December 5th, 2017 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “malice”

  1. The 8 year old boy named Rex walked into his classroom full of malice bullies. His feet are shaking and doesn’t know how to stop them. He walks to his seat but looks like a baby deer trying to walk. Then all of a sudden the malice bullies get up and are headed to him.

    By MK on 12.05.2017

  2. “If we can’t prove that he had malice aforethought, we can’t prove he’s our killer. It’s that simple.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 12.05.2017

  3. The man thought about her, his love, and how much he wanted to hurt her. Torture her, until she screamed, pleaded with him to stop, and the delight he felt at denying her.

    By SL Legne on 12.05.2017

  4. Malice? The evil that courses through us all, but some more than most. Is that why it’s so repulsive to us? The deepest, darkest betrayal, that we all (knowingly or unknowingly) harbor in our own hearts, awaiting the day it will see light. Now it lies dormant, chained like some prehistoric beast, beneath the mountain of my breast, one day to break free and wreak its havoc.

    By Jack Friedrich on 12.05.2017

  5. cruel, mal-intentioned men rip hearts apart like candy, tear wrappers with their teeth and rip hearts from their chests like tic tacs to be swallowed. Malice means never saying you’re sorry. Malice is entitlement, cruelty of unconcerned eyes.

    By Gabriela Kassel Gomez on 12.05.2017

  6. Malice. We are all filled with it from time to time like time itself we get filled with that, and like time also it is ours to do with when it is there. A malicious statement is like a pent in dog with nothing else it can do than bark at the neighbourhood.

    By Flyderkov URL on 12.05.2017

  7. I think malice means famine in a way. I have no idea what it means. I am running out of things to write.

    By Jonah on 12.05.2017

  8. dear malice
    i see you writhing in ecstasy
    words truncated within animosity
    the love of hate the words you create
    the replies to retorts no one reads
    blaming those that aren’t like us for our condition
    just like those who put as there want

    By Matt m. on 12.05.2017

  9. the child forced upon a chalice
    full of bubbling red malice
    he drank until pallid
    his soul turned callous
    next step: madness

    By omqwat on 12.05.2017

  10. I had malice burning in my veins. I wanted to watch the world burn, I wanted to be the last person alive. I wanted to watch the weak collapse and the strong rise above. I wanted world domination.

    By Vanna on 12.05.2017

  11. I had malice burning in my veins. I wanted to watch the world burn, I wanted to be the last person alive. I wanted to watch the weak collapse and the strong rise above. I wanted world domination. It was supposed to be perfect, it was going to be the end of time. I was going to end it all. That was until the person you’d least expect stopped me from doing so.

    By VannaJean on 12.05.2017

  12. The sweetest person you’ve ever met in your entire goddamn life, you swear, has blonde hair and brown eyes and a smile that could melt puppies, probably. Into their atoms. Stunning. You fall instantly in love, and it’s not that you don’t notice the weird blue tongue or the scaly palms; you just don’t care.

    By Riannon on 12.05.2017

  13. This is an interesting word for today because I have been very interested in my shadow self. I was very negative today. It was my day off from work and my mom wanted to go give presents to my cousins. I did not want to see family, however. It makes me uncomfortable because I am not close to any of my other relatives.

    By Erika on 12.05.2017

  14. i know that it’s the right thing for both of us and that neither of us is in a position to be in a relationship right now but i’m so broken up about it–broken up. ha. anyway, malice. there’s no malice behind any of it, but it doesn’t help to make me feel any less alone. i don’t belong to anyone, my heart is heavy as an oil drum.

    By Catori on 12.05.2017

  15. how can girls be so malicous
    so ficticous
    so vindictive
    towards girls they hope to call sisters
    how can girls not act like what they say they believe in
    make promises they can’t pull through in
    get a guys hopes up and then leave him

    By celeste cervantes URL on 12.05.2017

  16. he once told me
    “malice is my middle name” with a smirk formed on his lips and a deep sparkle in his eyes
    i believed him when he said it
    for i was young and vulnerable
    and would have never guessed the evil vines that wrapped around his heart
    spoiling all of his good intentions

    By ciena loren on 12.05.2017

  17. Malice filled my soul as I looked over her. Her long legs were sprawled over him, but why couldn’t she see? He’s mine. He’s always been mine.

    By Sebby Powers on 12.05.2017

  18. There was no hatred in her voice. There was no malice in her tone. Yet there she was, and here I was, observing her upon her throne. She did not speak evil to me. She did not plan to do me in. Yet there she was, and here I was, repenting for my biggest sin.

    She said to me, “Alas, poor soul. Not sure if you’ll be growing old.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.05.2017

  19. malice grew deep inside his bones
    it spread like wildfire within him
    yet i chose to ignore this
    for i initially did not know of the wrong he could do
    instead of walking away as i should have
    i loved him with all of my innocence

    By ciena loren on 12.05.2017

  20. She couldn’t stand it. The rage, the malice, was traveling up her arms and into the blood pooling around her heart. She drew it in, breathing, coalesced it into a ball, and flung it back at her offender, at this unseen entitiy that thought It could attack her, that thought It could ruin her life like this. No one would do that and get away with it. The blood, rushing through the air, formed into a bullet, and hit It in the side.

    By Maria URL on 12.05.2017

  21. Everyone writes a sentence with these words, but i didn’t even hear once someone say this word.

    By Jeff memes on 12.05.2017

  22. With no malice, with no regret, and without a care in the world, I sincerely wish you a happy life. I do. I hold no grudges, I hold no bars, and I hold no cards in my hand. Really, enjoy.

    The letter cut her right between the bone and her muscle.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.06.2017

  23. The thought that you should matter more and don’t fills your chalice with malice. So you take a big swig and drink deep of hubris. Never does it cross your mind that this way is wrong. Royal flush. Royal hush. Royal toast to the host who means the most.

    By Alice URL on 12.06.2017

  24. Can I make a confession? I poisoned my neighbor’s hamster in hopes to get revenge on him for giving me an F on a project I worked hard on back in Middle School. I feel bad now.

    By Dante C. URL on 12.06.2017

  25. Why is this the only prompt available right now? Is this it? Damn. Do they change prompts, and if so, when? ERGHHHHHHHHH! Jesus Christ and a side of gravy!

    By snizmo on 12.06.2017

  26. Evil by intent. Full bodied intent to harm. An action which was born from a feeling of rage or unpleasantness usually bitterness or jealously. Wishing pain on another to deflect from your own internal pain. Dishonesty,

    By Hannah Allan URL on 12.06.2017

  27. “Aforethought” but no one needs to have forethought to hate; in fact, malice and hate (intentional, directed hate) are emotional qualities, instinctive valences of the human condition. With malice one makes snap decisions; crimes of passion are also crimes of malice. Malice is a flash in the eye, a glimmer not of recognition but of othering, a flash of alienation and defense of the isolated self.

    By Kybard on 12.06.2017

  28. Chatting on-line. Shared opinions all fulll of excitement & hope. Until someone has a different experience than yours and then, it’s bring out the knives! lets take off her head! bloddy know it all old timer.

    By BlackCrowJones on 12.06.2017