June 2nd, 2016 | 51 Entries

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51 Entries for “magnolia”

  1. I just did magnolia. cant i have a new one? Do i need to sign up or can I just do this at a leisurly anonymous pace. I’m assuming that i will have to sign up or else i wouldnt have gotten magnolia again after just refreshing bthe page. perhaps they should fix that or maybe i’m just fussy.

    By EZedee on 06.02.2016

  2. I literally just did this, this is now the third time i have had to type about magnolia and I still don’t know what it is. This sis distressing and I hope that the people of oneword will change this ascpect to their website. also I apologise for spelling errors, i am typing fast

    By EZedee on 06.02.2016

  3. As she sat in the sagging armchair that she’d had all her married life, Vanessa glanced out the window to see the magnolia tree start to blossom. she didn’t think she’d be around for it again, and yet her she was.

    By Amimee URL on 06.02.2016

  4. Okay so this is my fourth time and I have only now realised that the word changes daily. so Maybe the oneword people should instead have multiple words that you cycle through, this would be better for getting more users and stuff :) the concept is good though.

    By EZedee URL on 06.02.2016

  5. she looked out of her window and saw the magnolia bloomed . A gush of air hit her face.. she was flooded with memories.She used to be in Magnolia House when she was in school. It meant so much to her.

    By shruthi URL on 06.02.2016

  6. The flowers, beaten by the rain, began to droop, their large heads almost hitting the ground. People bent over their faces, heads down, trying to get out of the downpour.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.02.2016

  7. The magnolia tree was magnificent in the light of the light of the setting sun. I stood under it and gaze at the petals, amazed by the light captured in the leaves, in the pinks and whites. A wind blew up and some flowers blew down to the ground, another lesson in the transience of life.

    I heard some people on the street and out of the corner of my eye, noticed that they glanced at me. I later heard, in the distance, “Wow, the lady is really stoned.”

    By chanpheng URL on 06.02.2016

  8. A small flower with white petals and a soft long yellow stalk thing in the center.

    By meghan on 06.02.2016

  9. The magnolia tree has bigger than normal leaves and is usually a greenish yellow color. It also has a hardish quality.

    By Caden on 06.02.2016

  10. We planted several magnolia trees around the house because they looked very nice. And provides a lot of shade.

    By ThatGuy^ on 06.02.2016

  11. My grandparents own several magnolia trees in their backyard. Us kids like to go and sit underneath it whenever it gets hot. And it has a nice big kind of shadow

    By ThatGuy^ on 06.02.2016

  12. pretty flower
    frank is hiding my words

    bark bark


    hi mom
    do chickens have knees

    By griffith URL on 06.02.2016

  13. Magnolia is a bland color. She had her walls painted this colour, every single wall in her house. It reflected the young ladies personality. Bland. Boring. Nothing.

    Magnolia is a base colour in a lot of homes in this area. It is a subtle yellow cream colour that can be put with anything. It may be plain on its own but paired

    By Lydia on 06.02.2016

  14. A tree with flowers, the only one on the street. It is damn cold, but the kid wanted to go out with the bicycle. We are the only two outside and I am running after the bicycle to try to catch him and go back. The city is deserted and the weather is miserable. Spring does not come.

    By Zephirus URL on 06.02.2016

  15. The sweet smell of magnolia fills the air. I am lulled into silence as I smell the air, partake in the majesty of the tree. How great it is! What an awesome God we serve.

    By Teri McClanahan URL on 06.02.2016

  16. flower
    that was Devon’s
    the end
    wealthy homes

    By griffith URL on 06.02.2016

  17. That was the name of the street my sister used live in when she was at school. I stayed with her for one summer. It was an amazing month. We painted the town red as was long overdue. We were meeting after two years.

    By confused doc URL on 06.02.2016

  18. yaY
    that was Devon’s
    the end

    wealthy homes

    By griffith URL on 06.02.2016

  19. That dude really is getting what he’s looking for. With that shaaved head of his, together with that Mexican moustache, I don’t think anyone’s going to hire that kind of dude. I might be venturing into being too judgmental here but it’s just that he looks uuuh – suspiscious

    By asd URL on 06.02.2016

  20. A pool of creamy petals, browning in the sun. The fox trotter ambles past the tree, no hand on the reins. Gil moves with the horse, trying no to think of the flames, the smell of scorched juniper.

    By Justine URL on 06.02.2016

  21. a magnolia i am pretty sure is a flower. i believe that i used to see it during christmas time. i remember that my grnadmother always had them all over her dark house. and they would light up the room like a lantern in a deep forest. they are slightly messy sometimes but it kind of represents life in a way, beautiful and strange. something that can easily be forgotten.

    By alexandra on 06.02.2016


    By NubNub URL on 06.02.2016

  23. Magnolia trees are beautiful when they are in bloom. I used to live i a house with a magnolia tree outside the kitchen window. The blossom lasts for such a short time, which makes it even more beautiful.

    By htiek URL on 06.02.2016

  24. its a flower it is pretty but I am not sure. As a 17 year old I dont like being named after a flower. My friends say. Show me your dirt. LOL right? No no no NOPE! hahahahaha. I dont like flowers so I am trying to run away to an orphanage to get my name changed. Thats okay right?
    UMMM I will just wait a month more Then as 18 I can change my name to Daisy. Atleast it not a flower!

    By Em URL on 06.02.2016

  25. walls, all walls in the 90’s were magnolia. Steel magnolias is a film I have never seen. Always sounded like a vaginal word to me. Awful child name. nope, don’t like the word.

    By SARAH on 06.02.2016

  26. tree! I am a tree. Just like my name Magnolia. Its a tree! I want to change my name to something not plant related. So as my birthday is tomorrow I have decided to change my name to Daisy.

    By Writer101 URL on 06.02.2016

  27. “Sugar Magnolia” blasts throughout my car as I take a nostalgic road trip…what a long strange trip it’s been…I feel the air on my summer skin…

    By A Librarian URL on 06.02.2016

  28. I sat under the magnolia tree dreaming of what this house must have been like a hundred years ago. The smell of the boxwood hedge wafted on the breeze. Through the trees I could see the obelisk in the cemetary.

    By sarah wolf on 06.02.2016

  29. I sat just beside the magnolia tree, with a glint in my eyes and a girl on my knee, and the sky was so blue, the astonishing hue cast my clothes in a color that caused reverie.I ate a sandwich of lettuce and cheese, and the girl on my knee asked for a bite, pretty please!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.02.2016

  30. The magnolia tree was in full bloom and the sweet heavy scent drifted lazily through the hot summer breeze. The children were hidden beneath its heavy limbs.

    By DeAnna Keller on 06.02.2016

  31. I picked the magnolia off the tree.
    “I hope they don’t get mad at us for taking their magnolias.”
    “Mmmhmm, there could be a camera in the magnolias.” She said distantly, peering into the magnolia in her hand, as if it were an actual possibility. She tucked the magnolia behind my ear, and I smiled.
    “I love you.”

    By mars on earth URL on 06.02.2016

  32. The endless fields stretched out before my bare feet. The clouds above me swirled into vast shapes and patterns. Crescents of moons and balls of the sun rose and fell over the horizon while I watched as my creation flourished, died, flourished, and died before me. Soon everything withered and I stood there in the rain. Me and one magnolia.

    By Mike Thompson on 06.02.2016

  33. I stand by the old magnolia tree, arms crossed. She was supposed to be here 30 minutes ago.
    I sigh and lean against the trunk.
    We’ve been meeting here ever since we were little kids. Then suddenly, it stopped.
    She got a new friend. I got a new feeling.
    It’s been ten years since we last met here.
    Then suddenly, she contacted me out of nowhere, asking to meet here.
    I’m starting to think it was a hoax. A cruel lie.

    By mars on earth URL on 06.02.2016

  34. People who can garden have always impressed me. I do not have the green thumb at all. I wish that I could have a garden of flowers and I’d get to see the beauty of a magnolia every day.

    By Hides URL on 06.02.2016

  35. If I tripped over a magnolia, I probably wouldn’t know what it was. But if I ran into her on the subway, or outside the deli where she used to sit on the ground and eat the sandwiches she could buy when she scraped enough money together, I would know that Magnolia for sure. She had long string hair that seemed like it hadn’t been washed in years; she assured me once that it hadn’t been when she notice me staring at it, like she was some kind of creature in a zoo. “Yeah, my hair’s pretty bad, but it’s my peeing that’s a real problem.” She used to sit there with a small sign asking for money; when people got to know her better, she got rid of the sign because she felt as though she’d built enough of a following that everyone pretty much knew why she was sitting there every day in dirty old clothes, occasionally smoking a cigarette; it depended on whether or not she could get them, I guess. On the day she told me about the peeing problem, she took me by surprise; I wasn’t expecting her to talk about it. I asked her what was wrong. “They keep telling me I have kidney problems, but shit, what am I supposed to do about that?”

    By rubyluby on 06.02.2016

  36. When Ru Paul refers to that one Drag Queen as, “Maaaaaagnooooolia Crawford!”

    I wonder how she’s doing now. That was a pretty old season.

    By Me on 06.02.2016

  37. like a flower emerging from an arid desert
    blooming magnolia in a sea of painful sunshine
    you are a once in a lifetime sort of person
    amidst confusion and crisis
    you see clearly
    for desperation and synthetics are things you know too well
    been through it before
    old hat
    too cool
    and good enough for me.

    By matt m. on 06.02.2016

  38. a magnolia is a beautiful flower. my great grandmother plants them. I can’t imagine life without hearing how her flowers are doing. She’s such an inspirational woman.

    By Ebony on 06.02.2016

  39. The sun was hot the day was dry. all the flowers were blooming the birds were singing and the bees were buzzing .And in the corner of the garden was the beautiful magnolia.

    By Rebecca on 06.02.2016

  40. I used to live on MAGNOLIA St. in Garden Grove, CA.. I wish it was as beautiful as it was before. All the trees and flowers. now it is buildings and buildings and more buildings.

    By NikiLee URL on 06.02.2016