August 15th, 2019 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “mammals”

  1. Here we are, merely mammals, living in a cocoon of our own making. A cocoon built from steel and plastic and discarded souls. A cocoon that holds a studio apartment that we pay two thousand dollars a month for. A studio apartment where we maintain our belongings, which aren’t much – besides ourselves, our sweet tabby is our closest companion. We play board games in our cocoon. We drink wine in our cocoon. We daydream in our cocoon. But we never achieve metamorphosis. Mammals don’t get that perk.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.15.2019

  2. The Skeleton King looked down at the manatees. “Radamant,” he asked calmly, “Are these mammals?” Radamant nodded slowly. The Skeleton King unsheathed his cutlass. Radamant put his hands over his eyes.

    By Rover on 08.16.2019

  3. Mammals are what God created on the 6th day of creation. We enjoy what he has made for us currently! We love animals!!!

    By Sophia on 08.16.2019

  4. mammals are one of the very first animals God created. The biggest is the mammith. huge tuskes lots of fur to keep them cold in the winter. People found them frozen in ice and you can still find them in museums.

    By elizabeth on 08.16.2019

  5. mammals are animals with fur and and don’t lay eyes they give birth to live animals or children therefore, people are mammals.

    By Kaelyn URL on 08.16.2019

  6. mammals are animals with fur or hair they don’t lay eyes and give birth to live animals or children therefore, people are mammals.

    By Kaelyn URL on 08.16.2019

  7. I like ocean mammals because of the way their bodies are shaped they just look so cool.

    By Robin McAvoy URL on 08.16.2019

  8. mammals are a species of animals and or humans.

    By Devon Jenkins on 08.16.2019

  9. mammals are people with problematic differences.

    By Dylon Jenkins on 08.16.2019

  10. She loved the zoo. And it made her sad. Both realities lived in her joints as she walked to the big cat house to see the lions. The lions were her favorite at this zoo. Most of the time it was elephants, but this zoo was smaller and had no room for elephants. Or giraffes. Just two geriatric lions.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.16.2019

  11. mammals

    By Milena de Oliveira Azevedo URL on 08.16.2019

  12. humans are mammals, but there are several animals that are as well. we dont lay eggs we give birth to babies. We are warm blooded creatures and there are millions of us in the world

    By Aoiffe Carberry on 08.16.2019

  13. mammals
    we are nothing but animals
    evolution hasn’t evolved us to the point
    beyond survival of the fittest
    witness the changing planet
    the decay of morality
    the revolution of money
    the pollution of ideas
    reducing solution to fears

    By matt m on 08.16.2019

  14. Ouch!
    Roy yelled

    That thing is huge! What are we going to do with it?
    replied Smith

    I know, right? We told them no mammals. And look at this, shit all over. Next thing you know they will be cloning Dinosaurs!
    Roy Sighed

    Wait, wasn’t that a movie?

    By J.D. McKay URL on 08.16.2019

  15. It’s impossible to believe you are an organic creation. You’re walking sunshine. I can’t prove that humans were once thrown together from the residue of what once made up stars, or if we truly were handcrafted in the image of someone called God, but you can. You make me believe in both. You are cosmic. You are phenomena. When you step outside and tilt your face into the moonlight, it makes no difference; you already glow.

    By magnets on 08.16.2019

  16. Mammals are what we have as pets (unless you have a fish) Dogs, cats, lions, etc……We need to treat all mammals like our pets, maybe not the big ones but you get my idea…

    By Sophia on 08.17.2019

  17. My love of aquatic mammals such as dolphins, beluga whales, seals, and sea lions were the reason why I wanted to become a aquarist from a very young age.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 08.17.2019