May 16th, 2013 | 166 Entries


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166 Entries for “manhattan”

  1. wow new york suck, everything literally smells bad. the people are mean and the streets are so unwecoming. brightlights blind my face everytime i look somewhere other than the ground. there is way to much noise comming from everywhere. i guess i could get a coke though.

    By graydon on 05.17.2013

  2. dreaming of manhattan. beautiful city, city of dreams, city of freedom. my plans are to end up in new york, to end up in a place where everything is everywhere and nothing matters about who i am or what i think or how i feel because the world must turn and it must turn so fast that we have to turn fast with it and when your turning fast, you have no time to doubt anything. no time to doubt yourself or who you are. you just have to be.

    By Arp on 05.17.2013

  3. i know i can hitch a ride and see manhattan, but what if i dont want to. maybe i only think i want to destroy my self and forget.

    By Seven Oclock on 05.17.2013

  4. you say “just pop in the store and ask for a loosey” act cool or they’ll pretend they dont know what the fuck you’re talking about. You say you like it but i know manhattan is killing you.

    By Seven Oclock on 05.17.2013

  5. the city the streets fast paced life..everything is a rush, the smell of coffee and honking, crowded streets, central park is paradise in the city of Manhattan, and you sit on the rock with the life of everything moving quickly around you,, you find peace withing yourslef.

    By Coco Loca on 05.17.2013

  6. Aki’s never been to Manhattan. Which is something of a surprise, really, considering how long he’s lived in New York. Well, at least it’s someplace new for you two to explore together. That’s always his favorite part–knowing nothing and diving right in, figuring it all out as you go along. (It’s the part you hate most.)

    By Mokuyoubi on 05.17.2013