November 23rd, 2017 | 16 Entries

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16 Entries for “major”

  1. Major Ham?
    Major Jam?
    Major Clam?
    Who am I?
    Why I’m…

    By I am on 11.23.2017

  2. Attention, everyone! Attention, everyone with turkey in their mouths and mashed potatoes still lumped on their plates! This is your drunk uncle Max with a major announcement. And that announcement is this: I am boycotting pants. I repeat: I am boycotting pants. Pants are the devil’s garments, and my loins shall be free! Free, you hear me?!

    Wait, Rita. No, don’t lock me outside! I’m not done with my stuffing yet! Rita, no!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.23.2017

  3. Abby couldn’t decide her college major. Should it be Art, Graphic Design, or Costume Design? Should it be Physics, Chemistry, or Math? Maybe Astronomy. During all this obsessing, Abby knew that she’d be her mother. Flunk our in her first semester and become a welfare mom. She gave thanks, this Thanksgiving, that because of these circumstances, she didn’t have to pick her college major.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.23.2017

  4. It’s a major success.
    (saluting) Major Success.
    I know.
    I was being sarcastic.
    I know.
    You seem confused on the meaning.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.23.2017

  5. The Major was lying not ten feet away with his entire ribcage blown apart; his eyes still retained a bit of life though and I could see his lips moving as he prayed. That won’t do you any good sir, I thought to myself bitterly as bullets zipped and snapped by overhead. I took a deep breath and then stood to run to another position.

    By Lee on 11.23.2017

  6. This was a major problem. The water was getting in the ship from 3 holes. Radamant was stuffing treasure boxes into one of the holes but the Skeleton King couldn’t tend to two holes at once. If they survived this, it was time to finally get a crew together. Or one of those submarines!

    By Rover URL on 11.23.2017

  7. Grace was changing her major. It was decided. She couldn’t handle another second of biology, of her parents’ expectations, of fucking science. She wanted to study English more than she had ever wanted anything.

    She told her parents over Thanksgiving dinner, and her mother almost dropped the turkey. “You’re doing what?” she screeched, and Jane, Grace’s little sister, covered her ears and winced.

    By annie on 11.23.2017

  8. Today was a major family day because it was Thanksgiving. We had a huge meal with turkey, rolls, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy, etc. The dessert was so good and it was a great day!!

    By Claire on 11.23.2017

  9. A major problem has been found in the sewers. A balloon floating from above it indicates the fact that it is dangerous to enter. Everyone beware. Pennywise is real.

    By Londyn Hollis on 11.23.2017

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    By Winnie Schutt URL on 11.24.2017

  11. The major minored in physics, but was musically inclined to be sharp The major had a major crush on Major Crush, who was a majorette in the old days. Majority rules are meant to be broken.

    By Rod URL on 11.24.2017

  12. Major fith becomes the first inversion of a c. it can be a note in e minor as well.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.24.2017

  13. All the roads to my house where blocked, I had to stay in a hotel overnight….. due to mayor incident in the town center. We still don’t know what was the going on

    By Unique URL on 11.24.2017

  14. All the roads to my house where blocked, I had to stay in a hotel overnight….. due to major incident in the town center. We still don’t know what was the going on

    By Unique URL on 11.24.2017

  15. major is an English word and it’s very surprising that i don’t have anything to say about this boring!!

    By sarah URL on 11.24.2017

  16. done!!

    By sarah URL on 11.24.2017