November 27th, 2011 | 206 Entries

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206 Entries for “marble”

  1. theyre shiny we lay with them at school theyre also blue. they remind me of a show called recess that i used to watch as a kid. Donthose days where all u had to worry about was which show u couldnt watch because it aired past bedtime

    By Salma on 11.28.2011

  2. playground. remind me of a show called recess.
    red marbles = one missed call.
    just writing the first thing that comes to mind.

    By thereishope URL on 11.28.2011

  3. You fell on the marble floor. You weren’t anything like a red stain. A very red, quite red stain. A two-dimensional blob that will never be effaced. You got up. Slowly but finally. You walked triumphantly back into the playpen. I only had to flash my eyes at you and you knew.

    By Dave URL on 11.28.2011

  4. round

    By FiraStrife URL on 11.28.2011

  5. Just like little marbles, rain drops were rolling down the window and onto the floor. I miss him. Through these marbles I could see people. They are all living their lives normally. Their lives go on, unlike mine. Forsaken in this empty house, I was waiting for someone (be that someone death, I don’t mind) to come and take notice of me.

    By Marija Simeunovic URL on 11.28.2011

  6. Marble. That’s what his skin looks like underneath the harsh daylight. It’s strange, I’ve never seen anything like this before. And I’ve been working with odds things for years…
    ‘What is it?’ He asks me, his arms shaking with nerves.
    ‘I… I don’t know. I’m sorry,’ I mutter, feeling disappointed in myself to say the least.
    ‘All I know is there’s no blood flow to your arm, and it appears to have… turned to marble.’
    ‘But it’s spreading,’ he wails, indicating his cheek, which has patches of marble growing on it. I touch one and shiver inadvertently. It’s as cold as ice.

    By Magpii on 11.28.2011

  7. Marble is smooth and flawless. Graveyards, cakes, countertops. Impersonal, except the cakes. Honestly, who would want their cake to be potentially described using the same word as a graveyard? Or the countertop it was served on?

    By Julia on 11.28.2011

  8. Marble! Totally one of my favorite toys when I was a kid. Marble balls. I used to be obsessed with them colors, and had few jars of them.

    By mad pupil URL on 11.28.2011

  9. Marble is what your eyes are like when I do something that upsets you. I only sometimes know what it is.

    By Julia on 11.28.2011

  10. Marmor – denke an die Kursfahrt in die Toskana, Marmorsteinbrüche von Carrara und den Marmorbruch an der Mittelmeerküste. Das Bett geteilt mit drei Mädels und mit Pit, der aus seinem eigenen Zimmer geflohen war. Lustig wars, aber Florenz ist leider verdammt schmuddelig.

    By Stefanie URL on 11.28.2011

  11. I feel the cold marble under my cheek. Even my blood flowing across the smooth surface was thickening quickly. It’s funny the things you think about in your last moments.

    By Enigma URL on 11.28.2011

  12. WATER. The memory of water. in the same way that we are all made of stardust, then there is only a finite amount of water on the planet, so, we have all have the potential to drink water that has passed through every other human in existence. Some people say water carries a memory. Will we, then, have access to all of those memories?

    By SIMON BINNS on 11.28.2011

  13. that I was made of marble these recent days, Michaelangelo’s marble, so that “I” was still inside but hidden, conceivably from Hughes’ “too rough hands of the world”

    By Anita Cruse on 11.28.2011

  14. Cool, smooth, the building blocks of civilisation. The great, classical civilisations are dressed in the smooth, shiny stone. Today it is expensive and prized. A measure of greatness, of goodness, of taste, of class. Or thrown across an alley by a child. Or used to roll out pastry.

    By idiosyncratic eye URL on 11.28.2011

  15. Brimas-tu la frime ?
    Ce qui neigea,,
    Drame fustigué.

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 11.28.2011

  16. I found a marble at the park one day. I was very amazed at how it sparkled even in the dirt by the swings. At first, I thought that it might be just a piece of broken glass, but I soon discovered it was a rare marble that was only found on the planet Mars. I was skeptical to pick it up at first because I had studied marbles over the summer. This particular marble was said to have magic powers that transferred the “finder” into another world. It had been a boring week, so I decided, “Why not?” I used a plastic spoon I found nearby and dug the marble out of the ground. As soon as it touched my hands, I swirled into a rainbow tornado and landed in a pasture of purple trees and red flowers. A short little man, whom I would later call Marbley, appeared at my side.

    By Mrs. Seagler URL on 11.28.2011

  17. It was an emergency situation…Jack and Diane went into panic mode whan finally Gracie coughed up the marble that she swallowed.

    By URL on 11.28.2011

  18. A marbled steak has perfect flavor.
    I found a marble when digging a new bed for the garden. I put it in my zen garden, a reminder of when my children were young.
    A marble statue.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.28.2011

  19. Blood drips on the marble floor
    Staining my dress all the way down
    All hope gone
    Tears never fall;
    They’ve run out

    By Zoe URL on 11.28.2011

  20. marble. i used to have marble counters. when i still lived in ny. when i still lived home. now i have fake wood counters. nothing will ever compare to those marble counters. but at least i have a marble heart.

    By Celine URL on 11.28.2011

  21. When I was a child I had a marble… just one. I didn’t play with it. It was for looking at, looking into. You could see universes in it.

    By Jessica Macbeth URL on 11.28.2011

  22. Green, blue, yellow, one colour inside the other. The varying designs all melding into each other crated a tapestry that she watched with fascination. She couldn’t understand he nostalgia or the wanting to go back to the time that she had left with no regrets or rues.

    By Green on 11.28.2011

  23. the marble rolled down off the table and across the floor, no one noticed at first, until you pointed it out. you picked it up, rolled it around your fingers, and mentioned the marvelous color. you always know how to bring out the best in things, point out the obvious that’s not so obvious. you make this place better darling.

    By Abra URL on 11.28.2011

  24. sleek, smooth,
    class in every vein.
    the standard for vanity
    and proving to neighbors
    that you truly do have
    great taste,
    especially when it comes to
    something as
    trivial as
    kitchen motif.

    By NuSol URL on 11.28.2011

  25. She was still so pretty, but now cold and hard. I loved her better when she was made of flesh and bone, when she still had warmth. I guess she found herself afterall, when she looked in the mirror.

    By under that tree URL on 11.28.2011

  26. Marble looks in her eyes kept me grounded.
    The sheen in the stone, made me stay.
    I couldn’t have wanted anything more.
    Nothing else.
    I was finally happy.

    By vince URL on 11.28.2011

  27. He led her in to the darkened room. A small sliver of pale moonight was shining through the velvet curtains to reveal a smooth, marble coffin. She gasped. Was this to be her fate?

    By Nikki on 11.28.2011

  28. A lonely man walked briskly back home after work.

    “Hey,it rolled over there!” the children playing on the streets shouted in unison.
    The dusty glass bead rolled in a pool of water,
    spreading a trail of the muddy liquid in its wake.
    The simple action caused the gears within his brain to crank and turn.

    The man in the grey lined suit turned to a grubby child and asked,
    “Sonny boy,would you do that again?”

    That was how the ball point pen came to be invented.

    By dramarie on 11.28.2011

  29. A round ball

    By Mr G on 11.28.2011

  30. Since I was a little girl I’ve always collected marbles found on river banks, or in the dirt from long ago. And I always wondered what child left that glass jewel behind.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.28.2011

  31. Jessica thought to herself, marble countertops would look great in here. She knew just the man to install it, Alex. He was the most handy guy she new. He was her go to guy for just about everything. What would I do without Alex?!

    By ambie URL on 11.28.2011

  32. A marble is a small glass ball used for a simple toy in games of different sorts. I sorta like playing marbles

    By packer backer on 11.28.2011

  33. He absentmindedly played with the small, hard ball in his hand. Sad that this was the only physical memory of his dad left, but happy he had this marble instead of nothing at all.

    By Vanessa URL on 11.28.2011

  34. When I was young I used to play marbles…well not really. I never learned the actual game of marbles. It was talked about in books and movies, but no one I knew really did know how to play the official game. We did “play” with marbles though. we used them in Chinese checkers and many other games. We sorted them by color, we sorted them by solids & tiger eyes.

    By Jen on 11.28.2011

  35. Marbles is a game that you play with, well, marbles. I’ve never learned how to play it. Your mind is also sometimes referred to as your marbles. Some people will say “She’s lost her marbles!”

    By Damaris URL on 11.28.2011

  36. One day a marble was bought by a little girl. The girl dropped the marble and forgot about it because it rolled under her bed. The marble saw lots of other marbles that had been rolled under the bed. Soon, the marble found out that the girl had been making a secret marble collection under her bed!

    By Raina on 11.28.2011

  37. in elementary school i stole your green marble when i left your house. i held onto it and kept it with the rest of mine, but i just couldn’t play with it. i stared at it for days, for weeks – and i left it in your desk at school at the end of the year. i’m sorry.

    By megan breukelman URL on 11.28.2011

  38. The marble cake was delicious. I could taste the chocolate and vanilla, the sugary frosting, and the whole bite just melted in my mouth. This is the cake I have been waiting for; my birthday cake was never this good. Why does my brother always get the best cake?

    By Rainbow URL on 11.28.2011

  39. Marble floors in the grass round bits crashed and thrown up and around in the dirt

    By eeepa on 11.28.2011

  40. round ball colorful countertops spraying windex ocean making sandwiches sand on the floor

    By Monica on 11.28.2011