick it up
    all day long you have good luck
    if you see the molten sky
    eat the monsters don’t ask why
    i will fall against the rain
    the rain will play the silver sun
    meter me for your meter time
    the meter eats the molten dime
    the dime bag sings a sallow song
    and from that song i’ll bring you time;.
    the time you lost is not quite right.
    and from that time you lost the night.

    By tayler on 05.14.2009

  18. why don’t we use the metric system yet? i feel like we are behind the times is this one of those stubborn American things that we will go down in history for…like vietnam and Iraq, it really says a lot about a country or a person when they are that pigheaded…

    By Sean Kane on 05.14.2009

  19. meters take peoples time that they park there. i meter is a unit of measurement. a meter is that thing for cars. meters have caused alot of problems for me in the past because i got in trouble for telling someone the wrong information about a meter and then they got charged for it or they got a ticket and i was responsible because i told them the wrong info and chris called me because they appealed it.

    By churr on 05.14.2009

  20. The sidewalk was about 2wo meters wide. He lay there accross the two meter sidewalk blocking it completely. Pedestrians had to jump off the sidewalk to cross him

    By kopinjol on 05.14.2009

  21. Every meter that I take, i realized that i was lost and yet i contuined to move forword. It wasnt long before the rest of the group was lost forever to me.

    By Danni on 05.14.2009

  22. Le mètre qui me sépare de mon but. Je le franchis. Par la force. Je pénètre par effraction dans le sanctuaire que je cherchais à atteindre. Ce mètre, je n’aurais jamais cru qu’il eut été possible de le franchir. Mais, finalement, j’y suis arrivé. En usant de mon intelligence et de mes outils.

    By Mathieu G. on 05.14.2009

  23. Meter run,
    run, sweeter.
    My meter
    of time’s
    hourglass shape,
    running out of
    Withering sands
    while my meter
    runs so sweeter.

    By Rick Veloz on 05.14.2009

  24. With meter stick in hand Simmons tried to explain to his teammate that his gun was longer. Grif had none of it though. they bickered as usual… and cried when Grif learned he was wrong…

    By Richard Simmons on 05.14.2009

  25. meter
    its more than a meter away
    the hopes of ever turning things back

    more than a meter away
    are teh possibilities that existed
    months and months ago
    the chance that maybe,
    i would be with you

    if it wasn’t for the meters of confusion
    and me just being scared
    maybe things would be different
    maybe I wouldn’t resent you
    the way i do now

    By acarmonaponce on 05.14.2009

  26. The metric system is a fabulous system. You can count on it! Ha. I surprise myself. It’s far better than the “other” measurement system, the one that isn’t based on 10’s. Who can remember how many oz in a cup, or the equivlent. It can be very agrivating.

    By Jonas on 05.14.2009

  27. the parking meter. my brother once was the guy who gave parking tickets on school campus. meter.. I have a unit conversion card in my wallet thanks to mrs. stephens. meter.

    By lisa on 05.14.2009

  28. a meter is used in a race and used to measure in a way separate from pounds and litres are metric and to use two can be confusing especially if learned the harder system and yet Brits use the metric system but their money system sucks and is as confusing in it’s own way. We should have metric money.

    By bob on 05.14.2009

  29. Car meter
    electricity meter
    I hear someone say: how will you make fifty thousand people run.
    A stamina meter.
    It’s a metre actually, not a meter as we follow the British system of spelling.
    That explains this site is American. OK, this site is International but it’s of American origin.
    What the hell am I blabbering about. My talking metre. Yea that too.

    By Toshika on 05.14.2009

  30. The meter was running. All i could think about was the meter. Why was it still running. The numbers kept racking up,m higher and higher. She was laying there, bleeding to death, the driver collapsed, dead probably. The merter was still running though. it was the only thing that made time measurable.

    By Sarah on 05.14.2009

  31. it is something to measure

    By uziel on 05.14.2009

  32. It is not enough to measure all we have been through. The ups and downs and lack of in between. You are all I need… no… you are all I want… but I don’t need you. I never needed you. I was more of a woman when I was not with you, and I will continue to grow as such without you.

    By Kathleen on 05.14.2009

  33. She’s out there somewhere. She doesn’t know I’m writing this. Someday I’ll meter!

    By John on 05.14.2009

  34. i want to meter
    ha! get it? meter…she’s more than a meter away and i want to met her. greet her and delete her.

    the parking meter stole my dime. it made me a little sad inside.

    By whoa cowboy on 05.15.2009

  35. i was looking at the bland meter in the parking lot waving goodbye at my innocence and hello to a new theory. that i actually have no life like i had planned, that my depression was ever growing, and the presence of this boy was no longer helping me, but providing me with the climax of my childhood.

    By Jenna on 05.15.2009

  36. Damn, my time is running out…perhaps by the METER?

    I am 1 METER 77cm tall. I could have been a model except for the fact that I am probably also about 1 METER 77cm wide…

    Time has run out on my METER, ciao!

    By AE on 05.15.2009

  37. so the meter ran out today. when I tried to put in my coin a demon jumped from a manhole and bit my leg. We fought for a while. Nobody helped. A small boy threw his ice cream at me.

    By Wendall on 05.15.2009

  38. feel the meter of life pounding like waves at your feet

    By Bev on 05.15.2009

  39. there was a sadness as it ticked, louder than ever. so somber, and then i looked up. i hated measures. meters. anything that calculated and was calculating. like grades put people down and there weren’t fair. a meter? more like a hell life became tattered because of this meter, this meter of silent foreboding, this unfair meter that cast the extremes apart.

    By yanli on 05.15.2009

  40. meter is to evaluate the performance .
    its nothing but the scaling.

    By lohith on 05.15.2009