May 25th, 2016 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “market”

  1. colours spill over their faded wooden barriers.
    fruit brushes with jewellery, books with fast food,
    all held together by the chattering flow of people
    moving aimlessly from stall to stall.

    By eve on 05.26.2016

  2. Ah, the market. She’d been to one of these before. It was a garden of colors. A sea of bargains.

    “Blueberries for ninety nine cents!”

    By B.E. on 05.26.2016

  3. the word that makes women happy and the men poor….. market

    By romi maiss on 05.26.2016

  4. Market. Are we talking about a farmers market or the financial market. If it is the first one I enjoy going to them but I always feel the pressure to buy things when I see those old ladies trying desperately to sell me stuff. I just can’t help myself.

    By Eli on 05.26.2016

  5. He went to market the other day. Not for anything simple, just to get away. Cheese, Bread Meats, all stared at him as if it was a major feat.

    The butcher sniffed and called him vain
    and Tommy never went to market again.

    By CarolinesEcho URL on 05.26.2016

  6. The Ballard Farmer’s Market is a must go to attraction, if you live in this drizzly city. Fresh cage free eggs and organic veal is worth the cost of admission, which is steep. Portlandia style musicians at every corner.

    By Logan on 05.26.2016

  7. Market is a huge place. Its a place mechanism for sellers and buyers to meet. Globally speaking it has expanded beyong imagination.. You can buy from a korean seller in your domestic currency. Thats unexpected development. Market are all over the place. All kinds of market

    By kajal kj on 05.26.2016

  8. i went to the farmer’s market today and bought spring rolls and egg rolls from Ming Dynasty. They were very good and one of my favorite things to purchase

    By James URL on 05.26.2016

  9. i was standing there, almost as if in the middle of a river, split of course standing on an island. in reality i was in the market – midday – busy as can be. and i was standing in and eddy of an island watching the flows of people, in and out, the noise of the market.

    By vh on 05.27.2016

  10. Pierre liked to arrange the oranges in a pyramid, not because he felt this best showed off the shininess of their peels or made them look particularly juicy but rather it just made sense for oranges to be in a pyramidal arrangement.

    By blackcoffee on 05.27.2016

  11. lost as a child
    nothing is quite as scary
    as not seeing your mother
    the sheer sense of panic
    for the first time; alone
    literally anything can happen
    the market is spinning
    with sounds, lights, elevator music
    people who surely could kill me
    if i could only find my savior
    where is she;
    the strawberry aisle
    is there such a thing as a strawberry?
    these are not questions i’m prepared to answer!
    oh god, i’m gonna die
    although i’m not entirely sure what death is
    except that my gerbil went up the rainbow bridge and is happier?
    i guess i shoulda fed him —
    anyway, whatever dying is, i’m surely going to do it. or be it. or whatever.
    oh wait, my mom’s right behind me.

    By Matt m. on 05.27.2016

  12. The lights were blurred along the rain on the street,
    when I saw you, alone, in the market.

    By Marissa on 05.27.2016

  13. the market is a place to buy and sell stuff. Market also denotes a place having a give and take.In market you would find things u require or u sell things to profit from

    By JITIN NAIR on 05.27.2016

  14. The marketplace is vibrant and fast-moving. It can be infectious even addictive. But that does not excuse haggling in a respected establishment. Get the fuck out asshole.

    By Hayley on 05.27.2016

  15. I went shopping today, or at least I thought I did. It’s all a hazy mess in my head now. The blood the fire , why am I like this God. Why am I a murderer. Darnit I forgot the carrots at the market.

    By Kerush Ali URL on 05.27.2016

  16. ‘Hi market !’ Bill exclaimed.

    ‘Hi Mark ?’ replied the market.

    ‘Are you cheating on me market ?’ said bill with a rather puzzled look on his face as he soon realised that his acid trip was soon coming to an end.

    By Kush on 05.27.2016

  17. The market was teeming, with buyers, sellers, fishwives, fish, fishhooks, regular hooks, and regular people. Prospective owners of prospective priceless jewels strode from one aisle to the next, comparing the values of priceless jewels, trying to determine which was the most — and which the least — priceless. On a stand high above them all, the Court Jester sat singing a sad little song.

    By CapricAura on 05.27.2016

  18. “The black one,” he said with a smirk. Joshie looked at the gun in all its raw, mechanized potential; he couldn’t believe that his life-long best friend would risk his future to acquire it.

    By ml on 05.27.2016

  19. The market trolley was an old one. Its push bar was rusted and the advert peeling; the wheels wobbled like a drunk after last call.

    By mrsmig on 05.27.2016

  20. The old woman and her adult son had been there all day. Humidity clung to everything. The awning provides little relief.

    By asavas on 05.27.2016

  21. The market was very crowded and it was hard to get to anything. I was starting to get annoyed because I couldn’t get to anything.

    By cad on 05.27.2016

  22. The market was selling everything from swords to socks. I was trying to get to the sword making guy but it was so crowded I couldn’t see anything and I really tiny so that was also a bad thing.

    By cad on 05.27.2016

  23. Market is all around the world because market is a universal thing. :)

    By cad on 05.27.2016

  24. I think of going to the grocery store in Minnesota when I was a little kid. The name of the market was Piggly Wiggly. I think that’s right–If memory serves me. I used to get such a kick out of that name. The Piggly Wiggly. haha Sounds way more fun than going to Smith’s. ;)

    By Mistress Quickly on 05.27.2016

  25. i think about old fairy tales or stories where the heroine or hero goes to the market and finds the witch who gives them the magic potion to save the day but it has a catch and it all ends up going right in an unexpected way

    By Nicole on 05.27.2016

  26. The market was bustling, as it always was on a Saturday morning. It was when she was putting the tomato in her bag that she heard it. The crash. Her eyes widened and she turned back.

    By roya on 05.27.2016

  27. I went to the market today. You always loved the market, didn’t you. I never thought I’d be able to go again, but something this morning made me – pushed me to get my ass out of bed and move. I’d like to think it was you.

    By Roisin Hobson URL on 05.27.2016

  28. I love shopping for fresh produce at the hypermarket. But i think the real attraction is the coffee shop upstairs at the food court! My trip there is incomplete without that.

    By confused doc on 05.27.2016

  29. the apples spill out, down, a cascade of red onto the floor. i pick them up one by one, feeling for bruises. someone rushes to help me, a worker, i don’t stop to notice who it is. am i embarrassed, maybe?

    By glittercore on 05.27.2016