August 11th, 2019 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “masters”

  1. degree of associates science at the school of herpetology. The graduate program is one of the leading studies in the world!!!

    By Barkk Bark on 08.11.2019

  2. We are masters of our own fates, yet we’re not really good at following our own scripts. We write, but the penmanship is illegible. We plan, but we sleep in when the time of action is now. We get drunk and tired and hungover when we should be taking action. And the crushing capitalist goliath is bearing down on us, snorting loudly, cocaine residue lingering on his enormous nostrils.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.11.2019

  3. mestre

    By bruna rafaela da silva freire on 08.12.2019

  4. mestres

    By bruna rafaela da silva freire URL on 08.12.2019

  5. a master is usually defined as someone who is above you. like a monarch (king & queen) they use there “power” to either better there kingdom or themselves. the word could also mean someone else like in a pack the master of the pack is called the alpha. there are some cases where there is no master like in a symbiotic relationship or a democracy. the word people use to define the monarch that helps themselves and doesn’t help their people is called parasitic. for religious people refer to king Noah.

    By stacey on 08.12.2019

  6. Masters are people who know everything about a single, specific topic or subject or perhaps they have mastered a certain skill like playing a sport. Chefs can be masters, golfers can be masters, parents can be masters. To be a master is a great honor, and one does not become a master by accident. Mastery takes many levels of practice and trials and tribulations.

    By Nina on 08.12.2019

  7. Masters of their trade – these are the experts you rely upon for advice when the protocol fails. These are the people who have crafted their expertise through trial and error, but also deliberate study.

    By Jessica Hoffman on 08.12.2019

  8. Masters are people that try to control you but some times those masters are nice and kind to you. Masters could also be your boss or if your a owner of a pet, like a dog you’re the master!

    By Kaitlyn on 08.12.2019

  9. The word masters makes me think of Masters of Universe.

    By Dylon Jenkins on 08.12.2019

  10. My masters degree is very important to me,
    the grade that i get counts for my life,
    the stress and anxiety i go through is strife.

    By Sophia on 08.12.2019

  11. A master is like a boss or someone you serve.

    By Devon Jenkins on 08.12.2019

  12. hi

    By zayne on 08.12.2019

  13. masters people who are in charge like my mom she is a master or master chief he is the master of all the halo army and I am a master over my dog and my brother says he is a master/boss/beast at Minecraft, smash bros the ultimate. there are different types of masters.

    By Hannah cotton URL on 08.12.2019

  14. You’re one of the masters, how did you get stuck in a little town like this one? Here, it snows one time, and the roads are too icy to drive, the planes too crystalized to fly, you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with your genius, bundled up as you pedal your bicycle.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 08.12.2019

  15. My dad and mom are the masters of the house.

    By Matt URL on 08.12.2019

  16. Masters of the universe they think they are. They sit there sipping their whiskey, smoking their cigars – discussing politics and pussies and everything else they think they own in this world.
    And yet…
    They own nothing, not even their own thoughts or their own destinies. They are merely little boys who play at bigger ideas without ever really moving anywhere or doing anything.

    By BrittanyV on 08.12.2019

  17. That’s what they are to me. My masters, my protectors. They guide me, help me, keep me safe. All my life, that’s all that it’s been. Teaching me and keeping me from the dangerous world outside. That’s what they say. “It’s dangerous, and you mustn’t go out there. Understand?” All I’ve known my entire life is the inside of the home.

    By willy_shakes URL on 08.12.2019

  18. Masters are all around me. They tell me to do things. They make me go places. Masters control me. I want to be free. Free to do what I want. Free to go where I want. Free to be me.

    By Stacey on 08.12.2019

  19. masters could mean as you go to school to get your masters degree, so you work lots in a room to get you masters in teaching or something.

    By chantal URL on 08.12.2019

  20. “They, they are the masters of soccer”.
    The boy said, looking at the players who were training with surprise. He felt he would never belong there, but also very excited. A mix of feeling invaded the guy, but he just let out a sigh and walked to the guys, who were looking at him with… amusement?

    By Nicolle Franco on 08.12.2019

  21. Pain is our master. I type this with my left hand, as the master of my body controls the use of my right. When will the slave be set free?

    By La on 08.12.2019

  22. a master’s degree is easy to please. you have to kind of difficult to articulate what you really want to do with it. there are some examples that continue to inspire us. get a load of how they did it. this is the best way to describe an experiment without boring readers. a

    By foofoo manchoo on 08.12.2019

  23. I want to be a master chef. I dream that i am the best, the winner, and famous. Unfortunetly im just a master house cleaner and i am just a stay at hoem mom who cooks i guess but for sure not professionally.

    By caroline URL on 08.13.2019

  24. maters are the ones who train dogs to teach them to obey. Dog are sometimes very stubborn and do not listen to anyone! But when you teach a dog to do good things, you are the master!

    By Sophia on 08.13.2019

  25. when i think of masters i think of big controll.lots and lots of power.big castles,sassy and bossy. espcially non nice. lots of money.

    By Elizabeth Buckner on 08.13.2019