October 6th, 2013 | 82 Entries

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82 Entries for “lunacy”

  1. The climate of the room had become unbearably stifling. He wrenched at the collar of his shirt, which had become a python, squeezing the life from his sweaty corpse. He coughed. He cleared his throat. And he gave up the ghost.

    By Kevin on 10.06.2013

  2. caramelized corpses today, spitting raindrops and soggy teeth into my morning cup. I should be the only one allowed to sleep because no one else gets it. Ours is the birth cusp of lunacy.

    By creepestbloom URL on 10.06.2013

  3. “Stop this lunacy” He demanded as he grabbed her by the wrists. “I am your boss, this can’t happen.”
    Anthea had stopped caring, it had been going on too long now and she wanted him, needed him.

    By SCD on 10.06.2013

  4. The lunacy of thinking that I would be able to make up for what I had done. It was said and done, and it was horrible. Why did I think that people would be able to accept me as a person, let alone a friend. I am such an idiot.

    By Aubrey on 10.06.2013

  5. The only thing keeping me from throwing a child-like tantrum was the earphones blasting music. I felt like any small thing could throw me. Is this what lunacy feels like?

    By Riley on 10.06.2013

  6. reach after straw man
    on wind he fly fast
    cuff of his sleeve just quicker
    n ur finger tips
    know you love him
    he know too?
    u push off ground with toes
    grab his shoulder

    he gone
    you left with hands
    fulla hay

    By corey leigh kirby on 10.06.2013

  7. flute by perlova, making her own flute, another girl playing, name ?

    By Palle on 10.06.2013

  8. lunacy. i think it would be kind of nice. never having to deal with the real world. i don’t think i would really mind. just living in your own world on your own i would like that.

    By vanessa on 10.06.2013

  9. Barking at the moon,
    I am a lunatic
    Digging in the ground

    By P.J. on 10.06.2013

  10. SHe paced quickly back and forth, babbling, words flowing nonstop from her mouth, waving her arms wildly in front of her. The altering medicines must be kicking in. She seems to have forgotten my presence. I watched her until her lunacy made me leave for some peace.

    By umbazachika on 10.06.2013

  11. A full moon affects lunatics. Full-moon lunacy isn’t a fallacy. Psychiatric statistics show higher than normal admissions to psychiatric clinics during a full moon.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 10.06.2013

  12. cula je glasove
    vristali su u njoj
    vristali i prodirali duboko u njena razmisljanja
    grebali su joj sve organe dok se ona grcila u bolovima
    vikali su i drali su se
    smrt bi bila nagrada

    By teoslav on 10.06.2013

  13. I am a lune and I howl at the moon, even the Mad Hatter mocks me.

    By Iris URL on 10.06.2013

  14. i dont know what it means dude i dont speak english
    WORK BITCH (BRITNEY SPEARS) bye see ya in hell
    shut up what is this i dont understand what its the point

    By macho man URL on 10.06.2013

  15. Drifting in nothing. Floting in everything. Why be stuck between restricting walls of reality, when the unlimited possibilities of imagination is so close at hand…

    By TheHighWriter on 10.06.2013

  16. The lunacy of the situation was on a whole different level. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I do believe that it wasn’t my fault. If I was the superstitious type I would blame it on the full moon, but thank goodness I’m not. I’d be much more likely to say that it was just the sweet chaos of any given moment.

    By Patrick URL on 10.06.2013

  17. Lunacy is a blessing.
    It makes you a chosen one.
    It rids you of the pressure to join a clique.
    Lunacy is a boon.
    Lunacy is for a chosen few.
    Lunacy is clarity.
    Lunacy is able to speak the truth. No need for discomfort or hesitation.
    Lunacy is, therefore, a clear conscious.
    Lunacy is sought after.
    We need more lunacy, yo!

    By Tejaswi URL on 10.06.2013

  18. If you had told me earlier, I wouldn’t have believed you.
    I would have argued.
    I would have fought.
    I would have yearned for your recognition as normal.
    I wouldn’t have had it otherwise.
    I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
    But now, I embrace my lunacy.
    It is me.
    It is unique-ity.
    It is my normal.

    By Tejaswi URL on 10.06.2013

  19. I looked back in yearning.
    I abhorred, but I craved.
    I saw what the consequences were, but I needed it with passion anyway.
    Everyone said that it was sensible.
    Tut-tut. Lunacy.

    By Tejaswi URL on 10.06.2013

  20. “It’s lunacy, absolute lunacy!” she screamed, slurring her words. They slammed the iron bars into the lock, effectively trapping her drunken body inside confines it couldn’t imagine. She kicked the unstable walls separating cells where other drunks slept in peace, alerting them that the protest must not have been going well. Screaming echoed through the small building, escaping through tiny floor ducts to the outside, where the torches lit up the night with the same fiery passion in the drunk woman’s heart.

    By Samantha on 10.06.2013

  21. Is it lunacy? Or is it reality?
    Am I insane? Or is this normality?
    I can’t tell if I’m asleep or awake
    If this is a nightmare, then its more than I can take
    Tears of blood seep from my eyes
    Stains of dirt cover my thighs
    I cannot stop, I cannot rest
    This is a most dreadful test

    By untamedimagination on 10.06.2013

  22. When given a proper dose of lunacy, he was interested in cleaning, and by cleaning, I mean scouring, scrubbing, brushing, sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, polishing, shining, squeaking, painting, sanding, anything to clean up whatever had rough edges. It all had to be smooth, glossy, and refined. He would have it no other way.

    His wife returned home to see the usual obsession taking place over the Saturday afternoon. She was more than impressed.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.06.2013

  23. Lunacy is most often used to describe people who we perceive to be, well, lunatics, but each of us has a bit of this word in every bit of our little lives. While we may not admit it to ourselves, or others, we know that it’s true.

    By Josie(me) on 10.06.2013

  24. As if it was a kid’s game he left her without turning back, her ripped body was nothing but ashes and dirt, in his eyes only the moon and unleaked tears shined.

    By Isabel on 10.06.2013

  25. Ah sweet insanity
    How found I am of you
    The voices shrieking
    Floorboards creaking
    Pills to swallow
    On the morrow
    And all the blood that paints my walls
    Because of Lunacy’s siren song.

    By Cat on 10.06.2013

  26. lunacy it’s a strange word becasue i’dont have any idea about your signicate.

    By João Luiz on 10.06.2013

  27. John was getting used to this kind of lunacy. Fans hanging over the balcony, screaming so loud that even he could not hear his own music. He found the experience unfulfilling. This would be the beginning of the end.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.06.2013

  28. these feelings you give me
    they cannot be rationalized
    they cannot be described
    i cannot fathom
    why i do things i never dreamed
    of doing in my life.

    i must be going insane.

    By nyaaawn on 10.06.2013

  29. it was complete lunacy, the way she carried herself. she was confident, beautiful, and she knew it. she absolutely didn’t care about what others thought of her. or at least, thats what she let everybody think. in the darkness of the night, alone in her room, it was almost like she was a different person. in actuality, that was the real lunacy; that someone can seem so completely and utterly happy, when all they really, truly want is to be seen through and to be saved, to be wanted.

    By stori on 10.06.2013

  30. The man pleaded innocent. He used lunacy as his defense. Clearly, his lawyers had stated, the man was insane. No sane person would come out and piss on people from the balcony in the mall. It was, in their mind, the sign of a disturbed mind that should not be held accountable for his actions.

    The defense might have worked, if the perp had not done it again as soon as he had been paroled from the first offense. Though maybe he was insane… or he truly wanted to spend time in prison. Which turned out to be the real truth. He wanted to be in the same prison as his dad. He missed him after all.

    By FairyNiamh on 10.06.2013

  31. Lunacy is something that many people cannot understand. It is the state of being sane, but what is sane? Do we consider lunacy to be a good or bad thing? To be a loony, does that make one necessarily evil? The potential of danger is what creates fear.

    By Nate Washburn on 10.06.2013

  32. Ummmmm . . . I don’t know what lunacy means. Maybe like a lunatic???

    Hold on . . .

    [loo-nuh-see] Show IPA
    noun, plural lu·na·cies.
    insanity; mental disorder.
    intermittent insanity, formerly believed to be related to phases of the moon.
    extreme foolishness or an instance of it: Her decision to resign was sheer lunacy.
    Law. unsoundness of mind sufficient to incapacitate one for civil transactions.
    1535–45; lun(atic) + -acy

    1. derangement, dementia; craziness, madness, mania, aberration. 3. folly, stupidity.

    So yeah, it does mean like a lunatic.

    Beacause of Kit’s lunacy, he had to be put in a mental hospital.

    By Corinne on 10.06.2013

  33. Lunacy is the best description for my mood on a daily basis. Dramatic, anxious. It’s lovely to be me…

    By Denise Watson on 10.06.2013

  34. She clutched mindlessly at her head. What was happening? The pain struck hard and she vaguely felt her knees hit the linoleum floor. There were suddenly hands all around her and muffled voices. No stop please anything no stop STOP.

    By Hannah on 10.06.2013

  35. I went to the store to pick up eggs. But all I came home
    with was a packet of gum and a pair of tweezers. At the time I knew
    it was very important that I get those things. But now I’m sitting
    here with a pack of gum and tweezers and I don’t know what the fuck
    to do with them.

    By Lindsey Gillam on 10.06.2013

  36. the two moons brought out the wolf in him, causing lunacy… and therefore loosing luhan.

    By aniel luicca on 10.06.2013

  37. My favourite word. For now, anyways, untill I change My mind. Which might be in a few minutes. I’ve always been lured to the word, as if It were some genetic connection, as if it were an old, slightly forgotten friend. It’s a Latin word, originally, or is it Greek? No, no, I’m quite sure it’s Latin, fairly sure. Lunacy literally means a form of madness induced by the moon. I do love the moon. It’s so luminous and lovely and cheese. No, moon is my favourite word. Moon or applesauce.

    By BrittkneeWhoTalksToStrangers on 10.06.2013

  38. Lunacy huh yeah the madness
    all you can predict about someones lunacy for something special for him/her
    it can be good or it also can be harmful for others.

    By rishi kumar mishra on 10.06.2013

  39. “Stop this lunacy at once!”
    The voice rang throughout the warren of tunnels, bouncing off crumbling walls and echoing until it became just a whisper.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.06.2013

  40. what it must be, in the mornings. the sun is a match to some people, the crisp zip as it strikes the box, and here they rise from bed, renewed. I rarely notice the light till noon.

    By Mari on 10.06.2013